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1-29 7:35pm Sports Talk: freeze warning update

Jan 29, 2014|

Deke and Bobby talk to St. Tamany Parish PIO Ronnie Simpson to get updated road closure information.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Well last night this time we got an updated saint Tammy pairs with -- president head rested tonight public information all the since a ten pairs brownies and sent. Will give us a -- Friday thank you so much how things it's like him. And her girl a lot better but -- but -- it's going to be -- world continued to -- -- but the weather. We removed warming shelter for -- on ballpark to community Christian church on. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Out of Duke and Toledo area but that weather was quite quite simply the talent to be -- brutally cold cold so our. You know we're still you know like everyone else shall I you know don't -- -- stone. Don't go out there was sure it was on emergency. It's it's dangerous but but you know we are pretty well we really haven't had any down. India. Many household and it on well actress you can very long. -- and Washington County. Tocchet really Hamels politics and any any power outages. So you know and grand scheme of things -- appropriate or. We about it yet not running look at it -- the government offices illustrating where all saint -- players govern government off the rule resume business at 12 PM tomorrow. And that all the employees should report to work at noon and they have players are concerned. It should contact their direct supervisor. -- and then additionally. The saint Tammany parish just -- cynic in comfortable with the republic and nine. That's correct we're we week. -- on the side of caution. Much like the other school system. Did and again any it can be extremely cold night are still some precipitation. Out there you know on the ground so. It's pretty excited and economist in the morning. Solo bombs in school this school has imposed would want to -- Picking up children. -- and in Boston. Or it's on the ground could be. Special -- brutally cold earlier one. So we know where we're going to go by -- -- and let our employees command that game after those. Its current global warming up and -- hopefully guys will be multiple and that's what it's -- match went down so. It was pretty spot so far. Public information officer for saint Tammany pairs erotic Simpson Ronnie thank you so much you think you know she was that it. No I I just -- as one of my element Jason went to -- -- it -- I pick in the Broncos do so besides. You know there's like mayor in earlier. Months now about but I am not accurate way to. Well Gary is saying is like by I don't know if you when he caught a fan favorite almost feels like part of the extended family that they'd be almost. I don't know was sacked religious tonight cheer for Peyton Manning you want him. One have to go down as probably the greatest quarterback of all time which obviously you have Daniels connection. We all watched him grow up sluggers like Bruntlett has apparently so you know -- mean we've been kind of feel like there and we took. -- Simpson Ronnie thank you so much at a time and we appreciate. All right we appreciate you joining his statistics so when he says there will be a lot of sane people than the as well that -- And no atlas and. I'm kind of torn because I think it's a political line I think this is truly. Looking at the conditions. -- I heard at the beginning to gain the win maybe could be anywhere between 1520 miles an hour but as it gets darker. Bad guys could be better but obviously the wind -- going to be better in the fourth quarter. In the first quarter so that could be good for Peyton Manning obviously when he trying to throw the ball but I think this being a neutral site. And the way both teams are structured. I think this is kind of a 5050 deal I think it's and I agree it can gain I think he's go right -- right I I I would be shocked if does not -- -- -- I think it's going to be a tight one. A real real close ball game -- -- now break it down Saturday -- and Rouse is -- homer from noon to three. On saint tell them -- also will be at twin peaks Sunday from noon to three in the clear view shopping center. He's -- Qaeda -- Bobby Hebert and Deke Bellavia visit WW.