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1-28-14 3:35pm Angela with Melonie Stewart of Entergy

Jan 28, 2014|

Angela gets an update on winter weather preparations and outages with Melonie Stewart, director of customer service at Entergy.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

And the weather continues. Joining us now is Melanie Stewart who is director of customer service for the metro New Orleans region with Entergy. Very important today. Have been Cuban very busy as well. We have been really -- just making all of our preparation. But we are ready and watching the web Turkish trying to figure out what's gonna happen here. I know you've brought in I mean you have 2000 people already on alert. We do we have a a little over 26 countries. Right here on you know in the in the area. And we were talking earlier we sprinkled in throughout that area because mom up and watch enough. The whether or not the ultimate road closures and so we want to make sure that we have people. Her out the entire area to be able to respond and and not have to deal with this many of at first conditions that are out there. That we do have this 2600. Just threw out this southeast Louisiana area. And these are the people employees from all over. They or will they or. On the Entergy workers from on other areas within our system as well as contractors. And that we have just to you know a number of contractors and Entergy employees that are on standby right now. I know that earlier this afternoon there was an outage and shall match and another one and the lower nine and it was it seemed within an hour everything's back to normal. Yes within five minutes from my gosh it's even better -- it really -- let me tell you a little bit about what happened there. We have a transmission line that for that area that we lost for about five minutes. And our inspections revealed that it was just don't -- and apple -- the lines together to those lines that opened up. -- -- at about 8000 customers were out for about five minutes. But we were able to restore that line -- quickly and sticking it you know there was really no damage it was just the weekend. And so we're hoping that you know with everything that's going normal continued to be able to restore power quickly like that but. We just have to you know wait and see what mother nature throws our way it's. When ice gets on a line at what point is it too dangerous to attempt. Well what happened is as we see some of that freezing rain. It will it'll light a candle in the wind and of course on the trees. And it will it will land there of course as precipitation but can it'll freeze over and that begins to built. Somewhere between about an eighth of an inch. And a quarter to a third of an inch up by. Is where we usually start seeing some problems because it causes a lot of weight -- -- get happy they fall into our lines. The lines themselves can accumulate ice. Can just and and eater become disconnected from the pole or pull the poll came out. They usually it's and that a cute little quarter of an inch range. And once a poll is down or once the lines and then your teams go win and just. Put them back up. Yes it's it's very similar to what happens after hurricane. And so on the crew's -- out today on base that new polls -- string new conductor. On the date you know restore. Just architect's original condition. But what slows it down just a bit during the winter time that we really don't featuring some. Is on is all of -- heaters that. Come on at this same time when you've restored that surfaced and that. That term in our industry is called cold cold load pick up and attacks slowed this down just a bit. On what we're restoring power after you know during cold weather. What we'll do this school to separate online interpreted different line faction. And will pick up a small section at a time allow those heaters to cycle back on. And then moved to the next line faction and customer can help us now. By by turning their heaters all if their power and that your power now in achingly delightful and determined that heater off. When the power comes back going. If you can get to play just a little bit time it -- five to fifteen minutes. And and again to bring your thermostat back 65 degrees and sixty day that helps with a lot. With our ability to restore power just a little faster. -- that's very very important message hopefully we're not gonna need it but but if we do. Again we're in the self we don't know about these kinds of things. Get a little bit you know -- few differences. -- a -- -- a couple of other things that armed you know while we're all. You know not not me of course they're not any of the -- -- the wall -- Our community. Is in a stand down and sheltering in place. There's a couple of things that they can he just to make sure readied himself for any outages that many car. And for some of those things that arm of course they probably already done that got their nonperishable food items they've probably got their batteries in their flashlights. But I'd like to encourage customers to on to download our free Entergy apps. On their phones because that provides really -- information should we begin to experience from outages. You know attack as well as our text -- that provide information. Another thing Regina -- and if anyone was following us on Twitter. During dot com Alex that we just saw in channel Matt and in the east we've we've seen as we learned what the problem. Lines and restore retain customers. We were tweeting that information. Out you know out to our customers that they don't know what's going on so. It's really nice to follow us on Twitter at twitter.com. Slash Entergy and will be providing information like that if we start scenes amount which. Well thank Kevin for the new communication that we do have. Wonderful information and I'll be thinking about that cold load pick up for a lot of credit we're hearing -- -- thank you for taking the time and stay in touch with this as things develop. We certainly will thanks again. Thank you so much Melanie Stewart again director of consumer service for the metro New Orleans area Entergy. That's the lesson so we can download those free apps and staying in touch will be right back I'm Angela under the WL.