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1-29-14 2:50pm Angela with Tommy Thiebaud of Homeland Security

Jan 29, 2014|

Angela gets a winter weather update from Washington Parish with Homeland Security director Tommy Thiebaud.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Well I appreciate everybody staying with this just a quick little announcement Saint Anthony the apostle in Algiers. Has canceled its open house for tonight it is rescheduled for February 5. 530 to 730 -- Saint Anthony the apostle in Algiers. Now we're happy to have with us -- table. Director of Homeland Security for Washington parish the office of emergency preparedness and I appreciate you joining us again as you did yesterday. How is everything are you getting any rest. And you know good at the -- the size and it's back quite a but which. It's up with a melt some of the site that your. No that's wonderful unfortunately the weather's gonna get bad again tonight. And that's gonna re freeze but you're right psychologically. We need to see the sunshine. Well absolutely it's kidney. You know for the -- where stern the uniqueness you know. And Graham himself that it major red zone where we have other traffic today or trying to from just trapped that's about it so. They admit that you better however which students are. So in Washington players all the schools are closed. Okay and now what about do you have any roadways that are closed. Well alone who is rubio ultimately it's still -- -- people to use caution because again when reason again tonight there are gonna do is -- I suspect on the -- And we need to be aware of them -- -- little school buses on the road anymore. And also aren't government building will be. So schools closed government open. Her well what about the -- businesses over there are they oh -- they opened today. Some -- world and support business as some of the restaurant so that's apparent. And it opened it and monitored inaudible. Excellent excellent panel and and go on bankers. -- -- And but as as we just talked to being -- president of saint Tammany parish should -- really people. Cut just played by the rules Lander stood that this was a unique and we had to be careful and did you find that as well in Washington -- -- absolutely. There's the numbers kind of speak for themselves to traffic numbers were down. Accidents were down this title whenever. So so people really heeded the warning in the it and and I'll do continue to do their one night in Libya but -- Absolutely but what about. Is in Washington perished and they have strawberry farmers. We it would make him. If you vote total enrollment into. Okay. What do you have any forming over there in Washington. Area. What kind of things. That we're going to be on the watermelons and is now. It was too early and from you know person to made it into. An avid interest Norton and mr. Again -- Upton that they whoever -- them -- year forum -- only lead our you know. I just wonder -- and these are not just personal -- -- -- farms that supply. Restaurants in -- stores. There have been some of that type the other it's not really -- -- bigger forms that you see elsewhere. I'm just curious whether and how badly they were hit. I mean this is a lot of ice. Couric and easily view reports on -- week or so after Tibet activist program today -- it was a stupid little. -- or the other cultural impact to cutters. Think that -- feeling good about everything you haven't had any major accidents. Any loss of life. Bill I expected to most important I think that it looks good on. Publisher and hope you get -- a good night's that you probably the thing missing. That we need to wrap this puppy up the -- Jill derby will be there when it first. There could be warmer tomorrow afternoon. I just wanted to clarify one more time the schools are closed in Washington paired tomorrow but the government is open. Okay thank you very very much Tommy T -- good sport he's director rare you're absolutely and they think comes up don't hesitate to call us -- -- here. To listen. Okay thank you -- T ball.