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Scoot talks with Mayor Mitch Landrieu

Jan 29, 2014|

Scoot talks with Mayor Landrieu on freeze conditions in New Orleans.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

-- on every WL without an update from New Orleans mayor welcome to our show and an open up again tomorrow. Yep we -- will slow people around there's two more more we're back at full speed. I'll really get you know we're really cold. Out tonight soared 32 degrees now gonna drop. Could drop below twenty. Tonight and -- you know the roads although -- open or you know still a little bit you know -- so we need -- record industry opera stride that they can. Upward by a more according to weather service is predicting that start at not a it's gonna stop that. Really you warm air -- fashion will be back and of course bring it shall the government can open up tomorrow morning. I know businesses will -- all of the schools are open there may be a couple of different start time should check your personal web site it's -- relates school. You know we -- -- -- -- tonight so -- browsing about 650 homeless. Are individuals and didn't buy out there that need shelter all of the shelters are open and they have capacity. From the secret to going to be out -- more mortal with police making sure that all the traffic pollution who police and just. Give the big thing everybody just need to go slow be really careful tomorrow and we got everybody's anxious to get back to work him back to school group were not completely on yet. -- -- you know related people had been -- it's been great it's been very cautious. And it's been very slow in Wimbledon very well together shall we wanna get back out of the question a lot of troubles. I know players -- job as a talk show host to catch joints or something you just said you said all the kids are anxious to get back to school and I had really been used about -- that. Well what I'm a lot of met the parents are anxious to get. It depends what are the real problem private -- from all the children in -- mail what can we what do you we you'd get a lot of detail. TJ yeah. Does an excellent site where you're -- -- question mark thirteen year old liquidity which -- -- -- would be economic -- might try to go back to school. A lot of applaud you and the governor I want applaud all the state officials for doing the job that they did I know you don't -- bash the mayor of another southern city -- arena Atlanta and -- governor of of Georgia. Our governor deal there is a really tough situation because they were simply not proactive and -- I talked about this escalated. There are so many so many similarities between our two cities in -- competition between our two cities. -- it really feels good without bashing them it really feels good that we were so prepared. Well Hillary I really don't wanna talk about that would be in that situation you know years and years military culpable and I'll -- actually -- get out on the one we have been through Katrina every year. I crucial off the BP oil spill and Isaak and one of the things that we learned how to do really almost communicate so now we weren't the Paris presents ricotta communication -- each other. -- and we will -- communication with the governor's office but a lot like the reason these things work this is not just because of that but primarily because the people. Really cooperate perhaps it is. My -- talk to everybody you know potentially very thankful for -- logistical operation because what our emergency where people -- everyday all day. Gone on like you know that to which we sporty and innocently two hours and -- work hard and they just the cooperation make all the difference in the world so. I'm just very thankful to everybody I'm just fortunate that it would out of which yet we don't wanna have a problem. Last night we -- -- -- in Orleans parish -- -- -- -- auto actually it's at 24 that correlated. To unleash. And we actually at the culture of course out of the war so you know it is dangerous it's not it's not in -- not free yet and we just want to make sure that. Everybody is in its debt and and we don't have any any difficulties to actually get a ticket sales were. Two more more of our 7 o'clock they're trying to get back at it. I'm a bit more more and be careful out because until referees -- you have a you -- real possibility what they call black guy. Which are similar -- -- that you can't really actually. On the traditional detached and counsel anything like that so I just deeply cautious should be awful and the other thing too is. They look out -- papers don't mean look at it and it's a couple days and social cultural needs and help. A -- just just -- kind considerate and we ought to get through this without any loss of life or serious property damage. And mayor really occurred to me last night did good people don't like the government to tell them what to do and some people are -- just did because the government mostly do something and and you you represent the government but. That this was this was of a perfect marriage between government and and the key point and and people use common sense which is not always common. And at people actually did and listen in and heed the warnings and they stay home and it was. As we that would where we are here to tell people what to do here provide advice. And find a way to get people to reduce. I'm we obviously can't control whether we can't tell people and make this into what you would talk about information people can take steps should they -- there to help. Day you know themselves -- their families and of course be at all or daughter to date is to protect like -- -- -- really do that becomes second. And I just think that everybody can help those that actually fall -- get prepared yell at. Can abolition and use common sense -- these things are all -- were you sure we're sort of notable level that's what this really all about and look the people in this area been true. Impatiently -- back up what you -- and how much in -- Didn't we have very sophisticated citizens that don't really understand it. So we watch it right because we don't want. You know that the -- it would we're going to quit cold called judicial though it's almost impossible to get it exactly right. But I have to say that I think folks are really good job local cooperating. And I've been listening -- made it pretty much easier than that it you know could bet. It did -- it did turn out well and I appreciate being with us tonight and really throughout this this whole ordeal you have I did a great job. Well I appreciate it and you got -- done a great job of communicating to the public before the actual -- finally just. If the public sees an emergency responders your police firefighters. I ask you looked out on the back specially you know our state partners have done a great job which slowed note but it worked really old and many of the screen again tonight. As well -- Clinton's arguments published Lucci thanks.