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Ronnie Simpson St. Tammany Parish Pio

Jan 29, 2014|

Scoot talks with Ronnie Simpson for an update on St. Tammany Parish

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Is -- Tammany parish tomorrow. We do and schools still out. Only because the -- hard freeze tonight is going to as chronic conditions. Dangerous for account at the memorial so it this school system. British -- School boards two. Two forgo school tomorrow. Harper government will open. And com with the exception of the justice center which is where and go to where there -- tortured -- -- -- -- -- -- -- It's gonna open at 90. But. Are currently in Ireland because what the -- exit polls. It will -- and -- as well open total mid morning. We've decided there'll corruption and and you know in his. Ronnie what do you say to those those kids who who might be up listening whose spirits are absolutely crushed because of schools and I could open tomorrow. -- at a on -- tool and and and and a told that there -- -- book and put -- -- -- Obviously. You know I know it's a nightmare for a lot of parents to work out plans to take care of their kids but I hope these last a couple of days have been. I'm not a good time spent at home if you do have kids and and this was an unavoidable an eruption in your life I hope you enjoyed being with your kids whoever it was who was home with their kids. On -- how much. How much does. A parish. -- to coordinate with aim may year when it comes to closures. Well it. It depends. All what more -- -- wrote in Britain and being like Google. There's a lot of cross talk because. And in and also -- examples of dirty situation emergency. Typically in luck and speaker present and it's a -- or around Kyra obviously and a at the -- there yesterday -- there's a lot of coordination goes on if we interim org. Does alternately as it is typically. You you have patience so -- dark we entrant -- Swedish. Artist and. This and we had -- unity we had -- this year but we had. Enemy I'm -- Electric company cargo and and I'm Washington Gary. Caught so you've got the players of Parker's did you pitcher that your that your which you can sit across the table probably you party. Develop relations were so you you're gonna talk to them and they know we're here come from your procedure one so what were your deal with the municipality. You've you've hopefully Horry Horry established. Good relationship. If you don't go to compound issue. But -- that we've been fortunate and -- think amnesia. -- urged president. Is. Is cultivated relationships all of missed out these other mayors and when it comes right down to that everybody is in the same boat and they never and they cooperate. I'd back that took two calls that that you see today from social Slidell. They need. The systems and standing airport because they'll -- apparently couldn't get. So -- equipment out so we were obviously. It's. Our duty and responsibility we went out there to carry them out so it's it's it's and it's incredibly important. And it they again is we don't have those relationships aren't. It really didn't really understand that seeing it firsthand. Going to situation cold you know -- and meet our. Wouldn't it it's you know and so injury and injury -- cooperation. It it's it's it's like it's a first school. Running out of order draw you into a controversy so I'm just gonna ask it this way. Is it believable. That the mayor of Atlanta. And it says that he's totally independent from the school system when it comes to making a decision about closing things down. I don't realize I had really haven't had time. I'll be -- haven't had content to pay attention to the into the this situation I'm obviously aware that the fact that it happened. I'll just because of the enormity and and and and India restraint at all but. We've been so so he'd been in deal. A dissident. Honestly don't know the specifics I can I can tell you. That win you. Have different agencies like -- the school borders separate problem. From from urged governments in Tammany. But the -- -- our view C. Many times during the last days session lows into the National Weather Service calls. On the relationship between the first turn in trade. Is it is very close and have a great corporate relationship so. And now Paul actually lead to marital statement it is. He even though it separates. I'm having they're adding those armed having those relationships at a time. If it is do you mean the world because she should and lean on each other on board leash we should be ready to. Right tell us about garbage picked up at saint Tammany tomorrow. Well you know on the opening -- -- need to pick up to -- it is kind of depend on is reality is that ruled confident in the South Shore. I'll we have many different. Garbage collectors. These contractors. So it kind of depends on the minutes validly. I'm a -- caught up. I don't know exactly yeah I continued use Biggio reached impeachment as a telling him what they're guard picked up a little -- It's suggested that it is the mortgage -- you have -- -- the call are usually at all or are all. And urged government and find out what the -- would describe as a longer ago. Ronnie Simpson public information officer for saint Tammany parish and who has been a -- a couple of days for -- thanks for being with us with this update tonight. All right I if you --

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