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WWL>Topics>>1-28-14 3:50pm Angela with St. Tammany President Pat Brister

1-28-14 3:50pm Angela with St. Tammany President Pat Brister

Jan 28, 2014|

Angela gets an update on winter weather preparations in St. Tammany Parish with President Pat Brister.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Well it's all happening right now and it's been happening in saint Tammany parish. We're now joined by pat Brister who is president and I appreciate you calling back pat what what's happening now. Well you know we're we're now getting com. Reports that their road closures nation -- because -- and closed twenty band has closed now. I think got a -- out -- that -- to look. This this is what we've been expecting. All day we did it come late in the day. And that kind of what happened last Friday also later in the day these things start closing and it's a domino effect aspects. When -- closes it backed things up on another road so we're dealing with that right now that we've been prepared we believe. Put barricade -- we pre positioned barricades so we do that closed roads certain at a minute's notice we can do that. But we're just monitoring -- minute -- -- to make sure that now we have this as many roads -- open as safely possible. Didn't have you had any accident -- -- You know there have been no major ones I haven't heard of any accidents at all really and we we -- we have. Day. State police here witness and you keep the along with a the thing to -- to perish. Sheriff's office. They have not informed us that any any accidents Lebanon and maybe. They haven't -- -- be an -- international series -- -- We've we've had no power outages I believe -- -- take -- -- that greed but they were there with things that would have happened in any circumstance breakers and things like that but not weather related at this point. Well really that's all good news it's it's as if people under stand stay off the road stay home. And don't complicate what can be a very complicated situation. Ride and in bluntly and tell them this morning that that's really what what needed to happen match. They look at it doesn't look that -- it's cold but it's nice seats but now would. What we're getting now is what we've been expecting we were glad the people heeded our -- are staying and. Well -- again thank you so much for joining a symbol will stay in touch with you tomorrow as well. Thank you very much thank you so much pat Brister president of saint Tammany parish and.

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