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1-29 6:15am Tommy, road closures & conditions

Jan 29, 2014|

Tommy talks to Trooper Melissa Matey, PIO for State Police Troop B, about conditions on the roads

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

-- Tommy Tucker 28 degrees. Outside right now winter storm warning has expired. Leaders -- that is formed on roads and bridges difficult driving conditions will talk more with some eighty state trooper about Canada. Matter of moments get the latest thing cloudy skies start today partly to mostly cloudy this afternoon highs around 38 -- -- hard freeze again tonight. Highs around -- rather in nineteen on the north short 26 on the south you're blood. Believe it or not come Sunday the high will be 72 degrees Elmore -- until -- light on your -- WL. What else would you sort of army engineer. Sort out and do. It's a job to. If you are you saying it's -- single. Person that belt Theres. No agenda get out there. I was I was sudden from now we'll talk Melissa Nady in the second aside from West Bank to east bank into all down -- was close. I don't know -- the other way. We don't know -- obstacles to get that. I judge will talk to Melissa in a minute and find out thanks -- on the road hi you're on -- WL. He when he. Quote oh wait a while coastal. I look -- about -- -- -- -- One way or -- all liberal -- well. Well -- streak in vocal. About what Ella Holloway on the other instrument well on your color. Actress while and not lose it likely to lick the crowd went to Butler. It worked to to a and by the that are. Seaweed that's exactly what I am looking for because I'm -- west -- and I have no -- -- what you're talking about but I'm sure. To the people travel in that area that means something and I'm glad you called. Shortly with a lag and you know Wagner owner remote just people want their mailbox bridge he builds it would go and get -- -- boxer -- urged political. It brings right back to remove all the way. Thank UH thanks taking the time the call are appreciated you judge is going to the Melissa may be public information officer for Louisiana State Truby morning trooper how you -- -- and I don't know I don't feel comfortable calling him elicits scenes like I don't know she got a guitar. Melissa is okay. -- probably alluded to inform. -- I'd never got called back -- look at. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I gentleman just now talked about the Crescent City connection now I came over from the West Bank it was wide open except for the -- -- was down -- He was talking about east to West Bank town know anything about that do you. Well but the west expressway be elevated portion online EPA actually closed on -- coming in from the war and why. You weren't actually down from pitcher at 800 ought to offer if it -- in relation which were not sure about it and PDT. Ticket information definitively -- I think we can do that and your plenty busy will get with panel PD and find out what a forensic closed tell me about that. The rest of it and what should people avoid. Well pretty much everything we have a lot -- a lot has. The major -- that are blocked including I can't gain and back. Closure pitch from right -- or any Japanese emperor in all the way to Lafayette -- You're eight yeah. The entire and I tend to shut down from here to Lafayette. Edit track. Which you get past -- yet it. If there's there in -- -- also a bit of a packed with an -- breaking news on -- where they are seeing the ice accumulation. -- again as we don't have Tivo and just in case somebody didn't hear it I ten in both directions shut down from the Orleans Jefferson line which -- Guess where you make the -- by the new compensation right. All the way through to Lafayette shut down how are what else did they need to know Melissa. I have a lot of overpasses and bridges are in the area Egypt got a caller and I have conflicting information -- I've been told you about urgent well. And it it English for quite some time now and I didn't and -- in saint Charles parish -- link. I'm a lot of our other bridges of course it would encourage. And and double checked with and a PD pick out of -- popular by lead pack I ten from US outlet. Is all that personality you weren't. He'd take the highway eleven bridge. -- -- you do is turn around go right back usually can't get off. The other -- right hand and can again check in of people. -- -- -- should be opened. But of Zain if you go on to new Hollins from Slidell you take a highway eleven bridge if you -- -- on the interstate. You can at quail. Down into the air and deletion and get on the interstate there -- didn't eat eat based BP. -- actual elaborate it hard on. All eyes you are and and you know it is not averaging more become the roadway and into normally -- -- -- double -- and a PD. Eight we have malt -- closures. At over -- like caught way and clear he boat. I can't stand it -- -- -- cart weekly -- not a crock I can on any. Overpasses out that way airline pilot and caught late traffic circle and it caught -- it all the -- and I get it back is one. Our. One of alternate -- you -- you have to kind of go round is Metairie road side. In order to get around packed -- tropics or so working and in -- -- So people can go to our -- Angel against weekly state court -- apple work. 511 Harry got bored they're they're able to resource wouldn't hit a look at I'll be pulling creditors agriculture. We're gonna continuously it is Europe today coming debate is being carried it back. I haven't looked at 11 this morning that he is supposed to continue I can I -- Police heed the warning and -- off the road. What you need to chop or not investigating. And say I'm talking about it -- Little -- here. Where we're likely to learn about eating number action that we packed. In compare and tell him to fit into eating -- appreciate. It it helped make our job a lot easier when it comes to block any courage. And and work and what are you treaty in law enforcement partners. Not that the couple say I get to have an injury patriotic action -- you. Arm for the most part traffic in pretty light a crack in Italy here. I think it's oppose Gupta 39 today will check in with channel for Tennessee about the the chance for precipitation and I guess united Aston -- And environmental scientist to figure out the rate of evaporation given the temperature etc. and it's definitely be a hard freeze tonight so if it doesn't evaporate and on a roadway I would think it's gonna re freeze so. Melissa I can't thank you enough and and in terms of highway 11 I am direction only impaired so it's a good thing I'm not a trooper because I would be the guy in a radio constantly saying. Late now where was that again. I'm. -- country that you know I'm or people currently. In. You and I'm really directional current that go in -- -- with Arabic. I'm not evenly around there and an even lake found in river bound unlike be on -- radio saying I -- somebody rallies. And he got a Walgreens across the street where I go from here. Okay well one area practically Cilic battery or at least you know at a popular little bit directional it can't hurt thank you so much our --

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