WWL>Topics>>1-29-14 11:35am Mayor Mitch Landrieu's Press Conference

1-29-14 11:35am Mayor Mitch Landrieu's Press Conference

Jan 29, 2014|

New Orleans Mayor Mitch Landrieu's press conference updating the situation in light of the severe winter weather.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Okay thank everybody for coming two days that we can give the public an update on this on the status. On this major weather event that we're having in. New Orleans. We have a number of folks that are behind me that will let you know who they are. But basically we are continuing to leaned forward and to monitor. -- whether. And to take proactive steps to make sure that we continue to protect. Life on safety and health I would just received an update from the National Weather Service. Other winter storm warning in that area has been canceled by the National Weather Service however. I cannot stress how -- a hard freeze warning is in place. And is going to remain in place. At least until 9 AM tomorrow morning this is very significant. I would be below freezing. All the way into tomorrow and on top of that we will have a shrewdly cloudy. Circumstances today the significance of that is the son will not be out. To melt the ice although a small window. Is gonna open up between one and five this afternoon when the temperatures will rise for a very brief period of time. And they will plunge back down into the twenty's which means that the ice will remain. So this is the word of the day ice is dangerous and today -- residents must remain vigilant. -- we have risk that still remain icy roadways. Are in fact life threatening. -- we highly advise people to continue to stay off of the roads icy patches on the surface shrieks and on bridges. A continue to be dangerous were still taken all emergency. Precautions. -- emergency operations center is still activated in open 24/7 and I want to thank. Those folks for all the work they have done. We continue to coordinate with the regional parish presidents I spoke with a number of them. This morning again also with the governor's office of Homeland Security to make sure that we continue to be coordinated. -- in our efforts. We saw yesterday that with storms can in fact be very unpredictable. Extreme winter -- offer our neighbors south of -- We we saw some extreme circumstances all the way. To South Carolina first responders in a public entities have reported multiple accidents. Last night NO PD. -- responded to 59 action it's a 24 of which were related to the weather. And required response from EMS and state police in fact two incidents could have been life threatening -- vehicles actually ended up. I in the water one car skidded to bayou Saint John this morning to avoid a pedestrian about 1 AM. Police and are investigating a truck -- in the Morrison can now. And so as we say to people I you can take a risk if you like -- but the risk is very very high. -- for your life in danger to other people as well so unless you have to be out of the roads we would. Ask you again to please be respectful of of all of your neighbors and not do that. We -- thank many of our residents who have heeded the warnings this has been up to this point in time. A success but again we're not out of the woods and I know that. It looks as though things are getting a bit better. But there's a lot of ice still out there and it can be very dangerous so we continue to take all necessary precautions. Public safety units remain fully staffed in New Orleans Police Department the fire department. -- NASA been working 24/7. I want to thank them for the tremendous amount of work. And they have done along with -- partner for the Department of Transportation and development the state police they are monitoring the roads on a minute to minute basis and are out there. Put insult and put in a dirt on all of the roots and a PD staged barricades it is actively supporting DOT these roadways. And the fire department -- station equipment and personnel in the Lower Ninth Ward. And lower Algiers other source of water board is staged and ready to respond to any sort emergencies on both sides of all the bridges. At first responders are in communication with mutual aid partners so for example or communication the Saint Bernard. In the event that there are any issues there is well. Through that one is continuing to operate 24/7. -- working to deliver updated information and to receive non emergency request and calls. The citizens have been eyes and I ears and wanna thank you so much for that. Through one operators received 400 for a 45 calls. In the last 24 hours 98% of these calls. All were answered most calls related to road closure general disaster information shall update special needs. And health related issues. -- partners are DO TD have been spectacular the monitoring the bridges and highways along with NO PD and Department of Motor Vehicles. They have been sanding and icing the roadways and bridges. Several bridges and railways remain closed including I ten from New Orleans so Lafayette starting at west and boulevard I -- twin spans and others. It is still important to stay off of other roads that are open. Our public works parks and park racing and sanitation are all on standby and have been working they'll give your report. In a minute's -- residents should be carefully watched for our equipment as our a park and park ways partners along with public works on department actually out. I'm doing work and sanding the roadways and making street repairs are on the broad street overpass as we speak. -- should you not heed the warnings and you are traveling on the roads please be careful because our our employees out there trying to make it safe. Sure you let with the city has activated its city wise freeze plan for the homeless all about homeless shelters were full. Providing shelter for over 729. Individuals last night. Not the Salvation Army us and him in Covenant House in the New Orleans mission. Have all been working with us as great partners and I want to thank them. Alan Williams sent a shelter at twenty G-20 summit ball boy is still set up. And has capacity I don't wanna just take a special moment to thank our team because we regrouped at 4 o'clock yesterday afternoon and led by Charlotte parent. Tony -- CN -- brown Stacy -- Koch actually came back. BBC -- Roman commander body in his entire team went out. And walk the bridge walked the city. And really convinced a lot of individuals to get out of harm's -- last night and I believe. I save lives and I just wanna take a minute to thank all of you for the work that you did a really appreciated. A we continue to coordinate with our tourism leaders to ensure safety to our business. We have several conventions that are rolling in and out of town a rock and roll marathon is coming in -- over the next few days and we're working with them. An airport is in Constant Contact with the airlines have been limited service that has restored. I if in fact you have to get back and forth to the airport please use airline highway which is highway 61 which is attended by DO TD at this time. I'm we're gonna get a brief update from OP SB RC in the archdiocese. Other schools are closed today we are not prepared. To make a statement right now about what tomorrow looks like as it relates to -- government offices and other recovery school district we've got to regroup. And make sure that we don't make that. Decision to we have all of the information I expect that no later than 3 o'clock today. We will make a definitive determination about whether City Hall will be open tomorrow morning and whether the schools will be open we are communication. A with each of those different entities and down and we will follow up accordingly. As a relation to hospitals option L issue to -- children's operating. The VA hospital and their clinics are closed today. The acute care center -- is open in the east. The acute care center is open has always been open continues to be open and EMS has emergency units stage and also on the ball bridges. In the event that there or emergencies. As well. As a -- the ferries and other transportation. Algiers canal now Jewish I'm efforts are suspended. A Greyhound service remained suspended statewide Amtrak is currently operating. However no arrivals -- departures are expected. As it relates to animals they -- BCA settlement control division is still on and available for assistance that number is 368. 5191. Extension 100. For any needs as it relates to that and of course we continue to work closely with Entergy they have done a superb job they have a thousand workers that are prepared to respond. They have activated emergency command centers and not reporting any power outages and Charles rice will be here to give us a more comprehensive update. I will say -- its citizens must stay alert and informed. On many many of these instances we've been through many other misses a start to wind down. People don't pay as much attention and unfortunately in these circumstances this is when -- injuries -- cars so we understand that this is inconvenient. I'm sorry that I can't control the weather. But it's gonna do what it's gonna do and what we have to do is make sure that we work. To reduce the risk as much as we cancel let's continue to monitor it. The dangerous for residential real driving on icy roads -- life threatening stay away from fallen trees downed tree limbs and power lines. Again improper use of generators and candles when he gets really really cold. Can cause problems as well and I know that you have as much supplies as you need a sign up for emails and text alerts visit ready dot Motorola dot gov. Ready got Nolan got dot gov or follow us on social media which is at. No look ready on this allows us to get direct contact with you on an as needed basis so in summary. We and our experience a hard freeze that will be -- at least until. Not o'clock in the morning heavy cloud coverage which means no -- Which means no melting which means more ice which means continuing danger. Which means life threatening and so stay home that's how you get to that really quickly. We encourage citizens to stay alert. And again just -- on look out for your neighbors this is an important time when you know folks have been in for a day at -- they may need some help. So anything you can do to reach out help someone. I would be appreciated so I think you all again in advance for all the work that you have done I want to thank the first responders. Who have been out there continually wanna thank -- deputy mayors and all of our department heads and council members. Who -- today and probably just from the different organizations. These folks have been working 24/7. And the not you know gonna quit until we make sure that that we have reduced the risk as much as we possibly can. So ripped out of like to receive reports from each one of the different groups are here today minimal. Follow up with questions from the press and finally. One more at about 3 o'clock today will make a definitive determination about. What tomorrow looks like when we have more complete information about the status of the roads. As we go forward -- please help me welcome mr. Scott -- from DO TD. Followed by Jerry Snead and Charles rice and if decorum -- just -- Augustine and then we'll follow the list. -- news conference from new Orleans City Hall on WW out there. DO TD forces have been working around the clock to keep -- priority. Roads open in the area this includes US eleven. US mining. US 61. Cannot three Mississippi River crossings. Which includes Crescent City connection. To UP long bridge. And the hell about courage on interstate 310. As of this morning our crews reopened the entire elevated portion of the West Bank expressway. As well as the elevated portion of the -- to turn expressway from the Crescent City connection. To the interstates and interstate US mining business in a change. We are working very hard to try to reopen the interstate. Right now -- around. It's it's going to be weather dependent point on when that happens but what we're doing our best to try to make sure that it does. -- -- -- Girls think thank you go to work. Thank you smear as mayor said the emerge operations centers up operational 24. Alert word doing what we need to coordination is he is going along very well we're all departments and agencies throughout the area. The public safety. My hat's off to all of them are public safety teams. They're doing a wonderful job out there under some very difficult certain situations but -- personally thank the place far. He amassed Homeland Security for all the work they're doing I also want thankfully it is the citizens citizens listen to what the mayor said. And because they have not come out I think that's helped us tremendously again. -- to hold up hold up on for another day or so to hold -- to save it is stay in sales rose to help us thank you. Charles right. Good morning everyone. As a mayor stated we continue to remain vigilant. There are no significant outages in Orleans parish we continue to monitor the weather. In ready to respond as necessary. We are preparing to -- down. If current conditions told. And at that same time we're evaluating whether -- -- we're going to release are extra resources. And we will do that are prepared to do that if the current situation holes. If department important please. After which justice and Dana and then she served as chief McConnell just come thank you thank you some good morning. Airlines that are running the limited schedule. The airport. We usually have about 260 flights today. They scheduled to only five of those before them before noon time for them have already arrived. And recent waiting for one more we believe that there'll be. More schedule later in the day but please check with -- airlines before you come to the airport thank you. And if you go on the at which these airlines this just in August region to -- Morning. You have GA history class are still suspended. -- has restored. All of his best service all the routes system wide. And -- listening and I repeat writers may explore those delays throughout the serve is very. New tool to remaining root conditions. We have detours and placed us floor. For the members and students are close -- the number 27 Louisiana. The number 55 Nugent who knows the number 57. Frankly evident than in the sixty can lose number 62. Mars and express the number sixty Europe. No express express and 84 -- Elvis. And the -- regretting -- tourists who -- found at WWW. That England where -- TV dot com. And also by calling Ryan Ryan at five or 4248. Through 900. Thinking. -- Smith with -- our school would follow what Jane Peterson for recovery school. Good morning. And I are staffer currently. In our schools -- evaluating conditions and making sure that they will be ready for the return of students at the appropriate time. We'll continue to monitor the situation through throughout the day. And by 3 o'clock this afternoon is the mayor mentioned are there will be prepared to issue an announcement on our intent. Since force for schools tomorrow. Good morning though we trusted our students are enjoying the -- node -- but are anxious to get back into school. I -- as was dismissed that were working collaborative in the two. Monitor all school facilities in school buildings to ensure that. Things are in order will make a determination this afternoon around school for tomorrow of course we want to ensure that our students are safe. In their transport to and from school so let's over the which later afternoon -- more information to make that that determination for the industry. -- surface. -- McConnell and my doctor elders and maestro. -- and a -- from the NO PD has performed incredibly well I'm very proud of the men and women for the last 36 hours. Hundreds of officers days off were canceled they've all showed up they were all accounted for. Our leadership team was with them in the streets all hours of the night last night we responded to 59 automobile accidents which is. Less than what we would normally see at this time of the year this time of the day. And the men and women of the department are here and proud to serve and they were all accounted for and they evolve on a very very good jobs. Thank you think she's become now the fire department it. -- might like to thank the men and women enrolled -- permit always for the dedication typically and a adverse conditions such as we have right dale. I also like to thank the citizens. At a city for adhering to their warnings that issue was hit only one fire it was due to a of -- here. We issued warnings about. Those types of people use an alternative heaters. -- -- Do is not a time to -- down. It is going to be remaining coal people who abuse and none of those types of well opened leaders and staff taught us it will continue to be vigilant. -- with a cold weather that type he insists they have for the rest of fire and to call monoxide poisoning. So on once again thanks to the citizens for it if you're into warnings and we have to remain safe throughout. Listen when weather warmed up well. Get back to normal here in Walt. Yes and they surely and certainly more -- -- Again I'd also like to thank the men and women in the world he amassed for coming -- a tremendous job to a staff additional ambulances threat the city during the winter event. Additionally against the safety tips on staying off the roads through an icy conditions has helped us tremendously as far as a motor vehicle accidents. Also for pedestrians remember steps ramps walkways can ice over when I try to avoid any slip and falls. And again carbon monoxide is still a real threat. Use proper heating elements I don't use your oven or other kind of gas grills indoors for Keating's government oxides and odorless colorless gas. And -- absolutely deadly. Charlotte area. Good afternoon. Last night in -- homeless shelters in New Orleans we shelter 729. Individuals. Overnight. Today and throughout the night the homeless shelters will continue to be open. Citizens can be in an out at this point so they've not closed down and -- me Shelton will also be open through tomorrow morning. During yesterday nineteen individuals call -- for health and medical questions. Most of those with special needs patients who will we already have registered and just wanted to know what to do if there were power outages. We did contact 51 of our most vulnerable citizens yesterday to give them instructions on if that did happen. There is a list and up to date list aren't ready dot -- dot -- of the close community centers in the area. Our hospitals are open an operational. And the east after hours urgent care center is also opening. New Orleans east thank you. Last night Charlotte home and Tony. And tyra and Stacy and BP. And then commander Marty and is -- our team walked the streets themselves until the wee hours of the morning. Making sure that I American Brothers insists that citizens -- -- to analyst and much appreciate that you'll do great job thank you -- Live news conference on WWL from new Orleans City Hall. We've come through this storm event with no negative impact to soared to mortar board facilities. We've had additional staff in place. To ensure operations. Are -- power plant remains up running and prepared. In the event that we have Entergy outages. So we continue to have staff equipment and materials. Staged throughout the city. To ensure response even during times of -- bridge closures. Our offices remain close to -- our phones under is open for calls to 52 water that's five to you know and 2837. During this -- term emergency. Our response team will respond to any sewer or water related emergency in addition we are also providing assistance. Without crews and stand for Richmond's. Thank you very much humble before he goes -- -- -- same -- -- -- relative to -- left she has been doing this for the past how many years. 42 years this is probably going to be the last major weather event because you believe in us and -- it is Marciano thank you very much -- -- on -- mr. mayor good morning. With the many visitors in town for the last several days and once again our hospitality industry has proven one of the best that been taking good care of our. Visitors while have had their contingency plans in place but -- some money cancellations for this weekend but for the most part we expect a busy weekend once the weather clears up. Some states have banks extend that for those individuals who needed to stay because of their flights or travel arrangements. We do ask our visitors to check with their airlines before they head out to the airport to make sure that their flights are. Scheduled on time so just please do that so that should not wasting a trip on the on the roads that you don't need to be on. Most in major attractions remain closed today most of them will be reopened under normal operations tomorrow based on what the the mayor says later today. And for any other updates please go to the website New Orleans CDB dot com. Thank you mark things. -- -- council members have been with us from the beginning. -- council president is with us today. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- At the press conference yesterday and I want to thank them for their cooperation and coordination and maybe as -- this. On behalf of the counseled for a moment she. Thank you mr. mayor and and on behalf of Al council that have been on duty 24/7. Thank you to -- especially the mayor and his whole administration on duty and to the first responders who as usual are incredible. I want to especially thank the DO TD and state police because I've never seen this kind of coverage. And the coordination of city and state for emergencies like this it's. Wonderful and I wanna assure all of you we have had every emergency vehicle on every side of every bridge and every river and every can now. That's magnificent so rest well don't feel you have to cross anything dangerous to get to any help you may need. Called 911 -- call 311. And you will be served. -- shot I've been calling my house and my cellphone and that's fine with counsel people. We expect to do that and we will put you in the right direction -- and get to ourselves thank you -- Thank you -- just a couple of -- Just come around -- before we get to the to the questions first of all I want to thank everybody for the work to get done but we're not finished yet. I'm we still -- in harm's way it at least according to the National Weather Service to 9 AM tomorrow morning. And finally to the citizens none of this is possible with the idea cooperation. Your cooperation drives. Everything. There -- only so many of us and if there's more things to do because folks don't cooperate all of our resources are stretched further so really. The credit really goes to the citizens who have been really wonderful and he any advice. Of everybody that's appear the other parish presidents and of course the governor as well. And let's continue to work -- that we get out of this very difficulty that. Without any harm to it to life for a more than without already to property so with that I'm will be happy to answer some questions please direct your question to the agency had. They can give you the most responsive answer in the. An update on the winter weather from City Hall on WWL IMF -- -- dot com. It's. It. Okay I'll start off with -- -- question about the conditions of this morning when we went out there to evaluate the we we did see light icing enough that there would be deemed dangerous and we work closely with NO PD in the Louisiana state police. To make that call to it to close off because those approaches to bridge did stay open. But but that was there was this a slight amount of vice that was present on the on and off -- plus the elevated intersections. With regards to the conditions that would that would be beneficial to reopen a -- what will certainly help warmer weather and less ice. Would we would would be a good thing. -- concern us because even even if some roadways all her clothes off if they're still moisture on the roadway surface. Or a bridge -- that doesn't dissipate that with the with the anticipated. Climate there weren't they were looking at -- we could every -- freezing so so that's something we're monitoring very closely. I want it into that. Hot hot weather and son. With what we're looking for currently. But what what what what we have but what we have now based on a national weather services freeze below freezing temperatures well throughout the night tomorrow morning and a very high cloud covering. Which means two things that it's cold and there's no sun to melt and as long loses it's cold and there's no -- to melt it's likely that we're gonna continue to have price. On you can actually see it out there now and they gonna continue to monitor each of these things until they feel like. It's safe and and they don't you know what will follow up accordingly in in as I -- by 3 o'clock they would try to make the call about. Tomorrow. Yes. We're. We'll get that feeling that we don't have -- now but it's not good. -- it wouldn't have. What's normal novels about 5859. But but we will not for everybody that notwithstanding the fact that the number -- saying the same we have. 24. 24 accidents at a directly attributable to the weather conditions. And we also as I said we have to. Where potentially we had life threatening circumstances which you know thank god they didn't didn't work out that way but with cars actually. Moved off of the road into the water. Anything else. Questions all right so we will we will visit back with you guys at 3 o'clock today about a closures for government and schools. Tomorrow and on and we'll see that thank you so much.