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WWL>Topics>>1-29 9:10am Tommy, update on the Causeway

1-29 9:10am Tommy, update on the Causeway

Jan 29, 2014|

Tommy talks to Carlton Dufrechou, the General Manager of the Causeway, about when the bridge may reopen

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Any news there Chris Miller nine on nine. And I'm looking at some TV footage here of footage on TV from Atlanta and from Birmingham and for those of you. Who would second guess the state police of the DO TV for -- and Downey interstate. Or the bridges or even Carlton do for a show for closing the causeway. I think you need either look at it on TV or Google it up onto YouTube. Atlanta the interstate with eighteen wheelers that are that are running in each other and blocking a highway almost looks like a train derailment. Birmingham Alabama they get visitors still at school interstate shut down. So Chris -- be hard to second guess any public official. I guess so just wanted to point out better football. Better winter weather. Honest take that thank you very much Chris that's a nice way to look at because Atlanta. It this is not uncommon to have them they do get some snow and ice every year and you would think they'd be able to more accustomed to that are better able to deal with a ninth largest city in the United States. Shut down as of right now Carlton do for -- show joins us. General manager of their causeway commission and Carlton always -- -- that Lake Pontchartrain basin foundation. I'll look at Italy today and it is. It's pretty -- I'm -- scout their accounts of the -- that frozen you can't walk across it is an alternative route. You know this and you know in fact it's funny you brought that up but many years ago I was -- -- -- -- Run the lake front that matter and I'm looking at the same spot that I at least two run and. There was a freeze on -- cure MD 89 freezer which one but the Lakewood still. In the late -- surface of the -- was actually about fifty feet out justice she device and yours truly was young and naive and I can always adventurous than and I thought for sure you know Hawkins stepped out on not having a little bit different oil that was a it was a memorable -- Q I came back very sliced and let. -- -- But it was 89 I think -- -- -- that -- -- out I believe it took me like nine A half hours -- from -- in across a river and you know people just in announcing Charles avenue but. I understand they did have the sense not to walk a little bit. -- are totally took me around young guns and really go that did -- Lake Pontchartrain basin foundation. And the general manager of the cause we commissioned twenty years ago actually walked out in the late vegan well it's frozen you know look like the -- night friend I would have done the same thing. I tell me about the cause land again when I when I talk about the video that easy in Atlanta. And Birmingham on and I anybody can second guess -- special -- I wanted to kind of crossing over water on and anybody can second guess would you do. Appreciate very much were to achieving the your associates is set it's if it's not a good situation in the history of you don't have to travel today the best thing is to stay put. The good while just to get from two my -- and the world from the office this morning but here's the deal on the bridge actually -- the sun comes out Leo real adventure a little bit further were still unable to get to the Bastille. Our guys -- officers and maintenance guys are trying to do circuit the bridge as much music and the biggest problems we're having it's actually much more Iceland and harsher than we anticipated and charting its photographs in from -- the police officers oral forward those to use since we get off the phone. With the short story is the -- navigation crossings are heavily -- which we anticipated. We didn't anticipate is there is -- on the not only approach roads and and are sure that Monroe over -- it on the over the bridge from between patrol plaza. And entering the bridge -- significant ice and actually on the bridge deck on the first couple miles in the -- pure silk. Our officers. Four wheel drive all wheel drive vehicles and -- and having problems getting around with just crawling along -- ten miles an hour. In the moment we are unable to get the the -- navigation -- we are geared however. Its regular maintenance supervisor with the last thirty minutes. We are geared to try to deicing -- we need to tip the -- tiebreaker would be futile 48 miles with the good news is precipitation stopped. If mother nature will agree a little bit more -- -- lifting its getting brighter out there we just give the temperatures up above freezing. We will try to at least get one lane open -- pipeline to carry out we doable bridges were trying to assess which bridge is the that. The lesser of the impact actions of one -- walk more feasible to try to get open. And at the moment. Well the moment it's too early to say -- You know it will continue to be optimistic I think people don't fumble but. -- your earliest I would say it would be afternoon. And I guess with no precipitation if you can get the -- to meld the onto her about anything re freezing because there won't be any new water. -- is that you know I'd love to tell you that I know that I don't. This is. Is there that you mention so well Atlanta and I understand that the guys in mobile with the tunnel over there and -- a good number crashes and still have challenges going on. This is all the way packets that it's more than. And it didn't go to a foreign country to this is like another planet with the degree of the -- that we've head so. I'm hopeful that if we are able to deal rights. We will not see re freeze -- mental. Where that water standing around and did a retreat tonight. I just don't know the bridge -- well. -- would think if we're able to get keep the ice melted we'd be in good shape to to stay operational but. We're going to be monitoring it all day and all night long as we have been for the list and I think it's been 36 hours that I'll remember. Yeah you you mentioned that the wind kicking up can only be in rough. Is any that water going onto the deck it's out and now it. Actually landed the -- still still up there at the Max I think we had about thirty miles an hour. By yesterday yesterday -- it was not at all pleasant out there aren't actually still isn't but. As far as splashing over there is no -- quarter getting on the bridge. There is -- the lake is it's still. Still pretty rough Britain went out of north but it certainly do -- damn bit. I think maybe we need right now is just -- continue to live we can get a each up a couple more temperature degrees temperature were still the -- temperature -- temperatures still believed buried there about 28 right now. But we get a little more sunshine we're in good shape. They. Those are anxiously Leavitt will post them on our side and maybe about -- when you're dealing out to a way that you know it is and the girls are going towards its tournament.

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