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WWL>Topics>>1-29 7:15am Tommy, update on St. Tammany

1-29 7:15am Tommy, update on St. Tammany

Jan 29, 2014|

Tommy talks to St. Tammany Parish President Pat Brister about the latest conditions in St. Tammany

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

I Tommy Tucker -- WL first news keeping apprised of what's going on in the each municipality and also with a roadside ten. In cages waking up then you have somewhere to go I ten is closed shut down completely. All the way from New Orleans Jefferson Parish line to. Lafayette. So be aware that a couple of texts come in what about the pearl river bridge of the Mississippi Louisiana State line. And other one from about their business that's open and it's as Baker's donuts opens Slidell chocolate frosted cake. Am not -- better in the put -- the present -- saint Tammany parish on the on the on the hook by asking her what her favorite doughnuts are. So let's just talk to pat Brister now NC with the latest conditions are mourning his -- Good morning and any doubt that is against him up right away yet but now as a platform I can support and that. And on -- and anything. Well we do and fine we early. Does that does. He then to now we learn from last Friday I think people to. Seriously that morning that -- given them deleted. So many -- at around accidents really rebounding and eleven cars. The laughter or this slide no major injuries. We haven't even two lead to injuries but generally it's just you know cars sliding up the road needing. Assistance. Two. To get get pulled out of today. All this side of the road -- in that regard we're really happy that people took our our morning -- state opera it's. There's a verbally we hope they'll do it again today although it's very -- -- -- -- right in front here I'll go to. Looks buying it kind of guy that windy it'll plug -- damn it not so much that we're asking that. Our citizens to get give one more day stay stay inside stay safe. And stay warm and not back tomorrow they will be getting back to normal. No we are trying to do early years. And as get a business it's open and and it's within your neighborhood -- you get to it seemed like to be win win for everybody again again again on a major roads or anything and if you get there safely. If people at home get to go do something -- of people that have opened their business get to do a little bit of business so in terms of you know not specific names but percentages do you know who's open and closed in Slidell and in saint Tammany parish. Not not yet it's still early we will be looking at bad -- and me in determining. Like what will be opening opening but we haven't gotten any notification yet. All on that. We have been in contact with. You -- category the major utility company over here and we've had no outages. As you say that the neighborhood area that the employees don't have to drive far to get there and and neighbors can go in and get this thing they made that certainly understandable but. And we just have to be concerned about our our employees our citizens. Broad that it's still not back to normal. Yeah -- any other thing is if you get on the big. Road you -- be turned around probably just be all the crowd will be did cracked anyone read. Well just you know I really do appreciate. The citizens of saint Tammany take and he did knowing that it was a dangerous situation I think that's why he's he's so. So if you. Incidences. Happening. Now we will have another heart priest tonight and that whatever is left on the road bull will. Just make it even more dangerous. Just give us another day in and stay safe and hopefully tomorrow will be back to normal. And hard to believe this B 72 degrees on Sunday. It's amazing gotta love it thank you ms. -- bank -- have a good day I.

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