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WWL>Topics>>1-29 4:10pm Sports Talk: freeze warning update

1-29 4:10pm Sports Talk: freeze warning update

Jan 29, 2014|

Deke and Bobby talk to WWL News Director Dave Cohen to get updates on road closures for day two of the freeze warning.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Good evening and welcome to. Sports -- -- -- Kasey -- embodying -- -- Deke Bellavia have our program is dedicated to sports throughout the program we will keep you in tune to everything that is going on as we continue to. Monitor audio post effects of the awareness Obama coming up later in the hour we will hear from a listen eighty. Who is a state spokesperson for the Louisiana state police -- V -- will be with us also at the top of the 5 o'clock now the mayor of -- -- -- commitment will be with -- we'll keep -- up to date with the news -- the top -- bottom. Of each hour and also what's at camp with the -- he can't get his take on the big things happen. In the world of sports first off we bring in WW a big 878 -- via radio -- directed deep chord. With the latest as things start to lucky escape maybe. Kind of give Beckham hobbled a little bit but we are still -- the thought out process but that's a change in the because -- could get that. If Beckett to freezing later tonight. Area we are going dip into a hard freeze later tonight with teens up in your neck of the woods on the North Shore and twenties here in the city -- -- of this brief time we have right now. Where portions of the region are above freezing is not going to last much longer and that's why officials are saying. Expect any roads that are close now to remain closed probably until tomorrow. In the early morning hours midday hours it's gonna depend when it gets warm enough in the sun shines brightly enough. To get us to a point where that ice melts and we have hundreds of miles of interstate other highways and bridges that remain closed now and some bit of reopened. May have to close again. As a result of this hard freeze we get tonight if anything it -- and any run off. Then -- freezes so the we're not out of the woods by any means at this time and so world watching the development with the -- We do understand we're gonna have an announcement coming up in less than ten minutes rated four point eight. About a major road that we expect will be open and -- for at least brief period of time this afternoon to get some people moved about. We're getting school openings and closings. Very rapidly at this time most of the school districts have reported in now. And we can tell you for example Jefferson Parrish will be opening two hours late. Teachers and students will report two hours later than usual to Jefferson Parish schools they wanna get out of those teens and twenties. And get into a warmer conditions before they. Get kids out there and buses and walking to school and in making their way to school Orleans parish schools will be open. Tomorrow with the exception of Edna -- Saint Tammany parish schools will be closed tomorrow to those of the three biggest school districts. We have the full list the dozens of school districts on our website at WWL dot com. Dave as far as. What was expected Toyota four hours ago it would actually came down on -- -- could have a mobile and too much on the side of precaution but. I did we get what we were supposed to get from -- on. Standpoint that we got it as much as we thought how did you play well temp. -- wise it played out exactly as they anticipated the temperatures dropped -- dropped quickly and they dropped right after the rain moved in and then we had the freezing rain and the sleet. Well we didn't have thank goodness was the accumulations. Of a quarter of an inch to half an inch or vice. There was ice but it wasn't that thick and the reason that that's good news is while was enough to closed roads and bridges and overpasses and elevated roadways. It was not enough to -- downed power lines and tear them from the polls it was not enough to bring down many tree limbs or trees that could have fallen on power lines so. It's to answer your question yes and no we got the conditions. But some of them did not develop to the extent that officials feared and the accumulations were not as great as that having been said. Of the warnings that kept people off the roads were very effective because school was canceled businesses were closed government offices were shut down. And there was very few people out. Go over to Birmingham Alabama where thousands of people right now remain trapped. And stranded on roads in their vehicles where they spent the night over the north to Atlanta. We're schoolchildren. As well as in Birmingham and in that entire region had to spend the night at school because. They could not get the kids out. And those kids that did believe ended up stranded on school buses on the roads. That were either ice covered. Were blocked by crashes or as the mayor of Atlanta said today word -- with. Overflow vehicles because once they made the decisions that it's time to get people home every school on every business. Did not -- they all laughed at the same time. And ended up. Jamming up the -- to a point where. People now 24 hours later are still waiting for food and water to be delivered by helicopter. In many cases to them. The National Guard is out rescuing people and delivering food water in gasoline to people. And it's not clear win they'll be able to get these roads open across many cities in the deep -- Dave Cohen WW well 70 AM FM 1053. -- directly with the ladies on the one installment again -- -- come up and about five minutes we'll have another announcement about a major artery or a road. Yes we we expect officials they're trying to clear right now underlie everything they have to do and do their inspections to see if they can announce the major road opening. Five minutes from now. BW TV meteorologists. At the point spot in the east power and also get an update from Louisiana State trooper -- spokesperson Melissa may be at the bottom of the --

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