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1-29 8:10am Tommy, update on Jefferson Parish

Jan 29, 2014|

Tommy talks to Jefferson Parish President John Young

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Jefferson Parish president John Young joins is now and talk about. What's going on in his marriage good morning John. You will be chilly -- make it how about everything in Jefferson Parish both sides of the river. Everything's looking pretty good it was still completely. Let's Google -- still below freezing and still. You know most the Serb controlled or negotiate. But we still travel passes. That advice on the side to a blocking out those overpasses -- keep everyone safe. And the well Russell -- is as part of the global free distinction until sometime afternoon and just longer or shorter term and it will have. -- street tonight but it. Fortunately you know wouldn't have a lot of power outages we get some isolated -- -- and you got on that right now just talk to the mayor Rendell. Minutes ago each we have about a hundred people -- regret it now not the grand -- bridge. And in these workable solution parish state police street selling -- close try to get -- them that you stretch that situation. What sank you know our citizens. -- patience and cooperation that's that's been a -- partners and then. Also what. -- I'll I'll -- all the work support have been working around the clock out. At least in farm and sheriff's deputies and in this police departments and everyone who who helped. Through throughout -- and again -- -- would you we have about but -- -- certain ones continued patience and cooperation to go to -- overpasses. I'm actually drive -- over a clear -- right now so you'll faster airport she so it is still a Dicey situation. That you don't have to -- -- about would recommend you just stay -- just one more day. My an answer does Nancy Heidi draw that balance because I get texts. From two different numbers one of them says handled business in any mention and am open nor in the starting today any other -- -- I'm starving and am looking -- -- place seed where can I goes idea. -- -- -- It's a tough balance that made but it stayed you know -- -- done so also are important actions and and we shape people's arms you know what markets were to put. Again that's it that's what we're recommending. -- an accident. You that you get on the street W -- you may have been a widget desperation. And lately. Yet it is the rule of it's a neighborhood places and it's not been running a driver anything and I need help a guy happens. So. Because they didn't they you know a lot of people lost money -- over the last a couple days. Probably not the best data go -- -- you favorite restaurant is across the lakers somewhere else. Now I mean -- -- sailors but local and and and industry -- -- about it and it. But you know it's good news just precipitation has apparently pastors the typical players and and you know once we get a treason and never should should take care of itself. And the unbelievable part of this is that seventy twos and high temperature on Saturday and Sunday rather think you have to double it and I thought that everybody stick. Keeps going back. To thank you John appreciate you I doubt it thanks very thing you've done.

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