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1-29 8:40am Tommy talks to NOPD Chief Ronal Serpas

Jan 29, 2014|

Tommy talks to NOPD Chief Ronal Serpas

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

ID 3822. Before nine Tommy Tucker trying to keep via. Updated on all the different situations in all the different parishes and his promise NO PD superintendent Ronald served as humans is now on. It's especially tough for him this -- like nine and a half feet tall and I would thank. Any upper atmosphere it's even colder for you is it. Yet either find out there right down -- tummy com about Orleans parish and and I guess before we get the roads. I'm guessing maybe because it was so cold about -- -- behave themselves last night. But we had a real. 24 hours we are grateful to the people at all -- You know listening to the good sense warnings about -- little ways it's an incredible probable should be employees but especially probable police officers launching a little one to equal portion of the world. Unable to work because whether it. They were contact with this. They wanted to be challenged and among those who register approach you're right about one thing you know we had very few automobile accidents in fact last year on the very same day we can't get -- -- elections in January 20 2013. With the priest traditions and all those questions were not able to not so while we did see a lot of and in recent actions were very happy about that with that you know more than 200 people show and worship in some comparable. Ball up to about 340 people Porsche and hasn't. We talked about the restaurant that's that won a lot of visibility industry -- a lot like trolls we're always worried and concerned about electrical -- shall we got a lot of police out there. They've really worked very all of our people are out. Chief concern some violent crime minutes and I think you know of that. -- will -- the numbers awfully in a good way last Heidi meaning nobody went to god Nicole and there's no trouble. It was very quiet all -- yesterday candle last night. -- an epic a lot to do just stand and Indian war. Will continue to work through today because remember we don't want people to lose sight of the fact it was still are pretty. The note went to war stock and looked at work -- freeze warning until at least not o'clock tomorrow morning and what that means and what that actually brought in public as well and looks nicer outside so on the ground temperatures just so cold enough. It was sitting war should situation for both packages do it. Could be frozen on the road shall we continue to hurt the people to not -- much after. That you do -- -- drop -- incredibly careful recognize that you are part of the stoppage. That you -- slot potentially. So let's consultancy and it was crystal ball. -- for you guys even right next in the reports now because I know sometimes when when it's severe weather conditions you say just get each other's information from. And if somebody gets and -- an I would think is there to be there for awhile. Well that's exactly wondering what provincial and people can't callable Tuesday option that we could respond. Actions because we saw this from the beginning -- weather conditions as well National Guard unit to track Spanish and the question we get your leverage. That we were dispatched he has -- to multiple children. -- optical and every call and actually we got yesterday. We went to handle that would be a first for our mission that we can provide such as some people ball well actions however as you suggest we get overloaded -- we do not electric like. Like serve as well we did not do that question. Coupled with a boot record right now there's 260 should we saw in uniform on the streets were in the city and battle. Well so prepare properly so and so special operations command the world later in the night. You don't want again in an accident somebody ran into the back -- me and Crescent City connection back in December and we left the car there and I called I guess I don't need the -- they said okay -- send a column British police and amount. And and I -- -- tiny chewed by the officers that showed up for not move in the vehicle and it would have been across four lanes of traffic what what is the rule for. If he had an enacts an NN and today's not such a problem with the traffic but normally deal leave it there are does depend on how much damages under embodies -- That's exactly the question the way the law -- is that your involvement automobile accident that results in no injuries and the results in the ability to move vehicles and physically can be -- you lost close to a law moved to the roadways which for the police the only -- leave the vehicle lane of traffic that are the opposite backed up by the -- danger -- sure you can purchase. If you cannot move the -- off course physically or somebody injured you don't move down that you leave -- -- in the traffic light but. That's a walk pretty much universal around the country and expert and conversely more country. Andy's handed -- -- -- choose exactly definition of injury you talk about something that requires the empty not a few knees. A little Soria thank you feel something in your neck or anything like that. Exactly and we would always rather err on the side -- -- that somebody says look like my knee hurt but. Irritable while back about market but unfortunately you are listed in future but you know not just from all life in addition -- New York City in the nation probably. Eight at nine out of ten of every automobile accident is mostly just -- at the top spot somebody's -- -- -- -- -- Everybody wants of preserve the evidence I think if you wanna call it that Anderson's police get there they get there it's like move the vehicles don't. They candidate. The advent of technology to -- -- people who ball. And then there. Almost everybody saw that picture with the agency whether it is an important piece of information and -- you know. Well mostly yourself. Somebody -- quick enough caught in -- Steve appreciate that -- -- and drive for hand. Well I hope you thank you.

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