WWL>Topics>>1-29-14 3:25pm Angela: on Jefferson school openings

1-29-14 3:25pm Angela: on Jefferson school openings

Jan 29, 2014|

Angela gets an update on school openings in Jefferson Parish with Superintendent Dr. Jim Meza.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

We are now joined by and we are delighted that doctor Jim Mason who was the superintendent Jefferson Parish schools has joined us. Everybody wants to know do we -- those lunches. Tea and or he is good or you. -- do well. We're happy dictator all the movement checked -- mom and -- Are running they're all eager enough will be open tomorrow. But we're going to open with a two hour delayed art and I'd. I mean that children who typically. Are picked up by Abacha. -- report two hours later than in normal time. And that schools. Depending on which time -- normally would start. They lawfully and -- two hour delay releasing -- different. It's because we handled 400 bucks it's. That travel -- efforts that are speaking I'm more than 45000. Student. And schools -- stick it starts not every school starts seeing signs by tomorrow. All schools would have a two hour delay. Put central office employees. Today will report by 9 o'clock tomorrow morning. Certainly we feel that these changes were necessary that we monitor very closely with our reprimand. And that the National Weather Service the conditions tomorrow. And we put that to our way it will minimize the moderates on that -- children. Awaiting them but it's an extreme weather. In the in wartime -- employees to get to work also. Pinnacle at any time throughout much -- to navigate possible restriction to grow so. Let me ask will the schools stay open two hours later. Now thanks to that question though we decided that it's best that we have normal dismissal. And will find time during the year will have to make. Certainly today and tomorrow dollars and we'll try to do that as time went. Each school can make that choice -- conductor -- it. So you have literally. UN staff have gone to every school and check the conditions. Yeah it's. Absolutely we have our plan is they have been working extremely hard every day checking the schools be sure that. We do not have any broken by each of boiler operating. Certainly in my children Chela. A school that doesn't have a pleasant climate. And that's so far so good and we all it's erupting as costs that. When Jerry -- what we -- -- today. I'm thinking about all the homes and left the little trickle in their faucets. Never even thinking about the schools that might have to do the same. It's it smaller schools a lot of property and you know we have great great people who dedicate their lives serving are children or not plant managers in -- -- -- -- there on site. Monitoring. Any damage it would take place moves so far we've we've been OK now not tomorrow today. But are all very very optimistic -- that we look at any hassles tomorrow morning. So again just to reconfirmed and even open two hours later. Two no later -- most importantly at that time children. It's two hours later and in normal schedule time. And and we started very early you know respect picking -- children and that's why Larry in the more. So those children for example he picked up that separate they're now give them a little more time to stay warm. We we record the National Weather Service breaching. They pretty much indicated that. It's got Taiwan and spoke to warm up -- very rapidly. That we think are out there clot. We'll read beyond freezing and -- more -- children. And again the same time for dismissal. I've -- note and then actually -- -- And if there is tonight I hope this isn't the case but if you chat tomorrow morning and that is a problem with the particular school how do you communicate that to the parents. Well will be using an eight media courts reinsert. The radio TV media as well aware -- elsewhere -- a robo call. A leak in identifying. A breakdown by each school but will contact parent either by texting -- calling them. Artillery and multiple approaches to try to get domestic Japan. -- -- your thinking about us as well but give us -- call there any changes in all in the morning. Salute they actually tried it and we'll have a status check around 4:30 tomorrow morning sir any any -- that having any problem try to her. Alert -- that would certainly alert you. Immediately now because he's he's future primary radio in our communication -- family. And 5 o'clock -- and status and all school tomorrow morning. Well we will be here and we cannot thank you enough for this call. And so would school tomorrow just two hours a little later and the -- two hours later. -- -- excited at the student stacked in and they are very excited to return to twelve in May think you can hear you're Lou there are creepy. When it's cold outside. And he'll be able to talk about their adventure they go right thank you very much are -- -- Art thank you remark here or in my thank you.