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1-29-14 2:10pm Angela with Patrice Bell-Mercadel of RTA

Jan 29, 2014|

Angela gets an update on public transportation from RTA marketing and communications director Patrice Bell-Mercadel.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Loved loved what Don King. Call southern discomfort. Is not perfect. Anyway we're getting through what we have one more night to go. And things are changing and we're delighted to have. Patrice -- mercantile who is the director of marketing and communications. For the regional transit authority RTA and I appreciate you joining us. Well thank you so much for having me on K and -- our writers. So you can update Michigan's it. Everything was shut down yesterday you didn't have any street cars it was just bosses. Correct ash street car service was suspended and replaced with parallel service provided back but it's on. Our major streetcar routes including saint Charles avenue canal street am a -- of the act. And only a -- avenue just cute kids and safety concerns we hand. As it related to pulling out our street -- in the extreme cold black there. And so now you're adding more buses. Yes we are adding more about -- proud to say Jack actually yesterday throughout the day we continue to monitor both for me on the street and and well that would allow you bring people to -- to different areas around the city and we ran and the entire -- day on all of our world except. On the west bank and the -- it will land that those Oprah cancers and interstate systems. While to get on reducer that. We are proud to say that we were able to bring people back and forth between. Warren -- and the CBD and accountancy BD. Making certain mental strain that the candidate employees and and people who work out in the community. You can't -- transportation to an -- your destination that. They have to get cute so that would really. Great for -- Let me ask about how many writers do you think you can give any count. I do not account right now in the early part of the gate -- have a robust am ridership of people calling it. It's actually downtown -- to -- -- keeping. Big industry growing problem and and working. Later in the evening he had a much lower ridership directed the board and -- expected team of the agency made the determination. Q even as we accurately -- service to continue to monitor the streets as long as it was their lighter out there doing our normal service. I would we were still attempting to provide service into some bills more outlying areas outside of the CBD -- -- -- -- And now you're going to as of today and tomorrow given to be. Back to normal or are the street cars going to go back online. And that cat that -- and the -- line can't determine. The safety issues related with repowering built it and they were powered down during an extreme cold and the predictions. Halen leak falling on to those lines. I wrote Clooney and paintings done a fantastic job of continually monitoring Matt williams' streetcar. But on the outside as well in keeping everything safe operation. On the streets and monitoring right now they will make a crawl currently early morning outward to determine whether. Street cars will be deployed in conservative tomorrow. But despite the availability using the streetcar lines or not we will be. Running parallel circuits with a -- on mastery major artery and Charles can now and you happen to make certain people do you know. An alternative means into and -- and the different areas of the city acting normally. Accessed through the streetcar and -- our bus routes are back up and running. But we do have some of them are running detours -- were cleared to go over some of -- catches. OK and one of those is sound. At number sixteen south clay -- Correct the number sixteen out Claiborne is taking a detour. -- he is back and running out on its schedule although we are asking writers should be patient without. -- like everyone else we will experience delays due to any road conditions that. Still exist or may occur as we get later into the evening and temperatures. Begin to drop again so would that I think people the best thing they can do -- at our web site at WWW. That and ORT -- dot com for the exact. Detour information -- war. How wonderful concert service reps who have worked through the 90s and early this morning to talk people through those detours. And they can be accessed at -- for. Q4 eight. 3900. And they -- there and taking Powell and explaining each detour to the community. So that's that's wonderful that you have that surface cement sought to talk to a human being has been so meaningful. Yeah it is an opt in your saying but detour in the South Korean born till you're leaving that the downtown district. And reporters take a left you know would take a left on my heel of the trip that there wider. Can't think someone they stand at the corner X and -- and you will get a ride really helps them figure out. Navigating while we do you have about five lines you re route it around but still icy conditions. But let me ask -- about it partying has taken over the ferry system correct. Well currently we are in negotiations with the state Department of Transportation to finalize and a collaborative endeavor agreement Q managed to -- systems but as of today as we speak that Harry there's still managed by the Department of Transportation development. OK so you'd you don't -- have any information on when -- and gear back up. If not I don't have that information we're we're hopeful that -- debt over the next few months we will we will have worked out the details of that deal and be able to can bring. You know -- Our expertise in the management of those systems I think that DO TD is doing admirable job as a stand and we look forward to finalizing that deals that weekend. Attempted to bring even higher level of service to that many -- -- to depend on -- care. -- and then there are many who do I I live right next to the the canal street -- and I Italians at the people who work downtown are very dependent on. Well one of the things we see him Angel is that. Community is extremely dependent on public transportation we have so many writers -- streetcar or by. What Kara transit cool relying on and their sole source of transportation. Out of need not actually so we we take that a big strong. Mission and mandate cute to provide. Exceptional service and great service and most important to keep -- informed one of the things we never want. It's four -- to be out in the community and not certain. What -- expect this coming so we're launching a lot of conservatives we've got to act of mass text messaging that just launched in December. We are launching an e-commerce portal that would actually set to launch on that we can we differ a little bit. What you can buy your tickets and and financial lighting to estimate how much easier. And we really appreciate the opportunity to come on with you. And inform people how to better use that system so that they can access work and school and medical medically needed assistance. Well let me tell you only have to be in another community that doesn't have good transit. -- really appreciate what we do have. Yes can collect and I think you know this community and experienced that in some degree in that post-Katrina. And the first one was just coming back online. It was such a -- public servant and as we have worked our way through and replace Starbucks Wheaton. And restore order streetcar line and they'll -- streetcar lines and attempt to build yet another street car line. We are so happy that in 2014 -- you're actually adding. Almost five million dollars in new service to the streets of New Orleans returning. Some lines that camp was removed after Katrina and due to lack of black bishop. Bringing connections. You know tech equipment that payment comes from the -- -- -- stated clearly could downtown -- Back counted or counted will be announcing more service increases as the year progressed itself -- were really happy to say that in on fourteen. We can look back and say we put 270 sheltered. We are over the course of this year adding five million dollars more -- service and we are we heard the community. Quest for more service and our board and our leadership team have have really responded to that yet to meet the needs them. -- -- Well that's wonderful news staying in touch with -- as you announced -- we've done we'd love to have you on. Okay wonderful I will be in touch with you on that we have changes. We will certainly Colin to make certain that Europe Europe listening audience is aware that. Thank you very very much. And just stay in touch with this thank you like Carol well.