WWL>Topics>>1-29 4:35pm Sports Talk: freeze warning update

1-29 4:35pm Sports Talk: freeze warning update

Jan 29, 2014|

Deke and Bobby talks to Louisiana State Police Troop B Spokesperson Trooper Melissa Matey to get updates on the area road closures.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Melissa may eighty joins us now Louisiana State route to a police beat it she's a spokesperson for true beat Melissa thank you so much -- -- -- so the last several days. And parent of one of the conditions out on the road. In the conditions improve which it you know positive thing for everybody I -- right now are currently -- are attempting. -- I can't -- -- -- -- -- kicking elation at eight people trample through the pack up but again -- and the prospect at the moment. However a lot of the past and -- worked previously closed. Utley and clear -- can't have been -- I'll -- Hartley act airline highway been reopened. Tree and it up in that direction chi 61 and of course you like 98 open. They're again more work secretly and opening them act as we get in and make it clear board have public travel. Now Melissa as far as the public if you live in the stayed -- -- stating your traveler. My understanding that the motors can access. Latest updates in real time travel the road conditions. The by using the five we'll want to travel information system by dialing 511. And my understanding also honesty travelers. Can call one. 888. Road. 511. At 188876235. Of them are correct. Added practice and we -- -- -- a lot of people she believed in his weekly state page also. Where have and where were -- real time update on the air from -- every chipping area in the state. All knew it could easily be weekly website which is I was. Whenever recruiter there and I'll bet bet directly linked you to the age group closure application we have for each troops. They're and he can get there or are one more in Philly dot org is another resource to twenty record that people can use. In order you look pretty group closures. I -- an interpreter I think negro -- this state and and opening them up at. And you know Bradley and there's no right accumulation and it ain't gonna -- -- public to travel through were opening accurate. Maybe we're getting reports Dave -- -- our. We're just getting reports from people on and Thomas that the -- ten is open now all the way from the twins fan. To the -- 310 all of Orleans in Jefferson -- the night and has been reopened and they're driving on it now can you confirm that. That has been reopened. Well that might have just happened I I -- spoke without one of Asia -- against. Out there probably about ten minutes ago and eat with that I'd be meat that they were in the process every opening start it would put that I can quickly. But if you -- -- that are telling you happened. Acting confirming that the because I had a good that you get. Yeah just one as he is earlier we had reports of people were moving barricades and going around barricades and and then and then not come yet and you know what I am and then barricade when there -- so they thought it was open because the guy in front of a -- I didn't know that. And an illegal in the parakeet that it couldn't say and when you put -- -- in danger like. -- the putting other people in danger when they -- statement. The interstate and secretly in Britain were shut down for -- and and it because I simulation and the potential for crashes which. Also had the potential for injury that they parity that anybody does he -- collar and let you know. Because we need to get up there and stop that from happening. And aptly put it that I'm going back and get a little bit on the compatriot and double check the -- I can open and -- and giving up an update shortly. Thank you so much in Louisiana State trooper Truby spokesperson listen mate Melissa thank you so much -- All right Tony's -- he came by BA -- and the ability to keep continuing giving you coverage on this what is on the and the -- aftermath. Remember a school closings now some opening back up at different schedules the different areas a -- -- inflammation news weather. All that is available at WWL dot com.