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1-29 5:10am WWL First News Early Edition w/Dave Cohen

Jan 29, 2014|

Dave talks about continued closures, frigid cold, and What is Wrong with People

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Nine minutes after 5 AM at the early edition of WWL for listeners on this the 29 of January 2014. Good morning mr. -- -- their -- to this morning. It is a remarkably trouble free. Yes he stated hotel right next I was right next door put up in a hotel. Because we knew we would be able to get me cross that bridge I travel every -- are not likely anyways so. Yeah I I had a very event free two minute walk across the street. I gave myself an -- to get here this morning from Metairie and gave yourself an hour yeah that's already got here he got here about your usual well it's a good thing I did -- as yet. Folks. The decision to close schools shut down businesses shut down government offices and everything else but yesterday and today. If we if it was the right decision in my opinion because. If we had people trying to get to war in school this morning they would night I was coming into downtown Portland from -- It and I went home last night and I was able to say. From our offices here on pointers pointless to broad broad to mind to -- airline. Airline in a Metairie. But this morning. The two lane overpass. Over the night ten where airlines to line meet become you know when it -- the other -- -- tennis so oyster over the would America its way across the road. -- got -- well can't go this way. So Heidi. Had the options of going all the way to river road to a highway or all the way to the -- and highway in bucked. Which are two ways you can get from one -- to the other. But the palmetto overpass was not there. I said well. Let's see with. What could block it well I must have been thought it was a slalom course. Only your crashed into the wall on either side of the overpass a little -- left. That. Going at about. Two miles an hour. I was able to navigate with a little finished. I don't recommend anybody else -- in his -- in four wheel drive low gear. Does wonders -- reporter reload -- early now to the real. Now I grew up in 199 familiar with what happens and nine control skated. You can if you go on -- five miles an -- no controlling anything so really just -- Over the overpass came down around Pasco and and then -- and away. From Carrollton back over to sign in to kind of broad broad -- Pointers and -- here but point is. It took me the better part of forty minutes. Do yet what is normally a twelve minute commute. And if we had. Anybody out there trying. Than we have nothing but gridlock everywhere so they're saying is anyone else have been of the -- overpass with you. You might tangled what -- -- trade paint. Probably. And again -- people abandoned their cars. Because they skated into the wall and I don't know -- -- became disabled and couldn't drive them as you know items get. Because they made his -- the matters there hasn't. Some social media complaining not a lot of some all of -- is no big deal -- ball like ripped clothing down. Does what what happened in Atlanta yesterday yet could you imagine being a parent in Atlanta when they open schools yesterday. Then decided they had to close schools and try to gay kids on buses and home. But it was too late because the pilots that started in the right roads guys do overs of what you had was kids either trapped in school bosses. On ice covered roads with parents and then not able to get to. Or other cases where they didn't get them. Under the -- and the schools would get to spend the night at the school and parents couldn't get better options during the nine Abbas on the I 85 now personally I would -- walked. To mine Q school and gotten tickets. If that happened to me here we can do that around here. Atlanta's pretty far flaw that's sprawled outlet for blocks and if you didn't know where they more on the states that boss. Stuck in traffic. For hours and hours do you walk in get them. Yes thank goodness we -- -- that if you are someone who are you -- essential personnel absolutely must be some more. Yet across Lake Pontchartrain he can't do it on 55 he can't do it on the cause you can't do it on my -- They have managed to keep highway eleven opened and they have -- keep US 51. So those are actually options to get from -- Italy to the other and that great options but they are options and heard about US ninety. Well I don't know the status of 92 goalies in Mississippi. So I don't know with the story that is but what you get off of -- into the cities now the bridges closed. So -- be on the interstate is completely closed essentially from a loss. -- -- They've blocked the entrance and exit -- he can't get up on elevated portions of the state. Any. In Metairie in the city. In the east you just can't do it. I was listening to the police scanner yesterday when an LP -- supervisor. Checking conditions attempted to cross the highrise. And he said -- inadvertently cutting doughnuts spinning round and round were shutting it. Call you yet I mean he couldn't get up the and he was you know. Going very slowly but I can hear him describe you just couldn't make the incline up the high rise without your car spinning in -- was facing the wrong way. So you can't use the interstate system and all morning you can't use any of the the lake crossings except for the two adjustment and river crossings they'd have opened few lines and the Crescent City connection. And belittling -- I understand it one -- -- directions oh if you actually half across the river you can do it but when you go what you get. You can't take airline it's airlines closed in tanner airlines closed it causeway airlines closed. Coming into it. The Seattle you can get across -- wearing blue and bridge -- you have a -- site and get off -- airline river road yet river road it probably the only real option. If you don't wanna be navigating it slow warming. Trust me I. I should have stayed down here last night. You know period to ten -- to -- by the way and -- -- it -- be many other people out -- the only people you -- out -- cops the cops ever. And it ran around the lights on which is nice to see them. So there you go folks if you thought that this was a non event and it was silly -- nation had done it. Now if we tried to get people around in vehicles. Yesterday. Or today with everything iced over and closed. Would have nasty pile ups we have people dead and we have gridlock with people stuck in their cars and not able to go anyway. So. You make your own call guest X rated 78 that he was as a whole lot -- -- -- -- officials make the right call that people do the right thing because not required to stay home. But they did we'll talk more about it coming up get your forecast in sports after this -- -- a good morning I'm days on what is your forecast. For Wednesday part of the mostly cloudy and cold highs only in the mid thirties so. Not much warm to help for we all out a lot of the ice on the roadways. Wednesday night Thursday morning -- freezing of all the water and ice on the roads. With low temperatures upper teens north of lake. -- when he south another hard freeze for both sides. Thursday afternoon look for highs in the upper forties from the Eyewitness News forecast center our chief meteorologist caller -- right now. We have cloudy skies 28 degrees at the airport in Canada north wind at twenty miles an hour the wind -- it's fifteen it feels like thirteen on the nor sure where it's cloudy and 25. In Slidell bell -- reporting a little light rain that's acted is because. That will freeze up even more roads we've been talking about trying to get from one place to another end. Bottom line folks. In the -- you have a really really good reason for traveling this morning it doesn't make a whole lot of sense bill your belt Jason you're trying to get downtown. Call. It the real. -- -- now well I ripped out are Leo real street area as well as well. I -- it as a result. Well what are all the little ordered that at -- Yeah you know it's a case by case basis but nothing in this column lights on them. Even it -- if you believe -- -- not even if they're hoping you're going to be slide around that and if you don't go to work today -- lose -- job. All but no longer require the full congress. Oh yeah. The airline will -- on the airlines ordered that multiple to a lot. -- -- -- Mostly. Ride leader at the lights. Portugal and whatnot why. Not that old Brooklyn while law you know that -- Right now the enact a bill to get on the expressway and -- gone to an avenue -- So yeah it's it's a -- folks. I would say people like bill. If you don't have to go don't go but I'm getting text messages from people asking questions about how to get places and I just wonder -- got to get there and -- doesn't by the way to cut across the lake 51. From -- train I think human punch to a demand Jack. Was a slalom course also that he goes sports time now on WWL it's. I don't like yeah Steve -- good morning -- these -- has been more like silent mode all year when it comes to talking to members of the media but Seattle's Marshawn Lynch did give the NFL network sometime during Super Bowl media day the running back was asked if he thinks the Broncos defense will focus on him in an attempt to shut down the Seahawks offensive attack. -- regular start hormone. I'm priests who were. We've got some -- in Toronto Armstead -- that that he underwent minor hand surgery and that's the procedure went well the rookie took over the starting left tackle position for the saints back in week sixteen of the regular season Anthony Davis continues to throttle opponents as the pelicans won their third straight game Tyreke Evans. Globs of Anthony Davis -- the lane and there is a way left jumper. Anthony Davis. Florida way elites all stores in the dale Davis finished with thirty points eight blocks and seven rebounds in the pals 189. Win over the Cleveland Cavaliers and LSU -- stunned eleventh ranked Kentucky beating the wildcats' 87 to 82 bit. The tigers were led by Johnny -- the third and scored 29 points along with nine rebounds they have four on sports talk former saint an NFL hall of fame finalist Morten -- at 7 PM you have a choice switch over to 87 BAM to continue listening to sports talk for 221053. WWL let them figure the Republicans take on the Minnesota Timberwolves with your early morning look at sports I'm Steve Geller. Thank you Steve we'll get more support to him about 25 minutes here on WW -- any AM FM and act on any word on -- with -- from uptown to this dvd takes one person a 7878. Overpasses. You should be okay to get there some discovered that try to take 310 but it's only open river road to river road they say -- now. He can't get any further than that. Thank you gotta get across the reverend. On the irony is that the bank. You're gonna end up on river road and -- to navigate your way from there again folks it's a good idea to just stay put I know that at this point. If here in the house with the whole family and -- to go anywhere. Maybe get a little stir crazy. But it's really not seem to be out there on the -- and there's very few roads that are open so whether it's safer not. You're gonna find yourself barricaded and blockaded and stop Mike Thompson. -- not able to go anywhere. -- Doug did did officials make the right decision to people like the right decision to businesses make the right decision talk about that after the -- we're not going to get very warm at all today not really warm enough to melt away all the. Stuff before it freezes again that we may be dealing with the same thing tomorrow. Morning and we should be ready for that let's get to forecast for Wednesday afternoon partly to mostly cloudy and cold highs only. In the mid thirties will. Probably reached freezing around noon time so whatever does -- won't be much and won't last very long because Wednesday night Thursday morning. Another hard freeze on both sides of the lake. Upper teens north to the lake. Mid twenty south. And highs on Thursday will be in the upper forties from the Eyewitness News forecast center -- chief meteorologist -- Redondo in the Taiwanese feel like the team. 37 minutes after 5 AM it's the early edition of WWL first news it's January the 29 it's 2014. And it is Wednesday night yes hard to tell now I'm not gonna do the whole pumped -- -- this'll do. Much fun on a day when nobody can go anywhere and can't get around we're hearing from a few people. Who are either essential personnel who have to go somewhere who say they are finding ways to get there. But it ain't easy. And were also hearing from a lot more people who think that. It's another good data stay put and do absolutely nothing. So I just you know I'm getting a lot of people and a lot people are antsy I understand that texting as they're calling us they're asking us. What is open how can I get from here to there and there's just not many good options. The -- before the news that the only way to get across the lake now. Comfortably is apparently highway eleven because people who have tried US 51. States it's a slalom course is so many broken down vehicles and spun out vehicles that it's hard to get from much too little applause. On US 51 because of all that wrecked cars that you -- ago. I found -- trying to get from Metairie into New Orleans. No good way to do that. The palmetto overpass was slalom course it was open but it's covered in thick ice in this crash cars on either side. There water to back channels around the Metairie country club neighborhood ligature across the seventeenth street canal if you know we -- going in there otherwise it's going to be. River road airport expressway heavily disclosed also. Here expressed weighs close some river road old -- highway you may be a crossover and buck down and lake view. By the end over the seventeenth street canal there -- -- the bottom line is there's not very many ways to get very many places and -- -- very many people try. Then it's gonna become gridlocked instantly. So it's another dated this state put. And do a whole lot of nothing this morning and that's the best advice we -- will share a little levity because of people are going a little stir crazy men as well give them the smile and laugh about. This story comes to us from Berlin. Where a -- of dairy cows nearly lifted the roof off their barn in central Germany when methane released by the -- -- polls. Caused an explosion. You talk about lighting a fart police in Hesse state. Said that it in a statement that a static electric charge apparently triggered the detonation. And a spurt of flame. And a farm in -- -- door from Germany the roof was damaged in one house suffered burns know people were hurt. -- The police say ninety cows are kept in the shed and it wasn't clear why quantities of methane had built up so much. Bovine belching and flatulence. Releases large quantities of gas according to the heat -- -- that I guess the ventilation system failed. And maybe they need gave mentally obviously normally keep decals on there they must have some -- of betting that there -- imagined this would happen before yet in the -- it was just an unusually cold snap and kept the counts and side for longer than they usually do -- and doors closed up and I did -- that's all I haven't what I -- what it says it. The article out. -- -- The that do it he says a clip but the bit of a smile on your face this morning and -- gives you something do. While -- smile about well were all. Dealing with this winter weather stickers -- -- in less than twenty minutes -- first news here WWL I am FM and act now. Now what are your -- but the weather and it. You are right I gathered that that's definitely a song for today yet it is great he called out that those windshields and making game he'll need crazier and call it seventeenth gap we have wind chills in the single digit lead in southeast Louisiana and it -- I now -- fair and accurate test to it because out out there and it this morning it -- cold there. We've not felt these kind of tense that -- chills and a wild so how cold is it. Well right how actual attempts and were lent its twenty -- like Ellis 25 and it hand and it's 23 so. Nancy mid twenties for most of us and again wind chills single digits and teens from north to south. So another good reason other than the fact yeah nearly every bridge and overpass. An elevated roadway is iced over and closed yep that's another good reason not to go out in this. Exactly -- -- -- I know it's frustrating again you know you're planning on having you know dates off you know the middle to -- and all that kind of thing we we know it's aggravating but it really it really is important because. You know -- to kind of show what can happen ME -- were following -- all what was going on in Birmingham and Atlanta yesterday. -- the wintry preset payment while everybody was on the roads and there are still people in Atlanta stuck on highways and interstates from yesterday at mean. I mean at 7 o'clock in the the morning there. And they're still in their cars still stuck. From yesterday at lunch time trying to get out and our buses full of children out there that it. Pared hole could I thought picture of people -- sleeping and aisles at Home Depot in Atlanta because they were stuck there they can -- anywhere else to go. Said he literally which is -- curled up. In the aisles and that's I think of anything soft you know -- public yeah. -- -- low or up -- not yet. Yeah I'd have to that's not without you know as much as it is you know fresh street have to stay off the reds and it is you know inconvenience I I get that that it really isn't everybody's best interest because -- -- ice doubted if you're gonna be -- would you rather be stuck at home -- with your family and -- Everybody's separate everybody -- on the -- maybe somewhere really it's better just to stay home. Yet the good news is while there was enough ice accumulation to cover roads and bridges and elevated highways. The good news is there wasn't enough to cause widespread power outage that the people at home by and large there are fewer than 800 outages across the state of Louisiana right now so by and large. Sorry if you're one of those people who doesn't have power but by and large people due -- warming. Those very thankful about that -- and it looked like that would be kind of war what was happening yesterday and we were looking at a mix of freezing rain and sleet. And kind in the afternoon -- mixed over to more sleet and you don't have as many power outages when it's that sleep you actually get some accumulations which we saw those will. Ice men and you know little things. Figure yet people are boldly -- from the fleet but you don't have -- bigger power outages are really the best case scenario you know could happen for us we knew the bridges were going to be -- we knew traffic was going to be a nightmare you know yesterday and today. There's no way around that I am very thankful that the ice was not quite -- we did not have any power outages. Right so what is ahead. Let's talk about it while -- the moisture is moving out still a few. Light areas of sleep or maybe a flurry along the coast but even that will be -- over the next couple hours out skies are gonna remain overcast today so it's not going to warmup but so those bridges and overpasses baby clothes for quite some time. Until temperatures actually get up into the -- thirties highs today. 35 to 38 to -- gonna stay cold tonight a hard freeze -- saint teens on the North Shore. And mid twenty's here in the city that means -- pipes. Bring your pets inside cover your plants and that we finally get at a deep freeze with I think more sunshine tomorrow and hiked up to fifty. -- -- really until tomorrow -- launch time yup we're back and his team some roads and bridges and elevated highways real not. Especially north and I think here in the city were more likely start to open next units -- wild but especially north of the liquid and a little more sleep and at some light snow accumulation. It they may not reopen today and it's just minutes to click on temperatures and how much about the -- -- the expert and it will keep. People from having accidents it will keep my. Fifties. Today. The dirty state -- thirties tomorrow it did a topic today is starting over and I would I don't know that we are today and yet day. If he's done there sixties on -- 65 on Friday and Saturday that he won Sunday 72 off off off perfect -- they're out aren't Super Bowl weekend looks to. And at -- that the -- -- being here this week in all this craziness going on media day was yesterday. In it would've been great. It and no one being no flights in or out of it right. -- down Tuesday B ports and remotely and that would have been bad -- -- today looks like we won't get back to full flight scheduled for tomorrow tomorrow I -- try to give people little of the smiled and so we are gonna pull out the what's wrong with people file. Where authorities in New Mexico say a woman called -- -- state police report. Not man attacking a convenience store why she'd use that. I I can't figure out while tell you a threat -- had been pulled over just down the street. And she's not according to -- that person can call and arms. Are -- minute attacking your convenience store that the police officer writing her friend a ticket with then leave go to protect the convenience store and see what she's thinking but I am thinking that not. It'll work I see her line of thought. But it adding yet and that turns out it didn't work out. And they now both and other both in trouble right now while the driver and the brand new called in the make. Report of the attack in the game means there are brought trouble and worse than anything I think if she doesn't. Oh yeah why you got wanna be that final I don't want -- -- -- never been I've probably. That up at bat. That I have done it -- -- -- -- symbolic of the you know Ankiel are all right they -- day. A Leo we will try -- about how a lot of indirect from the Eyewitness News forecast yeah. I know what I'll do I'll call in the desert an armed attack on the store right over there so my friend won't get this ticket. That worked out real sports is next here on WWL wow LSU won. The pelicans one again and it's Super Bowl week money for Steve -- talk about right after this. Made a 7876. And now it's events. -- -- -- -- Bicycle to work. Broke a sweat could be a fever. Yeah I don't think I wanna be out riding a bike in these conditions right now. At New Orleans are drug international airport at 28 degrees with a north wind at twentieth feels like it. -- Yet that's the windshield feels like fifteen someplace in the wind chills down in this single digits though. And that's that's dedication Korea we gotta go -- -- bicycles not a bad way -- -- flippant folly my. Breaks and etiquette you'll get yourself and and and still is out there and write about on ice is hard pressed Negroponte Chicago right now like dated a few times sports time now on that he's. Let's give you something else to think about to get your mind off of the miserable weather and for that we have Steve Geller I'd tell us that. Sound good day on the court for the local teams. A morning -- -- happy hump day folks the big question heading into Super Bowl media day was what Seattle running back Marshawn Lynch play hooky from the event or show up -- avoid paying a hefty fine beast mode decided to show. And was asked by the NFL network if he's a shy guy that just doesn't like to talk and. -- -- -- never saying no talking when the men. Who like that she's -- Injuries right now. Saints rookie left tackle for -- Armstead lip between his two year note that he underwent minor hand surgery and reported that it was successful afterwards the third round draft pick took over as the team's starting left tackle with two games to play in the regular season it over to the hardwood where the -- -- abysmal start to 2014. Dropping ten of their first twelve games in January but things are looking up as we close out the multiple. Robertson through the -- bounce -- for Davis. Almost -- getting hit left followed instead of -- to the left lane Gordon packed the Davis blocked well up jumper from the -- dog run over top of Thomson. New Orleans beat Cleveland 189. For their third straight -- aunt -- Davis was a monster scoring thirty points with seven rebounds -- 86 fanning college -- the LSU men's basketball team upset eleventh ranked Kentucky 87 to 82 junior Johnny -- the third scored 29 points as the tigers improved to thirteen at six -- roll and forward three in conference play today -- -- on sports talk former -- and NFL hall of fame finalist Morten -- at 7 -- you have -- choice switch -- -- 87 -- AM to continue listening to sports -- -- to -- -- -- 1053. WWL let them -- -- the -- take on the Minnesota Timberwolves -- -- early morning look at sports -- Steve -- 550 did Dave go on with -- on his cold cold cold Wednesday morning coming up text messages and 87870. What do you want know how can I get from one place to another. Bottom line is many places you cannot get from one place to another right now but. I'll entertain some of your questions right after the -- -- on we'll take it moment. I think before Dave snow and Carl -- Redondo. Partly to mostly cloudy and cold highs in the mid thirties. Wednesday night Thursday morning whatever still left on the ground will -- freeze because another hard freeze Thursday morning upper teens north of the lake. And a mid twenty south with highs on Thursday. In the upper forties when the Eyewitness News forecast center -- chief meteorologist Carl Redondo. Now we don't get a real warmth and here until Friday and tomorrow morning we may have ice on the roads again because of those freezes overnight tonight. Right now the international airport it's cloudy and 28 the windchill makes it feel like fifteen slide out cloudy and 25 feels like thirteen Daryn good morning -- on WWL. I'm okay have backed. And I it's it's another -- were most people just have to sit at home and do nothing because it really can't get around this morning. But that won't try to figure out -- I'm in the Caribbean and -- people work and slide now one of -- anyway it indeed. Now if he get over a highway eleven. You -- highway eleven bridge is open and we've had phone calls that while others -- on it it is passable this time. About it. It's it's going to be a challenge getting from there would be too -- -- and -- -- -- over there with a across the breadth. Not a that's the problem you get a base right now is really as cold as it is in the twenties with the wind chills in the teens those bridges. Are completely iced over and even if not officially closed -- time to get to one of its cars crashed into the wall on either side in human ability through right. Officials are saying do not get out there because you make it's. Size 58 it's the early days of WWL first news and it's. Very cold outside folks feels like teens and single digits across the region Tommy talkers in for the next four hours here on WWL. And that -- you're out there -- few minutes ago. Com. It's chilly I noticed it and say next four hours of fun like usually -- here's. It's all going to be on -- we'll have some fun Crescent City connection wide open and we had some employees they've lacked last night in a hotel. And I said now that we get -- relax yet collect BI -- It's more letters. But listen but I said now I'll be fine united dogs again watching and listening everything's good. Thank god and heaven the bridge was opened this morning because there -- not. We re able to get off the Jonathan was disclosed camp street down ramp. Maybe a little bit eyes I don't know it's kind of hard to tell just a little bitty small patch but they've -- analysts and up there witches. -- up the sand was frozen on them which is different to drive on so. Allies and any time of itself just kidding but some idiot did ask me tonight. I'd Tommy doctors in next he survived is commute thank goodness he's the.