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WWL>Topics>>1-29 7:10pm Sports Talk: freeze warning update

1-29 7:10pm Sports Talk: freeze warning update

Jan 29, 2014|

Deke and Bobby talk to Jefferson Parish President John Young to get updated road closure information.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Good evening and welcome to the final now or sports talk -- the Kasey Kahne Bobby -- I -- the ability anymore key to this now it's as simple updates on things taking place across the state. Oakland Louisiana and now -- tricky and with. A -- -- -- including now past president of Jefferson -- we welcome and now. John Young repairs president young thank you so much for joining us again how's everything since last -- while he spoke to you a day ago. Good to be what you -- make a lot. We are going to be opened up on old boos. Activities to mark -- and Irish government. Starter and an 8830. In the morning. A lot of roadways or Oakland it's been a team effort will give credit -- and almost clusters and that creations. In cooperation. Up all the quirks apartments who have been out opened up over passes throughout the days and then on 24/7. Since. Foremost on it and also love. -- apartment up on the missed at least bought some part apartments it was in the council for the team effort in. Everything is turned out expected and we got the power argues that we expected -- -- You know they better -- people numbers separation center and a we just came through it -- everybody -- together and and Adam. You know regular -- start a business as usual Lamar. There's president young after us all I guess of assessing -- -- -- on to close at an -- puts -- in and a bad spot but. Does it look like you've got to have that he'd go out assess damage due to his own. Now we don't really don't have -- -- -- -- -- -- -- the interest rate the any time we get the start whether. We're gonna have. And we restriction. During the last two gates who could have war. Punched break component -- a -- or plates because of the extreme weather conditions and where -- issues. But you know we're -- -- goes on on a case by case basis but. To the most part you know because. Public cooperated in and listen to -- Our advice is still important and shelter at home and and hunker down we have a lot of actions. No child he's been in that was still a good thing but I mean anytime -- of these extreme weather conditions. You have to have some damage history of destruction we're gonna have been and will continue to have those on a case by case basis. -- now -- don't look at it I was reading where. The west making expressway. You know elevated highway obviously. It was at its save like that that was open earlier than other elevated highways the am and aunts and -- and -- -- I'm really -- know. Yeah is explain. That's a good question I mean certainly you know credit to -- departures faced a bill to keep in the Crescent City connection. And the new deal on major open -- -- -- -- has on. The -- and think about should we don't we don't have control of that has set such a long stretch of elevated express where they may not have been able to keep. Open -- did tell -- what the priorities and there's there's two reduced but certainly it was opened today in. You know we we started -- -- with just over canal the you know opened etiquette. Across the entire experience the question of course in that -- day. Idea to be opened the West -- elevated expressway. We opened the fourth street raged you know. Probably Joseph public you know buckle bridge over I -- -- so West Bank is completely successful at this point in time and again. -- Tuesday due to the announced ago from the and between -- All in two jumpers and so it helped tremendously and they also opened the year expressed any -- so. And public works department opened the airline. All the parents are called to love that helped as well. He -- as president of Dennison has John Young -- president young anything else you need to -- Now I'm used to. I just wanna -- got a went against bigger assertions that -- to cooperation -- that that helped you throughout the year with the situation with a little. Accidents and injuries as possible and there are a lot of us to do we need you to be cute to construct -- run and there's so. Business as usual tomorrow morning. Has president John Young at Jefferson Perez John thank you so much weaker team -- be safe unit by Jefferson. Yeah it does stay warm. They don't -- much you can -- are all right thank you very much.

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