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1-29 5:35pm Sports Talk: New Orleans Pelicans

Jan 29, 2014|

Deke and Bobby talk to Jake Madison of bourbonstreetshots.com to talk about the New Orleans Pelicans.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Lot of information -- -- out there of course operating jaguar Pena told DU. Work today a stay at home. Cast a vote online at WW that time again because it's a shot window of time because we northbound will be over from 430 to 6 PM. Southbound remains clothes also state police all opening all of ITN. In Jefferson and calling -- still close at twins fans and -- Three tune in tonight it Serbian enormous talent that will look to win their fourth straight ball game in nineteen X point 59 of fourteen on the road. At targets and taking on the Minnesota civil war and Davis has been Rick had thirty points seven boards and eight blocks. I in the 189 victory over the cavs last night take medicine suburban street shots dot com -- -- Jake Curtis they anti Davis was named to the rising stars challenge so one of -- Wembley eight that's almost itself will play and they gained a boy -- Davis has solitaire right now. -- -- Absolutely the past two games he's kind of been just absolutely tremendous -- public subsidy you superlative to describe -- but that game in the magic or the twenty point. Eighteen or nineteen rebounds ample blocks. Follow that up with. Thirty points and eight blocks tying his career high -- the third time on that he's in. It's great. Now -- and Ellison he's Albert. I've seen spurts of that last year were Brian Roberts -- one who loses I. And then now boy he sure as a play well as the only. Not not. Surprise that can kind of coach he was capable. Last year he didn't start in place in the Denver nugget and -- when you. Games he he can eat Uga -- great you know quarter on court that -- -- Recently with Holliday out sort of realizes. It's a little bit more about the team he's not calling them numbers much not sort of comment on the court again it jump shot with about the he seconds left in the shot clock he's really start to become a much better point guard and so that he'd be up -- him to get others involved. And you know not yet it's their first option on the team which is were incredibly well he's very good three point shooter especially in spot situations so he pats. The ball side and they're one of the players realized they have a look there. They can kick the ball back at him for a pretty good look on and that's really been opened opened up and space the court sort make up for the lack. Three point attempt at the halfway in our interest in the outright. Now RJ gogel what is your take on obviously you wanna continue his treatment boys tonight is going to be tough at the targets inner. When I'm just looking at scoring offense and defense when you look at that he was second high scoring team in NBA. At a 106 and a half points per game and then you look at the pelicans. Given a basically a 103 point two game which is six highs in the league. And the last outing larger for a 112. When January 1. Oval what do you that you think there'd be an upset our rule considering how well the element of play now what did you take in the game tonight. That -- -- much harder than greater record indicates they mean a lot of very close games sort of righted and after missing -- shot or you sit so pick up that are actually just ruled out in any game expert. -- didn't -- dislocated. Finger suffered last. 90 -- he's gonna be written out so I'll leave -- typical levels rise if you know at. And actually. That the Timberwolves aren't seeing Nikola Pekovic their center -- Probably -- outing he gave have a pretty monster came again but that you need -- other role players step up that were just talking about Brian Roberts. Eric Gordon earlier in the need to be objective achieved and you need to look to get these players you look with a very good game last night in Beijing in -- the sort of take advantage of that lack Pekovic controlling the center court. Now Jake easy to talk about other players and that's one area they have excelled as of late talk about the bench play. Having outscored you know their past opponents. -- with a pretty good overall team win with most people sort of contributing. In the -- that -- -- that -- has been trying to do too much force that sharper or. Defense that really isn't there you mean you sort of really understand his role with the murder you separate sort of grabbed rebounds. In order to -- the -- get out in transition trying to get out of the quarter against the defense and you jump up for easy you know -- along those lines. Even easier -- Gary Miller the second round pick in two years ago. He was injured to start the year you -- pretty strong three point shooters he like back corner realize. And that's really helping out in peace accord allowing the dark. Penetrate and attack the rim more unity -- the on the pick and roll defenders can't cheat all Miller much as they would like. Rid of the that we can achieve and opened the -- right there. Took that sort of thing is really opened with these guys know that rules and that sort of often Rivers. You don't want and -- they emerging but playing much better than he was black he's in the start could look like he's really put everything together in defense off the bench I think. There's been big back that far this year. We're on the card you know -- Robert -- struggle with deep but the constant battle it out and Rivers and you can rode around. You sort of attack he's absolutely huge for the team and in developing three point shot a little bit as well as a tremendously to space the court on all that. That's taking medicine to Burma street shots dot com have a talk about tonight's became the pelicans are at. Targets and take on the Minnesota tumbled seventeen tip off on the flags at 1053 FE MJ thank you so much enjoy the game. Are in the -- all right this is sports talk on WW.