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1-29 5:10pm Sports Talk: freeze warning update

Jan 29, 2014|

Deke and Bobby talks to New Orleans Mayor Mitch Landrieu to get updates on the area road and school closures.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Good evening and welcome to our number 20 sports talk continuing coverage of this one installment at demand here on Louisiana's official emergency management station WW radio 870 AM FM at 1053 and on the web at WWL. Backhand coming up -- it will get some more updates around the state. And more information to reacted to your the first that will feature an update here on the great city on the wall and his mandates and Andrew. John does now man Andrew thank you so much all the time how things into. Well they get better which -- to eat out of this thing we're not out of it yet and so we wanted to ask people to remain vigilant look -- we don't have it in the water but we still got ice. -- you know the road start to come back on slowly but were asking people to stay off on because what's happening now is which the temperature is gonna drop really quick. So we're about 32 degrees and -- sometime between now for 5 o'clock in the morning we -- and 120 degrees. Just gonna get really really -- and that's a lot of hard freeze warning is still in effect. And we got all of like Cruz -- deal TDs out on the street and copd the fire department -- best. Try to make sure that everybody you know that decide it on the road is ride safely so we just want to reiterate the people done a great job so far everybody's been very cooperative. But if you don't need to be out there tonight but we all going to be back in full swing to more city government gonna open. To warm on the businesses are going to be back to schools are going to be open OP has been an artist he is sitting in opened schools at the normal time. A couple of schools which might wanna look on your website that might open it at a different hostages checked. The archdiocese is going to be open. We still have a hole which -- plan in place you know last night we had about 720 not folks in shelters and they're going to be opened tonight. And -- most of our roads and bridges and coming back on and you know where it is difficult to DOT is not consulted them it would stand still closed. Now we have some minimal flights come in and out of the airport that'll be up in full swing tomorrow. I'd -- bus service. Is restored and all routes -- run it right now of course tomorrow it will be too. And -- you know we getting back it would not there yet so we're asking people just -- the last couple hours you know look out the neighbors -- ought to be sensitive don't draft crazy goes slow. Now if you don't have to be out it'll be out there and -- two more wanna will be back in the swing of things. And their land drew looking at your press release dealing with the fire department I was reading Mario responded to one fired -- Space heater in new talk about it screen images as fours freezing temperatures. So be careful about ought to alternative heating especially using generators. Think candles because the most flyers in and -- also be Carol pechora monoxide Ryssdal uses Phil. The house and that's old school as a kid and I -- against Japan and always used as though he'd yep. Bobby is thing you know really what -- in -- you -- have a control whether you know you don't know what it's going to be so which you do it was a call this risk reduction strategy. You do everything you can reduce the risk -- form of life -- property so that's what we tell people get off the highways and what you need to be on the it's gonna reduce the risk if you hit nice. Hurt yourself or somebody else those something out spoke solicitude so last night we we we respond to 59 car accident. 24 of them were related to people slide -- nice. Two of them went in the war. Okay so -- a lot of thousand people think you know I'm not to listen to them and that's something like that happens we should look the -- you reduce your risk is not a which is open arms way. Now as we kind of roll out of this thing the natural tendency writers -- and you go hard now we're finished the water is on -- on this -- that's not true. The -- freezing temperature or right. Is not gonna let ice melt in what we have a huge cloud -- overs because nobody saw the sun coming into the which means the ice is -- they autism in some instances. It's more dangerous now than it was yesterday. So people if if everybody it is it is and have done great so for everybody cooperates. You know we won't have a -- not if he gets really really cold tonight one of the things that you just talked about is gonna happen people that spacing is in the wrong place. Maybe lit candles in the fall something we don't want to lose anybody so which is that everybody for the next. 1215 now just you know they'll be able to careful to more more that's when he announced outlook to give back and settle. And get where we need to get but we want to want caution to be the lottery today. Lot of demand it's and demand led by drew are a lot away out of Payton -- -- -- by. I want paid to win a little guys little -- -- probably got out of him -- out freedom that it thank thank you so but it's the late. All right and of course about things have now about the far right now. Has the -- you got some big in a -- -- out there for yet -- right now causeway and you've heard mention this before causeway north -- will be open from 430. To 6 PM. The southbound will remain closed now adds some folks were trapped in the south are trying to get home to the North Shore solo budget time. A span I think they're telling you -- at 45 miles an hour and they'll be -- from 430 to 6 PM and also state police. Our opening all of my -- Jefferson and Orleans parishes. That's still close at the twins fans and I'd treat him. I about it most schools are reporting this is what we know right now open -- tomorrow -- Paris public and Kansas goose. But reporting two hours later they use those Columbia on the spot that is who date. Also open calling payers -- public and Catholic with the exception of in the car are tomorrow opening also it was a in the foods. Parents including a Nichols. Black moments saint John's Catholic. And public schools in that area and terrible -- two schools that close tomorrow saint Tammany parish public and a Catholic -- also close All Saints on the back this payers school lose. Our ten spoke Paris -- Washington pair of schools all up close tomorrow still waiting to hear a word from Saint Bernard. Our university that will be open tomorrow -- Loyola Tulane unit though Xavier will all be open still waiting here. It's southeast and down in Hammond will be open much more information for Youkilis -- educate you can't just talk. On the other thoughts on these Super Bowl quarterbacks one that hall of fame a future out of favor of a short one as of 28. -- things are just two years in the National Football League Peyton Manning and Russell Wilson did you. Stay home today or did you work it's operated jaguar opinion poll you can vote on line. At WWL dot com.