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1-29 9:20am Tommy, update on the roads and bridges

Jan 29, 2014|

Tommy talks to Bambi Hall, a spokesperson with DOTD, about the condition of the roadways

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

And he held joins us right now spokesperson -- DO TV I know you've been busy. Are you aren't pretty good thank you tell me about I guess what's open and what's closed now in terms of bridges in major thoroughfares in what the outlook for those as far. Well good -- in -- and have a lot of closure. A couple of -- Mostly elevated highway overpasses. Quote that -- built out. Alternate -- lead bank operates. An even deeper bridge it's still out. On the Greenberg. I I think this bill. We are working to try to -- widely. Available. Tomorrow morning but I -- the big picture but I can bring an app on your bike on at this time. But you know we were hoping to get the -- down a little bit more a little later today. And he that we try to have one -- open in the morning. When an early morning commute so that -- but as you know we've been all over we thought that the 610 by the airport earlier this morning. We have one ladies on buried them such as band and operates. One lane and judge could read at the back and parents so you know -- Doing the Aegean. Giving the weather conditions to maintain that stability and how -- -- late -- great has. Remain open I know a lot of people think it happened close. But the ground level on ramp on either side that they think the West Bank -- wrote. Happen open until members have been that one that was the major river cropping or we maintained that the connection only the age of the mine were close. Of course the -- -- that we hired -- Went down because of all -- that accumulated on the elevated portion we -- that would -- accord because that probably look behind it. Well that didn't happen in the cradle of the area so and political part you've beaten out they are we got beat they've expanded and pulpit -- Particularly. And they note that the woman race received -- because of the steel structure and the salt would have been who wrote that to that structure but we only ended at -- On the in terms of Huey. Open or close it long ago remains open okay. And I tell you got an ideal did have a Crescent City connection to even an open those river crossings vital was that a combination of of sand and salt. And someplace in the culmination of the end -- all. I look at the connection these people treatment he can long got a call yesterday at 8 AM today. Did actually go out to the -- went down even know what my public -- ball good so I think in round leader. And so you know we have a lot of different areas they're out about. -- right now recruit need areas that are ultimately -- -- -- go -- -- -- punishment -- the company -- -- the material -- We have six without the black -- like a typical. The -- and 244. Fun. Of all the equivalent of the development -- And I practically become the city and as we thought it would be the ball better and held it -- better than some of the larger -- -- -- dump it. I'm just curious did you guys talk to does cities and other towns there is this just. The experience -- something new ready for from may be the northern parts of the state -- -- work. No the front experience. However that does not but over Philly Chicago. Certainly she is sort of on him a daily basis. When you mean the court -- in the monitoring the weather conditions that they're coaching is illegal we need to put some different areas. Like Avery island would have thought about that time. I'm the only other part of that statement that we borrowed from other agencies. You know because that it at smaller structures that are smaller geographical area over a quarter of the deputy district. Two that -- area and into next door and what you might think he really can't. And thank John about that haven't used it but they cleared area but don't write that either -- that I can. We have and really keep you -- areas with a large. You know mileage and now. That have to be covered with that standard bulk of that by the the prior art remotely. And then -- Just the that would be our party clear -- that the Dutch boy that -- cooperate. Will be the secondary -- some work to maintain that ability. Based on our -- And I know you you can't forecast the weather could be if you it would have to think of or re evaluate. Spot or spots they could be could still be trouble tomorrow we will -- say. -- -- -- -- You know again -- at an earlier report they -- that -- 510. Open though that these people coming from the Charlotte area can get into the city. Frequently that it. It's very hard to tell the -- ever actually teaching job what are conditions there are changing and last night I set my view I would -- our street. As eloquently the other one the last important closure because every like I pretend that it would lose close in my area ninety Cutler. And that and more on the ball in there should though. I mean -- -- integration lying -- crazy is when laws and there's a line like crazy in Atlanta last night and not that the left one out just before 8 at 10 o'clock news but I mean that's just how bad things can happen. Particularly what he. In the winter period of that when you see a lot of book quoted back to back it back and that what happened and everything or dissipate as they get into the that's when the opening -- glad I'm probably going to be putting together a perfectly at some point where they're reopening being. Don't -- ever changing. -- people are going out about it and looking -- trying to evaluate this -- they drive one Alan you know getting all the all the and I totally clean vote. -- -- -- -- beat the peak peak point. Of the that the patient. You don't you read my mind being because the next question was Soledad have to be cleaned up. -- it does. -- put away because you know we don't want people get all the problems and they have their cart there's it's just who co wrote that. For a vehicle that will bridge. Nobody on the material that the the that are made out of so. Yeah absolutely beat you don't want them after rollover that we -- -- ultimately in the end. You know so that they can get to a. I had to tell yet they yell -- to be congratulated I don't know anybody could fault anything that you did. We appreciate it must thank you for coming on Iraq.

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