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John Young

Jan 29, 2014|

Scoot talks with Jefferson Parish President John Young

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Right now let's go to Jefferson Parish president John Young who joins us live on the -- show. John things are getting better. -- Are you still call. They'll go going to be below pre and -- tonight but the good news most of the roadways are open most US nuclear. It's going to be business as usual jumps prior government to our. And you know hopefully default so -- be in the strip these and so tomorrow. Yeah it's going to be an amazing data mark compared to what we have been through still cold -- night and even warmer Friday and then it will begin in the seventies apparently on Saturday with a slight chance of rain so. This was just one of those quick cold blast but. Generally I can't help but think back on the job that all the Q did I thought about this last night and we predicted that the story in Atlanta it was going to be one of the big news stories today did -- feature wise. We were prepared here. In part because officials like Q in the governor and Palin -- because everybody. Who warned that what could happen and encourage people to stay home and they didn't do that and it. Yet you have to walk a fine line but it certainly have been regular natural disasters. Hurricanes beat host bill. And you know so bad that seat to -- that a caution and certainly. What we thought about it and everybody were together not only within her -- do with the ship so let's noticeable -- department of public works department counsel. The school board in the in the school administration that. Where and when you have to cancel school in and you were about children first and certainly everything is dictated by that but you know based on the hawkish you have to. Yet to make -- decision. And which in the best interest of the common good and and certainly. With those forecasts we we didn't want people on the street getting an accident shouldn't and don't have answers in recent. And even tell -- And that's why we made the call we did that right call in and -- just can't thank S citizens cooperating and coached it's solid as shelter in place and -- little sometimes but. That was the best thing do -- and and reaching out. But for the better. I really felt for the parents in the Atlanta area whose kids were stuck on -- -- everywhere they were stuck in school they get a -- they couldn't get home I can only imagine the anxiety that a parent would deal with. It also happened in Birmingham. Read -- you know -- -- other -- -- -- can understand them as well you know surely these kids are resilient but certainly there must have been going through. Well kind of wholly altitude to think that -- -- -- -- about it children so. It's unfortunate but you know hopefully -- -- and in the next taken more seriously. John -- you guys have done a great job and we still have one more nights ago but he -- better tomorrow and thanks for your dedication to the citizens Gibson bearish. Thank you -- for everything you've -- -- W. We were telling you to toward you know -- great. -- -- You know sometimes -- were running into you -- a -- -- -- and I don't know what I was living in the area and you're in impeccable Dresser has it been hard to use these last couple days to not be wearing Samir finds suits and ties. It's actually like to be dressed -- an -- and did actually use more comfortable but. I can do both things put that -- fraternities. He reacted to get a copy soon. All right a -- -- you suit tomorrow. John Young president and tomorrow so. -- -- thanks to being in this. -- you ticket nights -- long Jefferson Parish president John Young.

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