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1-29 8:45am Tommy talks to Mayor Mitch Landrieu

Jan 29, 2014|

Tommy gets an update on the city of New Orleans from Mayor Mitch Landrieu

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

848 honored to be joined by his honor now the mayor new loans -- when Andrew mono is very very busy and as I -- to take the time the Cohen Mary thank you appreciate it thank you are recovered you've got to be happy about the way the cities responded so far the citizens especially after the way I guess some mornings you issue. I'm thrilled person vault to all of our first responders who have been up to 24 hours and have been monitored the roads and bridges. I really thank them for their commitment last night you know lot homeless task force we're able to shelter 729. Citizens. They were up all night working with people under the bridges and and that's been good and to the citizens it's just been really a remarkable response and again -- -- status on behalf the other -- presence in the government we really appreciate. The cooperation we can see what happens you know and other places around the country when it hasn't been hasn't been so good and this has been a really good response will say though. That would not out of the woods yet we still are in the midst of -- hard freeze. I know that looks a little bit better today than it did yesterday that there's a lot of ice on a lot of -- and a lot of bridges and we wanna really keep people bought homes -- so. We're asking people to stay home today you know we gonna have more information later this afternoon after we get. You know the latest update from the weather about what tonight tomorrow looks like and hopefully will be back in business tomorrow but. You know again we wanna answer everybody's there the route that there's a lot more traffic today you concede this morning but it is cold out there and they are bridges that have that have ice on them in this street so. People have to proceed with. Caution it was gonna ask you you know you mentioned business and party your job is. Is to NC see into the businesses have ideal conditions operate under its a win win for the business also for the citizens in need. Goods and services -- draw the line on a day like today between business being open people may enable auto shop in safety. Well you know I don't have the authority to offer business the -- that you have the authority to too -- water government to close and we do that based on the best information. That we have from the National Weather Service because we're in the business or risk reduction. And -- people want actually conduct themselves accordingly. One of the challenges that we have a public service perspective of the people don't heed the warnings and make a lot of they get in trouble we have to call. You know EMS a police cars out of the first their attention from other things as well so we wanna protect. The most important thing is to protection of life. And and and that property and of course you can see it's among the areas of the other countries have gotten into some really difficult. Situations and again the better part of it and everybody wants to get back to work and we're anxious. But safety is the order of the day and now we're still in a very difficult -- to detect any colder. Deceptive in a warmup for a couple of hours and then tonight the freezing temperatures in ago in the big issue here it's one word it's called ice. Bombed the rain is gone so everybody extra -- the ice that is really kinda caught in a -- challenged a we have about folks out on the street as we speak DO TD in the state troopers and NO PD in albums notebooks continue to be out there -- monitor them on. Minute to minute basis to make sure that we can meet these people more that we have to you know but again we're asking people to be very thoughtful about -- move around and be respectful to each other. Also to check in -- in -- papers because -- get very very cold and you know -- but it's got a couple of days just reach out now some audio out if you can. And while it might be inconvenient I don't think anybody can second guess you when you look at what happened in Atlanta and Birmingham well. Say this you know there's always you know Monday morning quarterbacking about did you -- much did you do too little -- we try to get it as a right as we possibly can't obviously we can't control the weather. On the and we can't directly at the rain and the ice goes we can what can observe for people that when you hit a patch of like you can stand out and now. Comment I was kind of moving around a little bit just checking things out a sort numerous sensitive to apologize about people 36 these are getting stuck on ramps on bridges and of course. If you're thinking just about yourself. You know you -- on stock -- you get stock all of us on the road becomes impassable and then everybody to. Decided to get on the road today stock in a traffic jam and then of course EMS can't get there and all of a sudden we have which is seen. It's among the places which is why the only way this works is that everybody cooperates honorable people cooperate so we just casket for consideration cooperation we know -- to convene at. I can't apologize for the -- that we can't dictate what it's gonna do all we can do is give the best counsel and advice about how to be careful so. The rest of the day which -- You know on the city government is closed and you know we will be monitored on a minute to minute basis of the opera joint operations is open 24/7. 311 is open 24/7 911 has opened the 21 -- will and will continue to do that. And we'll keep you guys better information we get the next update from the web servers around -- about what tomorrow is gonna look like. Did stuck in school buses overnight it and Lannan stuck at school on a highway just terrible. That's why they -- young I think yelled at a good job because you got to -- got to -- side of caution something like. Well -- coming -- appreciate but again we're not finished yet and so I'll ask everybody just in the last 24 outstretched. You know let's stay vigilant state and and -- you know -- I have have common you know purpose with each other and common courtesy. And I think will be in a better situation tonight in -- more assessed. You know what what would look at like. Just a little bit of patience to be 72 degrees on Sunday now -- That would be great the only thing better would be placed in -- now what -- -- do you know -- always -- there would talk about that next year sounds good thank you -- by -- event may -- -- --

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