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1-29-14 2:35pm Angela with St. Tammany President Pat Brister

Jan 29, 2014|

Angela gets a winter weather update on St. Tammany from Parish President Pat Brister.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Well we continue our weather watch in finding out what's happening in the various parishes. So happy to have pat Brister of the out president of saint Tammany parish joining us again thank you so much. Thank you Angela forgiven and -- to get our our. Information out also it really has been a great help. Well you're very kind but it's. It's also been a very long 48 hours for him the action doesn't tell me what is going on. Well yeah that we just had another. Conference call with the weather service -- You know it it's not the best news that will while we are having. Drip for hours about freezing it's not going to be time for. All of I'd have to melt and it will start praising it and them. I don't think we have another night and maybe half a day. These conditions. We're now in discussion about. Whether -- opened government backup tomorrow or not and now will make that decision in about 4 o'clock today. Just with all the other information we're getting. You know we've we've done fairly well over here we've had several cars that have slid -- They rode in to ditches and have and needed assistance getting go and we haven't had then there -- many major accidents luckily because people did heed the warnings. This stay out these highways and we so appreciate. The citizens listing to attend and doing that for us. No that was the best news evolved people get detention. Yes they did. We -- the -- and timely depends very very. Few. Power outages. 11 neighborhood. And treat them tell. On the line that it just took him a couple of hours to get that back up so. We've had an isolated home here and there but generally we we have come in they're fortunate in that area -- -- Now are you in discussion with the schools about what they're going to be doing. Yes the superintendent of schools here -- -- It may -- that's two or three times today where on the conference calls with the weather service. We have discussions after that trying to decide maybe together we really didn't need dictated this together. He is going back to -- is bored and some other superintendents. And he will make his call by afternoon and also not so we'll talk another time equally with both Michael call on what we're doing. Whether it's the last two days or if you should add another day -- and a half day tomorrow. How -- the kid to make it up. Well and -- in -- Tammy perish. Date they don't have to make any data yet because they have enough extra days built into their schedule. As I understand it from triple. That these data -- Now after these days you know I don't know what they would do but they don't have to make any data at this point. I'll make a lot of kids in the eclectic. A lot of parents are. Just just curious have you not to -- to drive around reducing damage. From the extended amount of ice on trees. Not so much has not as I thought we would have frankly we have given around we have our public works people out. And it -- -- wrote -- wrote with sand and and was taken a couple of drives with them. That we haven't seen his alleged damages I really did expect. Main thing is just side on the routes and side to the gratitude. And how to build a -- is obviously. -- are you absolutely exhausted. We were the talk a little while ago and I'm the -- -- I think I think that law and getting ridiculous. They give it about that was that it -- that we've had such great support from. From the citizens from the media helping answer this. I am staying at the emergency operations. Center here in downtown Covington and so we have everything we need here in the communications. It's just so much better to be here on site actually gonna make it there tomorrow and then it went in the back to normal. And you're saying to yourself and I wanted to run for president. I did and I love it I mean people that might ticket scandal created that. He it's just very gratifying we've been getting emails holiday. Sometimes people it'll grumpy when you change your schedule and they say he should ordinary competition but we've been getting supported -- supporting emails. -- is saying you know he made the right choice thank goodness we don't have the big issues that some other states and that we've been hearing on the news you know because. We did make some choices in and they've been very thankful port and I am thankful to them part -- -- -- warnings. Well very wise and so you think around 4 o'clock you'll be making decisions about tomorrow. Yes yes -- name we will send out an email right away or are called -- and I ever. That we can get the message out as quickly as -- cantor. But wait we need to make that -- so we can get out of amended and it the message out to our our employees and and and the public. OK I thank you very very much pat -- saint Tammany parish president. Thank you --