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Dave Cohen WWL News Director

Jan 29, 2014|

Scoot gets the latest on closings and opening from Dave Cohen.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Two I do I don't want anybody take this the wrong way. I think some people overreact to. -- sensitivity with the American flag. And I think sometimes we we actually forget what the American flag. Really stands for and if it's a garbage truck and if that's what it does and if it's functioning in the way that it's supposed to function. A little -- that would be like saying -- we can't have the American flag in the side of any truck or any car or any vehicle because the vehicle might get dirty. An -- is going to a car wash every every couple of hours to keep it. Spic and span and shiny clean then we shouldn't have we should have flight on the -- about the site of a truck or of our vehicle they cut. If you wanna join our show tonight our numbers 2601878. Toll free 8668890. Point seven. In a -- Amber's late 778 as I said tonight we're gonna start to talk about some of the things that we haven't talked about over the last couple of days because we have been focused on. This this winter storm in the effects of that throughout this area. But we're also gonna continue to give you updates will be checking in with the channel four. I would deceased forecast center talked to meteorologist here in just a few minutes but right now -- Cohen who is news director here to -- -- real. I joins us for another update on. The latest with that with the news and everything that is going on David seems like we're coming to the end of this but there's still life center. Yeah how well this SoundBite out there but the good news about security here the makers state that and now open and again I can't write well. Just about completely open at this point and that the encouraging news. Still went -- it close because it looked like the -- five remain close to getting caught the way. It's the biggest challenge to -- the river crossings are open and hopefully that even has reported that gene or like. Mobile maintain open because it's so pretty cool that the opens tomorrow I think people already get back to work well most businesses are going to open it. And it and it's. You know that the best case could be this is not a whole lot of moisture. -- -- -- -- that is so. You know it 6 or 7 o'clock in the market declining or definitely give people free and hopefully that we don't have the right -- issue. Well -- the good news is there's no new precipitation. Correct we have we been back -- -- going oh it's a party or. All shot. -- -- you know wherever it was that feeling about a lot there and pull my. The Karzai took I tend to interpret and the first time and it. -- last night the I ten closed all the way from Metairie road Gramercy is just unheard off. Get back at that point where it closed. -- -- -- Like pot strain it went into ball -- yet. I -- quote that what almost 200. Like a man -- As everybody heads back tomorrow back to work it back to school Dave Cohen will have some information for you tomorrow morning and -- WL first -- from five to six days thanks to -- have a good night's sleep we will -- -- in the morning.