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1-29 6:45am Tommy, State of the Union

Jan 29, 2014|

Tommy talks to CBS Political Analyst Dottie Lynch about the President's State of the Union

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Dotty lynch joins us right now CBS political analyst and -- might be hearing this and raising your eyebrows but tell us there's this is different man has been like a hurricane at Nebraska. Well we had a pretty cold intently at no let let side that we didn't expect. We can relate. How warmly was the president's State of the Union Address received. Well there are hard to that there were fairly warm I think. Clearly the end where he. I entered the wounded soldier. I think that was a very. One moment and then to beginning even when he made it kind of gesture to John Boehner. Saying that he'd risen to become speaker this kind of -- -- keep. I think Boehner was taken off guard and then -- Republicans seem to like that. The -- the not quite as warmly yes at least by the Republicans in the chamber. And a lot of different things especially his. Threats against Google around them and raise the minimum wage to an executive order from those that he could affect federal workers on contracts so. There are some moments and we're not so warm. Had there hasn't been any polling about how the public feels with executive borders and and the league going around congress you can look at that either positively or negatively. It's kind of interesting watching some of those reactions on the dial groups say during the speech. Independents in particular didn't seem like that. Idea on the other hand Obama was playing into this notion. That. Congress hasn't done anything and that -- -- key frame this as a cult actions so. I think he's probably on the grounds saying that there if they don't act especially on something that's pretty popular increasing minimum wage he can do what -- can -- it. In general. People think that he may be going too far. On using executive orders 22 grade it. I'm quickly before we let you go in terms of -- that I guess -- -- -- debt limit that's coming up being in a couple of weeks I think it is in and from a weakening of the same mess that we had last time they gonna play nice. Sounds like they are inclined to play nice saying no that they got some bad reactions. Believed to be sucked up before that hasn't happened slip it into have to wait on this. Thank you -- I appreciate your time and try to say one. Absolutely.

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