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John Young

Jan 28, 2014|

Update on Jefferson Parish and Winter Storm

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

It is and cooperated in stay in off the rose -- a big help like kept actions. -- kept those able to get out and troubleshoot some areas. Obviously a lot of wrote in to bridge is -- Frozen tonight so again as as the day went on their conditions security even further. That's why we we have closed the year urged government to more akin. Because approach to going to be frozen. Tomorrow morning and -- sort of sort that. -- that indigo books treatments student to -- that data more. And in -- alone would be a couple you know -- -- it can. But as long as everybody stories shelters in place and -- home. Throughout the duration will be cute and and and the other threat that we were concerned about it and you know hours -- was -- that out of the would you it is. As power outages and put -- -- they haven't been major power outages with the lines and not a lot of treatments fall and so. Our crews around as we speak to an industrial areas and in making sure we block also. -- insurgent groups and reduced. And a pick up any debris that falls as a result of any -- -- -- ice conditions. John says everybody still -- stand by right now. Yes. -- -- public works and Nina and nonessential employees or off a couple of ports could blow. Trouble shooting areas in and make it true you wrote. We're covered. And you don't wanna tell businesses what to do it necessary tricky situation and it really came to mind last night when I got a text from Simonyi who says that her husband. Is working for pizza delivery company. So here officials telling people stay off the road. But since people -- home they're gonna want pizza and so the pizza delivery company was having people going to work and essentially -- -- those -- at the officials are saying are dangerous. -- this is a tough situation for you to be in but the general advice is -- not go out if you don't have to go out again tomorrow. Correct in and that's what we're trying to. Communicate loud and clear pattern dispute and certainly we keep and a as a practical matter because it would private bestows. But I think by question and strong message that we're -- our Susan reasons why. Keep people streets -- India and a lot of private businesses are going to be that you are exceptions but. A lot problem if Korman early but a lot of businesses. Did you rate this morning. As the conditions deteriorated they let their point and closed them -- well. 1 at 2 o'clock in the afternoon and I think people realized as they progressed crow. -- the conditions to enter it on the streets and on the you'll -- there. Yeah I end -- to -- the law to egyptians close extra iron. Typical airport between victory included. A lot of produce clothes so. It's just it's just wait too dangerous to be out there. So aptly described him and in this is much worse situation what -- -- -- -- -- thing. I think people. Most people it cooperated I think it is a year ago. Yeah and then you you got the situation Atlanta John and is as a political leader if if you don't know what's going on there when you find out today you would not want to be in the position of these political officials. And law enforcement in Atlanta because they're gonna have a lot of things to answer for it is a mess their kids aren't getting home from school. And they just declared that the governor just declared a state of emergency in Georgia. And I guess we should be thankful that our local officials did such Arab a proactive shopping to keeping us safe by warning us of what was gonna comment than the citizens cooperated. Rotating unit -- is what. Walk -- -- line you don't panic anyone but at the same time you wanna take a measured response to an annual. You know Eric cautions certainly. Think Aldous. Work together as a team and a and a -- -- and crossed our slug and and communicating with the school system as well because certainly wants what's schools school. You know you have to make that decision because terrorists need to make provincial ritual in the same time. You don't wanna keep schools open. -- it's a question what situation it is the children trapped at school district and to do. And the -- Atlanta and some kids are still stuck on a bus from Brussels and -- can imagine parents are feeling right now. John Young gets some rest and I'm sure you'll via Panetta the yen at times or -- We re still would you put. They just as tomorrow console will will be getting will -- closely at subtle like -- -- all you do student actually keep. Doesn't ordinarily you guys have done a great job and thanks for rooms which are being this again tonight -- All right -- particular all right John John John you -- John Young president of Jefferson Parish.