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Patrice Bell-Mercadel-Director of Marketing RTA

Jan 29, 2014|

Scoot talks with Partrice Bell-Mercadel about RTA buses running.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

It's going on with the winter storm it right down the director of marketing and communications for RTA and a lot of people have questions about that. Patrice bell -- market don't joins us -- to VW real trees welcome to our show. Hey good evening and give us the gives us the good news about -- What the good news is we will be -- shall -- tomorrow. We are scheduled to have street content back on their line counter effect in the morning pull out -- about. For any -- morning the front street car will come back on a little bit later at approximately an eight hour. The Oliver -- -- routes are should be up and operational tomorrow morning now. We have a couple of feet -- departure warning we should be back -- regular. And -- did you have any did you have any problems with the ice in and the drivers they were out. We have some issues. Some are regular street being intractable some privileges. Not being acceptable -- -- Department of Transportation development. But the only part of the media will be actually is completely stopped her to. Armed yesterday like the west bank and the tenor -- added now we were able to find out. Act allowed -- have you reached more of these in the Carol cougar town neighborhood and a child. Are -- let it throughout the day yesterday and then this morning we were able to return. Council share the schedule although we did experience some delays due to its arms. Minor candidates world conditions that we were committed to. Making hair net people who depended on more people. That he transportation or that they need to keep this city. And there are so many people who are listening who don't use public transportation. And there are people who this is their vital link to work and and and family. What do you use our transportation directory. Incorrectly initially it completely critical operations to eat that the vast majority of our. -- the industry workers argued in public transportation to accept our channel. Can't act as well directly or uncle killed in the entertainment venue cat. We aren't economic engine or the community. Show while you might not be achingly brighter -- -- -- you can -- there is back. You -- manager working and the it acts are absolutely dependent on our GA being able to get. Those very critical workers in achieved everything round. That convention and get security industry are in the industry -- that the there aren't you aren't aren't. -- I live on the streetcar line and I I gotta tell you last night going to sleep by it I miss the sound of the street corkum and on the street. They actually -- in parliament street car when their pulled out what the weather conditions as they were we can't in the area an area that concerns me here. A little bit IR cat nurture them and we. We had the I had the opportunity for the steel on steel. I'm slowly wheeled on a deal out barge you actually constant -- -- -- terms that he concerns. So while the street crowds and now we're not one week -- replace those well what about server so that people on the air in major. Power player could still continue to travel back. It was a tough situation and you guys did a good job and I appreciate you being over the status update tonight. Well thank you so -- we have -- our writers and listening and the word gets out to them that they can get on -- by accident street -- Marlins. Everywhere they need to go and will continue to talk about it.