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WWL>Topics>>1-29-14 11:10am Garland with Causeway GM Carlton Dufrechou

1-29-14 11:10am Garland with Causeway GM Carlton Dufrechou

Jan 29, 2014|

Garland gets an update on the winter weather road situation with Causeway Commission General Manager Carlton Dufrechou.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

We drew a whole lot better than I am a Birmingham. Number of other places Italy and looks like he disaster. -- now and of course all. Kid trapped in bonuses. Over eight. Six. The -- pollute a great years said. My cousin look -- can Atlanta at 3 o'clock didn't get home and told 1248. -- -- rumba a little bit better. Situation. Them the ropes artsy movies. What we're trying to keep you prize this morning mark Tobin -- not Dublin Texas a CCC. Crescent city's traffic. Stopped or Mayo it's what's up. Public and among wonder at the crescent says the a connection and those -- traffic coming. To annually into looks like it's not stopped at all can tell from the other side. If you're out there and end of this is a -- text gives -- gives -- good veteran probation. Right now let's check on the causeway in a good print -- and -- crucial general manager cause we commission. -- good talk and you. Carl could duck in the -- but it sure it was August. And that. Hillary you nailed so well -- a few seconds ago. -- conditions -- out here but like guys were going -- plan. Understand reaction. Travel in mobile at considerable but it crashed and we are extremely fortunate to grand scheme of things that. Night -- Definitely. Not good. Actually the two between two law. Navigation crossing the eight and six while all we can't even get to it. The -- want to sign off the street on the and start you know ripple. -- venture out to -- that we. Elections. So much -- Will draw vehicles can control. Contracting Nicaragua are police -- so it's still trying to liberate choose. They want it's is crawling back to North Shore. And into the the real he's on cable. -- conditions out there are still. Temperature right twelve degrees. And until we're -- seeking a vote freezing and you try to yeah and saw the good news. Feel. You know it's like thank gosh. Until we get some some temperatures of 32 where -- stalemate just -- -- stuff out there. -- we still don't know -- eight miles in the center of the bridge still -- the conditions. You know the worst does appear. There's -- -- Norton power of the -- don't quite -- the worst does appear to be that you law navigation cross to virus elections. Bottom line and his -- close on both insulin drugs can be that way for a one hour. Bottom line. You know we the weather service still talking about China's coming out to -- freezing actually I thought about you but it's looking pretty. Pretty bleak as we speak but it shouldn't that happen we will try to. Assess the which bridges the the lesser of the challenges to Shiites and hopefully get -- one lane opened as soon as we can. One way or the other the elderly concern. All of this -- -- short window above freezing temperatures to date so. If we're unable to keep all of the -- -- -- we just could liquid solution out there struck trees he can't -- maybe. Compound the problems are gonna watch a -- -- goes well. -- -- like you've got a handful -- check back with you and ultimately -- there and changes pretty strong appeal. A.

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