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WWL>Topics>>1-29 6:35pm Sports Talk: freeze warning update

1-29 6:35pm Sports Talk: freeze warning update

Jan 29, 2014|

Deke and Bobby talk to Louisiana State Police Troop B Spokesperson Trooper Melisa Matey yo get updated road closure information.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

But Tony five minutes you can check out the New Orleans pelicans taking on the Minnesota Timberwolves know tonight -- Davis will not play with a finger injury. He's out of the lineup -- saying he's coming off a performer to thirty points thing is by the big victory over the camp that gave him three straight the check out the pelicans and the Minnesota Tim was sent him the night 1053 FEM a -- won't -- seventy with Bobby. And myself operated jaguar opinion polls if you stay home today. Or did you work dealing with all of the went to -- cast your vote on line. At WW dot com just among local all the schools that will be open and close for you. You're in just the -- but as we have the incident was the entire time we have greatly. Prisoner of a hurry and all of our folks are playing uniform of protecting and serving its. From a Louisiana State troopers are straight through before Truby spokesperson Melissa made John does now Melissa get thank you so much in the what is what's the latest on the road conditions. They were actually. He'll have closure. The only active I'd is it clicked between. Are all that clay and -- a lot of it -- And I am currently airline highway. And all that -- and clear -- -- I can cause big things Earhart. Wait out the period and and people act they honor it. I'm just being mindful be careful in the -- and later in different areas that we recently Clint. That -- get. In. You know it to the Asian news I'll promptly. We are continuing to update. Them on the opening on FaceBook. They become available. True but -- I think it's it's in town over is you know like -- for hurricane season like we can expect that I attractive cause people to come back in the now. With a lot of people pretty much hope -- down and stay at home. Like I thought some onerous thing it's this VOA I use a lot when I come to work. Utley is if the Jets in time when that will be open them all right and how much how much traffic crazy are expecting tomorrow when things that those roads open -- Unfortunately he put a prediction on it to wait it will be open. We -- time during that bridge we we sent you are strippers earlier. There's still a little bit players in -- in his right now. At any dictate for the public to -- a lot of -- open -- miserably. And what was it. Everybody immediately. At probably know or even get on the radio -- I'm -- but as currently hopefully Libya tomorrow. -- pitchers are increase a little bit for a. Now are truly a tortilla last hour about 511. A traveler information system by dialing 511. And then also you mentioned information by visit and a 511 traveling information website. -- Davydenko again you dot 511. LA dot org. Within could you explain that a motors about this is also they can utilize that. The way to go application. DE agent that they can put on there are Smart and it is recruiter upbeat about the track track that -- and eat it is -- areas. You -- negativity. Or Egypt searching your opinion and actively go. Poorly in -- TD. Super Melissa maybe she is with -- beat Louisiana state police. A trooper made it thank you so much for the time we appreciate it and remember who it now everybody is safe out there on the road -- All right.

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