WWL>Topics>>1-29-14 3:45pm Angela on winter weather pet care

1-29-14 3:45pm Angela on winter weather pet care

Jan 29, 2014|

Angela gets information on how to care for pets in severe winter weather with Anna Zorilla of the Louisiana SPCA.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Just a quick reminder that the orleans' public schools Catholic schools are all open except for and the car. Jefferson Parish schools are open Thursday as are the Catholic schools and Jefferson. However. And all the universities are open as well. We do have some closing so very quickly saying James will be close and John the Baptist closed tinge of hope closed Washington parish closed. But yes so. We're gonna move on from wonderful little kids -- wonderful little animals and is guerrilla who heads up the Louisiana SP CA. Is on the line really to tell us what we kept getting the word that defeat you we saw any animals that were not to being taken care of we were to call in number. But did you did you find and -- that that was the case. Yes actually week. When he calls yesterday. For animal shelters were able to respond all of them and as a war ought to say about others. All pregnant. And we do have our dispatchers and operators. Anywhere around pocket the other night at the other really all night that we are asking people ordering parents to bring their pets indoors. And it happened fifteen neighbors that award to anyone it anyway it -- outside leave you. Call at 3685. Point 91. The other male attention is bad. We've gotten some calls about Cheryl at their community center outward. And windows. We're encouraging people to do is set up. On some -- Housing for them -- a box create something like that that will give them protection from the latter. Boy it used paper towel thing like Carol hats yeah are able to catch them that trap. And because the temperatures are so -- actually safer to be putting -- out and -- overnight I think it's actually more dangerous for the captain that certain. So I do want people to take precautions if you have outdoor cat actually provide -- Oh wait -- state war. Element. But were not able to go out and actually catch that there. What has been the response of those. Dogs that you picked up on that belong to people and in you said you know what how many times have we have to tell everybody bring the animals in. -- the wind that we've actually -- and there was no oh. Got the properties that we can count on. The cash and probably -- their that the call that. People work and you know -- just a little executing to get them. Appreciate that the guy needed to be indoors and at least for the elite level of our early morning hours. We need people to bring their inside that we were able yet the majority of indoors -- out on picnic shelter. But we did you know at about seven married. You know -- Properties that it was you know now. It just a heart break even here that I mean this is. You'll have done a phenomenal educational process I know others have to and it's just how can you not get the message that if it's freezing out there why would you -- Olympics and now and sometimes people think because animals that learned that they're able to the outdoors than colder temperatures that we can't. And while it's true that you know they certainly can be. Slightly cooler temperature and it's almost the equivalent of wearing flatter so it. It's called for unity outward at the latter -- actually -- figure to be outdoors. I'm in those over an hour you know their -- is. Frostbite hypothermia and even bad. -- because they're not able -- you know body temperature at me so it's. It's usury. Interest level should be conditioned and so. You know again another night tonight that canopy you know jet and usually call wondering urged people. Once again make sure they're taken that option where they're at. If you live Jennifer -- and your -- and make sure that your calling on those animal control agencies were not able to. Outside of Willie Harris. But again all of those parishes you know that are near that area elite -- to be seeking options -- So if you see a neighbor see somebody down the street with a with an animal just on the backyard or tethered or whatever. Not call you. Absolutely and -- in Paris -- 3685. Point 91. Do you. Reporting it our operators on the. -- On caller that easily that as much detailed interpretation issue and the track. OK nine unit on the record and that way our pitchers aren't that it's possible to make sure that it will get -- Whether it's inside out or even we here at the game and make sure that there -- -- overnight. Either back. -- -- -- -- There were several people that where I'm only shelters that they act with. Then and at least partly -- we have made it -- -- pick up and hold any of. War on the people -- Is that you know as they leave the shelters now again urged people to shelter overnight. -- -- yeah yeah I liked it and I look up at their I can't thank you enough and as a -- Louisiana's PC game.