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1-29 6:10pm Sports Talk: freeze warning update

Jan 29, 2014|

Deke and Bobby talk to Director of Marketing and Communications for RTA Patrice Bell-Mercadel to get updates on streetcar and bus service in New Orleans.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

A good evening and welcome to our number three -- sports -- came to camp Bobby Barack the vote be continuing covered -- but I -- you -- -- symbols comments and information. All this once installment as the temperature is again dropping out sound expecting some hard cold temperatures tonight. So whatever. Made -- belted a little bit today. Is gonna freeze back out tonight will go to these W at their television meteorologists and coming up after our first break also get an update on what's happening on the roads out there with autism may be. -- marketing and communications for our TA Patrice thank you so much for the time and not give us updates with our T eight lead. Well -- -- -- pretty accurate -- and we were able to continue to -- to serve it out through yesterday and last night and early this morning. After catching the road conditions we restored -- on all of our major while. -- -- -- -- that that's really good minutes ago the Marlins and you are -- to camp and now we are still in the situation where our streak aren't aren't the can do it -- kids some concern making sure Matt. The cold temperature it's not impact in our cat -- get them but we ham. Replace. Those streetcar line with the -- -- of their resident can still continue to make their -- children from different areas of the hit. Now I'm Patrice elegant and also bet the riverfront street cars project what to return to service and about 10 AM tomorrow morning. -- is correct and why Richard riverfront returning Oliver streetcar line are scheduled to return barring -- on thirteen circumstances that can happen overnight into the latter. So it's like you're about the new canal street city park and canal street cemetery. Along with -- -- -- -- -- car will pull out of that street course station and and normally scheduled at about pouring him tomorrow morning. Unless something happens overnight that prevent him from doing that and all of -- -- will have to return to their normal to target to. Patrice bill mercker Diaw is a witness the director of -- -- communiques or Tina -- a solo -- question I. My girls throughout Iraq the streak cause enough for some people who don't know you can. If you've got the right change quarter as you can you can just get on a street car anyway is that correct. Correct and the airport about or street cars very portable it to dollar 25 or one they were right. But we really encourage people had to really experience the street -- -- network here we have one of the best systems in the country. And for that can't stand around three hours for a -- and -- can't you can literally you know 180. And travel all along there's this beautiful. New Orleans region -- now forestry current lines that now sort of link up to each other. And the wind the dead of modifications that way and it last year for the Super Bowl and if they how's that working out or expect a lot of people. -- get a get involved in tram out what -- MBA all star game come up in a few weeks. We are expecting to have lots and lots of writers -- without star game -- at street crime was actually the result of 45 million dollar federal investment to -- -- just time for sport the super bow thank goodness but it was really built. Ticker that different areas of the needy together for batter connectivity. -- pick an intermodal. Line neck is utilized every day backed out of the brighter than and we predict what connection with that positioning in the city. And and the starter here will have a very large key and I this year and then. Cortland welcomed back as we don't know -- well at some point will be made your major transportation -- know that. Patrice -- mercker you know who's director of marketing and communications RT eight Patrice thank you so much who we -- All right operated jaguar opinion -- did you stay. Home today or did you work in case you came -- with those because. And the new ones and Owens in you'd like to get Browning induce both in the city. But manatee zone gain nothing better than being a street car in Chicago but I don't mean like. I don't houses they -- a economical I don't -- cheap date. But you talk about something nice in -- around a lot of man hours treatment at eight era today -- like mystery for three out of -- mean you could be on holiday at all blood that you targeted all along it dated to about taking a little girls -- the -- -- you know you know they love habit. It also you can lead the little girls and with the Michelle in the history Columbian in this I would make be romantic about bill would date with it. -- effective these a couple of indicates again -- and the ability to 7 PM tonight it is the New Orleans pelicans and the Minnesota Timberwolves. At 1053. At camp at -- -- you mean about it to 8 PM with -- sports talk talking about this want to stall. This is WW.