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1-29-14 3:10pm Angela with Jefferson President John Young

Jan 29, 2014|

Angela gets a winter weather update on Jefferson Parish with President John Young.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Joining us now always a good sport to be with us. Is Jefferson Parish president John Young I know you have probably want done 24/7 for two days now. Yeah we've been. On the clock but it this could receive -- the end of the tunnel. Absolutely. Ice actually selling on channel four earlier and down. And you just like monitoring everything. And today this has been a real team effort. I want out thank god citizens for the patience and cooperation can you they're probably gave mr. Craig Cuba now but it. It pretty to look at damage from place to avoid. There's the streets until it if you don't have Libya could run until some closures that. As. Also picked up public works department they -- Deal which and it worked around the club can have gotten well it is openly since this morning move opens the week. Because they'll poker and bridge. Will probably two -- the fourth street bridge. The elevated expressways open with the assistance of the UPD. So and so that work right now there and over. Cause lace things of going to look at it again police departments sheriff's office and police departments. It's our approach is everybody were committed island and East Jerusalem district it's -- and help the tedium Communist state so. Everybody statement that agreed to but we we get a good -- the good news is. Leveled trees and and what -- predict in the is. You know fifty degrees -- such whether. Good news. Egyptian government will be open for mobile -- zones to borrow. -- you're open do you know anything about the schools can't. I've been at its peak it would directed as a and certainly that's definitely is jurisdictions school board I think usually have a announcements soon. I'll -- that simply to move talk about the specifics of what they can do. That's really the messages we've been getting our people are very curious about race. Because there is gonna be the freeze tonight and you are gonna have some more ice on the road so what do you do. -- -- -- I'll let him talk to that would. Outfield is is -- going to be opened you know then report to work as mobile and it'd just be careful but we feel that. It's going to be much improved conditions -- it would really give back to work. On a regular basis. You know it's interesting you mentioned about airline driving it there is a -- truck. Eighteen Wheeler this blocking three lanes over night cold storage road -- thinks can still have. I don't think it's still happening in India and what happened earlier today when I was governor round gentlemen things this is airliners is even before the stalled truck was backed up. Significantly because a lot of people most of the main route to get. Different walls. Of the walls to Baton Rouge or two hostages that they use in the airline drugs. And it took you until you still have the causeway closed you still have a record main arteries closed correct. I just got to accept it and I get from slide built a New Orleans. How do you get -- -- -- and -- anyway that is injure your issue. But you are perhaps some of your business is gone back to work. Well yeah. Certainly a lot of businesses and at the open and ethnic -- compliment them as well you know we don't just we we don't dictate what would private business does the by. But I emphasize that we we we stressed. Putin did not give lessons. Businesses even those that opened. Yesterday closed around 1 at 2 o'clock rather important to go home before really. Started to deteriorate and and doesn't -- close this morning in the -- opening up because you know. Yes I realize that the a lot of people's money we have these type of prevention and go to commerce going back demeanor and quickly it's certainly. You don't want war record anybody's ability to view that of the businesses opening so shops are opening in. Animals. Yeah I haven't checked in the morbid possibility reverend Albert. I would assume ball opened today Buddha acted pretty sure. But I mean -- -- Guatemala you know home depots open. Spot conducts them in the office right now. On what have you and and a lot of a lot of business groups and in this particular. And veterans looks like a normal day or just a little fewer. -- -- targeted again we we we emphasize this morning you know that he would again it was still of the and even as of right now. If you don't have to be done about it it's a good thing not to. That that could discern the true and so our good shape that. Because you have so you know you have to be the understatement of some major artery now. Because the structure problems so you maybe he ended up. Stuck in traffic. So he if you can -- palpable. Do everything will be back to normal. Viable or around the clock. If you had to say or what have you learned from this. That every every situation is different than news to be ready to react to do whatever is thrown out too because. You know a bit and I'll split is that would never really had a wintry and do. It is interesting now on the -- they -- We're always so focused on hurricane season and we do it so beautifully now. And that this year right you just have to roll button and be ahead of it. It's you know there's -- hurricane preparation. Training comes in the play enemy really I think everybody. Drill -- down what we were faced with before even it would be two major issues here. One transportation. And try to keep that many people off -- possible but look what happened in Atlanta and Birmingham. And it also. Major concern in this in this particular storm. It was power outages in and fortunately we didn't -- -- I have to compliment it is cute well. I mean they they invented to people numbers operations and that's what it was seven basis and and they they got the personal down here we had a couple you know outages so the last couple days that they quickly resolved. We had about a -- people in the -- this morning. It is they trucked out there with the assistance of state police and the food cart officials. That put chains on the on the truck to get across Italy want to -- so like. -- -- they got that I'll restore over the the couple -- so. We -- forces and not revoke those in the two main issues we knew who would have to deal with it and and that actually came in the past we've been forcefully and have been made on that we can go to praise the different so problem people. Being in their -- it was freezing temperatures. Now that's horrendous wreck so that was very -- so tomorrow for you it's just watching out what's going on in the morning. Correct and you know -- carefully but the but again just press -- will be open and so pharmacists need to call in and do do regular business will reopen for business tomorrow. We are for ever grateful for you calling in thank you so much. Thank you -- that they afforded the word good for you do. Thank you much about it. John Young president of Jefferson Parish.