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1-29-14 1:35pm Angela with WWL plant doctor Dan Gill

Jan 29, 2014|

Angela finds out what you should do with your plants in the aftermath of this severe winter weather with WWL's plant doctor Dan Gill.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Well we invite you back we're gonna talk to literally one of my favorite people on this earth. Dan and Gil WW bill Plante doctor and host of the Garden Show he's of course a horticulturist with the L issue accent -- -- You -- very special human being. -- and thank you -- everything do you. You know I know a lot of no no -- it's all about you and a lot of people -- just hold on their breath saying. Police on Saturday when the sun is shining and in the seventy's let my -- still be leading living. I think we should be more optimistic than pessimistic and you know I think that having been through it and we all have been a lot of -- been locked freezers like this and it's it's just so sparkling as CEO in -- ravaged and brown. From trees damaged it is as you know it goes on on -- honestly there's such amazing resilience and our plan. And we have lost some of the most tender tropical and they'll be if you. Holes to fill in landscapes. Along the way but the majority of -- tropical plants. As bad as they've made -- look now are still alive somewhere down the based oftentimes shall we sprout back out and Kapler made. And I'm I'm telling everybody by July -- -- of this ever happening by mid late summer it'll be just a memory. And so if you do have some areas you cut them off. We that we we can divide the tropical into two groups the herb page is tropical like she injures and -- in the years and bird of paradise. I can't those those plants and rather soft tissue when they get almost -- frozen freeze damaged. But it is real obviously can trim back all of that dead tissue so if you have any tropical like that -- been holding off from in thinking you wanna. Leave them alone for it and trim those back to clean things up. Mulch over their bases to provides protection I give me any of them will be coming back but the when he tropical things like took the chain has. Our businesses. Angel hospitals wouldn't stint as hard to tell what's been killed he can take your thumbnail and scratch the bark. If it's green on the board that part of the plant is alive so I can't start the top and his work -- way down scratching. One hit presentation he connected to what's been what alive he can go in. Improving but for. Of those it's easy to leave well enough alone weapons -- and bring in the NC with -- spread out in from them when you can see more clearly. Covering uncovering really does help. It really does insist on -- I think the most common mistake I think when people cover plants it will just sort of -- for the tops in the covers floating in the win. The couple. Have to extend all the way to the ground in these fields we copper -- shall try to do is trap the heat of the earth -- a lot of seeds stored in the first step toward trying to trap property and the effect -- if it doesn't extend the ground. You can use that benefit that it stands in the ground cover and hope a lot a mistake people also make his thinking the plant to. -- come through with their cover looking fine that's not a case. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- If you covered plans were still being pitched he's still did good for them. You know I've seen some pretty brown looking grass what's happening there. Well the good news there is that problem that long crisis in Augustine in the people munitions which are all completely party here they have the good statistical. In the wintertime. -- like to tropical the belt and so -- -- compliments and Augustine oddly enough a lot of times linger green in the warmed to the winter not that people would go dormant. Blanket just cold down in the mid twenties even in August and goes -- to complete form NC so all the those ugly brown lawns are going to be fine they'll all -- beginning sometime in mid to late march. And by April may be green striving to be complaining about having them vote and so much. I'm telling you I look like and feeling your optimism -- You are sunshine Dan -- Well we we we do. To be. When we see this this kind of game Egypt and even when we plan change when we Cleveland's tropical plants landscape. You they can also -- -- empty spot there. I can try something new or I can put that plan back in there so even the empty areas. Are going to provide -- flopped more opportunities. And I have to say that kind of thing that with a smile on my face. When when the winters are mild and impatience of the gong is in preparing -- the blue days and all -- summer bedding plants survive the winner and draw against another summer. What could cut into the business like that tape and are free owners directly area. Have a slight smile on their faces as in all of those plans -- have to be replaced so it would be great for business as well for the lots of silver -- to be treason. You know it's interesting you say that because when not a couple of days ago I've lost track of time. When channel four was doing some stories when the first and they did was getting this poor soul at the nurse removing all the stuff inside. Knowing that you know that they're gonna need me. Well in -- -- trees are especially susceptible to cold because their plants are all up and popped. And plants -- the ground up and -- are far more susceptible cold because of balls can change that free and hardy plants like this day is can be game mr. killed by subfreezing temperatures to the roots are about the ground. So bless their hearts they are at a at a great disadvantage with their nursery stock trying to say that but as long they get that stuff pushed undercover they can come through in good shape and again we didn't get quite in the world has stayed pretty much in the mid may be dipping slightly in the low twenties and those freezes as devastating as they are. Are not nearly as bad as temperatures in the and the mid to upper teens so and that's one of the -- the good news is cold spin as much cold as we've gotten. It hasn't been as severe as as some of -- in the past of -- Well but it's I think what makes this a little different for most of us it is but it's the how lone assist them. I mean it's going to be another hard freeze tonight -- back to back. Indeed in in you know like to describe our -- fees and sometimes as -- first used the -- winter for what we. Actually here in southeast Louisiana. But still we typically -- whether that is smiled with Don nighttime -- Lows in the forties and fifties and highs in the sixties even up into the seventies with occasional brief periods of intense cold weather. In this wonder if fumbles in the opposite we have long extended periods of coal dust -- in the thirties. And even down into the twenty's and then rather brief periods where we get back up in the sixties and seventies so it's been topsy turvy this year. And I do think that's taken the stole all of us. Let me ask you about you know I I drive down pointers everyday of my life and just the magnificent palm trees we have. Do you think they will be affected. Well I am always deeply concerned about all because they're expensive plants the large they're hard to take get down should they be killed. But the most -- palms were growing almost comic mr. clean home in -- palms are subject to be killed. At around twenty degrees in the fit into the upper -- -- They are very prone to being killed off by temperatures. On that count -- we haven't seen those kind of temperatures I think the queen almost all going to be fine. The dignity Palmer's another rather tender -- grow on the sound short. I think that picked the date palms and they were -- -- in -- and children location or won't be fine but I opened in the world shall appear issues the we'll have to see you next summer for people that are actual work. I just because the phones turn brown doesn't mean the -- is dead. -- hospitals brown farms in the spring and give the palms as long as June even ended July. To send out -- -- before you make a final decision to have been removed but I'd be guardedly optimistic on the North Fork in very optimistic on the shelves for that the most the palms we just fine. Then -- your wonderful I want you to stay with this if you can horrible take a break we'll be back and I want -- to stand along one here which you have to say about having fun on a day off. I'm Angela under the W well. Dan and Gil are. Mr. -- think he just knows so much about everything when a -- plants then you were born to do what you do. Our thanks I think the same thing. -- and you and you love what you do when it comes out. I do like I was really lucky to. Find victory that I just loved and things that I love to work with and plants and so I'm just all the way around blessed with that. This is a weird question but I I have to ask. In saying it cold issue like we've had did the bugs dying. You know and nature has always persevere and you know we worry about tropical plants because they're from another final together. But should be insects that live here and turn it into the southeast Louisiana. Are adapted to climate so I don't think that we can get overly excited and say. A lot of the tests are being wiped out at the same time they may be affected don't forget the beneficial insects that eat them may be affected as well so. We may see some some differences in the by the into the summer this year we say we had few problems with disinfectant to that in -- -- By all means we may go back and attribute that to the cold weather. But I don't think that we should anticipate too much I would not have as many insect or disease problems necessarily. Because of the infection diseases -- will adapt to our climate and we do get this cold. -- go directly now all the time differently regularly something they're gonna come through. When you heard there was going to be an extensive -- cold spell like this what was your initial thought. Panic. You know. You know if you run in future. You're sheets and covers again and again that's because we love these tropical plants. That we have to worry about and these kind of conditions possible bit of panic we were about a pint in the world and the -- also exposed so. You know up entry ports world might lead our lives -- get down sixteen degrees and they they just sit around and take it in stride in the war and that's just from a major disaster. So if they. These these temperatures do. A little bit of and again that's but again. I think by this point we gave the shell shocked we haven't settled down here. And realize that we will come through this each free -- little bit more damage so. We'll have to get through February February can be quite cold as well we can't breathe easy yet that. I think we're just hunkered down count as waited for gold in. And -- we need our treaties to catch the beads up. During the break. Our trees are all okay an and that's but the good point. And -- and that is of all of our plans -- party Angela you know other people panicked about things like tardiness or as he has. And most of the issues -- party -- Alter our big trees -- party route terrorism -- or party. And and the majority of -- and attendees via for a basic -- early instincts are coming to these -- just fine it would have to get down. Below fifteen degrees and close to ten degrees. Before plans to consider normally party like today is we'll begin to have some issues so again most of our landscapes are gonna come through this and decent shape actually just -- tropical. We're gonna see the major impact some of the tropical fruit like centrists. I have been impacted again particularly abominable for and keep more -- and things like give -- -- pious and -- office a product. -- these -- things we've been seeing really in in large numbers and in the -- for area and they have all definitely taken a hard blow their media clock reset. On a lot of but to our -- I think are coming through in decent shape. Well -- I cannot thank you enough for calling and I hope we get to talk again tomorrow. You are wonderful man and and a -- anybody who loves plants in this area. And -- thanks so much for having me on it's always great to be able get information public and I would sort of talking tomorrow. Terrific thank you -- -- super Gardner. And and with the LSU stayed accent.