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01-29 Scoot- justin beiber/atlanta snow/american flag

Jan 30, 2014|

Scoot continues to discuss: justin beiber altering his "bad boy" image in the wrong way, Georgia authorities "passing the buck" on snow responsibilities, and a garbage truck brandishing the american flag...

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Justin Bieber is set back in the news he turn himself in to Toronto police this afternoon on an assault charge involving a confrontation with the limo driver. I don't does that mean he's guilty but then it in Miami he pleaded not guilty I believe on paper Miami Beach. To a charge of driving under the influence. And also and in valid driver's license and their drag racing and then they're still investigating him in in Los Angeles on this charger of actually it's a felony. Vandalism charge because of his neighbor alleges that by throwing eggs it is his mansion. Now. You know I realize that a nineteen year penny immature but yeah I think that you would get -- the egg throwing age about -- -- you think that if you. Got to the point where you're living in a six point five million dollar house and in Los Angeles in the Los Angeles area. And in your start there would be some maturity. That would go along with that status and and you would mean to throwing eggs at a neighbor's house. But again. I don't know is there -- substance abuse problem here. In any event Justin Bieber could find himself in trouble and this is I don't think this is the way to change your image. There are ways to change your image. If you wanna be more -- and I don't think there's anything wrong with it. If you listen to this show what a regular basis you know that -- -- I'm quite defensive of young stars like Miley Cyrus Selena Gomez. On shedding there. Their child star images shedding near Disney images and growing up. And becoming young adults and it experiencing. Their own. Sexuality I don't mean physically experiencing their sexuality course -- shirt they do like a lot of your people. But in terms of of -- to realize who they are they're not children anymore and I don't think there's anything wrong with. Young stars becoming. Young adults and an older teenagers and and and making this progression from being kids start to being a more adult. But to break the law to endanger the lives of others if indeed this is just a publicity stunt by Justin -- this is -- a series of things to. That it changes image. And this is really -- the tricky. The tricky. Rolled it dead celebrities go through if celebrities thirteen stars. They have to change their image. Because the audience is changing. The audience is not kids anymore. And the problem with trying to. Continue to attract the kids is new generations of young people are gonna find their new young idols to admire. So your your choice is really. Very simple you have to change. With your audience. And you have to continue to of relate to them as time goes on and not many not many stars that are our stores when they're young and do that. They're not successfully Tiffany for example was -- agree sample of somebody who became such a pop sensation. But she wasn't able to successfully. Grow with our audience and and maybe she didn't have the musical talent. To attract their attention later in life but. There are there are ways to. To have a bad boy image. Without endangering the lives of other people. In Justin Bieber could could go to Denver Colorado and the you know and you know they take pictures of him wherever he goes. He could be seen smoking pot. Which is not illegals here so he would really be breaking the law. He wouldn't be endangering anybody else's life and that might help changes in recent. There are things that Justin Bieber could do. To show that he's done this kid anymore. To show that he is you know more about bad boy. I mean I -- -- to do more than get tattoos to be a bad boy which I think is is is. The right release came just get tattoos and so you're a bad boy because a lot of people have tattoos or not bad but there're there're a lot of things that Justin Bieber could've done and and and in danger the lives of others is not since the right way to doing and if I were you I'd have a conversation with you can't do fewer kids indeed. Admired Justin Bieber -- tonight we're also talking about a waste company in Missouri. It is being criticized for -- American flags on the side of the garbage trucks and also apparently on the back of the garbage truck the part that actually crushes the garbage. And so it's gonna get garbage charted but. If the truck is functioning like it's supposed to function. The and it's really not in my opinion. Disrespecting the flag. The company is called freedom waste. And they've been hit with criticism mailing in their FaceBook page for showing disrespect for the American flag by painting and on that the garbage trucks. Do you think that's disrespectful. Answered every W a pretty general opinion poll tonight give us your opinion by going to our web site WWL dot com we'll give you an update on that coming up in just a moment. And if you wanted to join us with your comment about that our number is 2601870. Toll free 8668890878. In a text -- is a 77. Is a disrespectful to -- the American flag on a garbage -- Waste Management a garbage truck garbage collection. Waste Management that's a legal business. And it's a very necessary business in America so. If it's a legal business in their performing a legitimate function in America then why would that be disrespectful. That sometimes I think people become overly sensitive. Which we the American -- -- There are people who are critical of the American flag. Being made into a swimsuit. Or underwear summary -- earlier and they were and it just left Wal-Mart and they said they were American. Men American flag Sox. Was that disrespectful. So is there a limit to where the American flag and how the American flag. Can appear. Now if I'm not mistaken. There are pictures we have one of the one of the guys from -- -- I don't know because again I mentioned this earlier. I get I get the -- the cast of -- dynasty. Are really confused -- easy top. So I'm just not really sure who's who but anyway it is one of the guys I believe has an American flag bandanna. Is an American flag -- More disrespectful to the American flag bikini or American flag Sox. Or is this another example of hypocrisy which we talked about right before the news. People will protect what. Their -- does or somebody they admire. And respect they'll protect what they do but he somebody else does something very similar they'll be critical of what somebody else Dutch. If a rapper -- hip hop artist if a rocker. We years American flag apparel. That might be criticized. But why wouldn't it also be criticized if if somebody -- An American flag bandanna. Do you see the hypocrisy that sometimes becomes part of all of this also tonight we've been talking about what happened in Atlanta. With the mayor and the governor and I knew. And I would think that everybody knew that Atlanta was gonna get snow. And if it's such a rare is that if it's gonna get even close. Personally I think the mayor of Atlanta mayor reed and the governor of Georgia. Governor deal I think they should have been more proactive and they should've. Gone out of their way to close. State and city offices. That sends a message that businesses are -- you can't force private business to close. But by closing the the the accounting offices the government offices by closing the public schools. That. Is is is kind of a blueprint for other businesses and I know that that's what happens in this series when we have a storm winter storm or of a tropical storm or hurricane. Win win businesses. I've aren't forced to close they sometimes followed the lead of what's the the the government is doing. And that was not done in Atlanta and and people went to work and then all of a sudden and I know the mayor of Atlanta mayor Regis is giving me excuse that. Well the problem was we blew the whistle and at one time and everybody left at the same time and that's what caused the problem. No the problem was also cost -- by the store. By the ice by the snow. The problem was also caused because people were all were. We're not encouraged to stay home and and everything was open and that was a mistake. And governor deal and mayor -- are both trying to to cover their tracks. Here's a text. It reads I left Atlanta -- Monday night to the meteorologists were telling everybody that the worst. Was going to the south of the city the ball was dropped all around the -- was just reelected so pass the buck. Well you know if the mayor was just reelected. Voters have very short memories. Not not just in Atlanta voters everywhere have short memories locally and nationally. And they tend to focus on what happens. When it's reelection time. And what voters need to be Smart enough to do whether it's a national election -- local election. Is hold. Candidates accountable. Hold politicians accountable for what they have done throughout their term. And if they make a big mistake in the beginning of their term but I. Again. Mayor -- may be able to make a tremendous comeback here he might be able to make really great decisions for them the rest of his term. And -- -- he'll be reelected and and rightfully so everybody's entitled to mistake I think what bothers me most about governor -- mayor -- Is it not they they this they have kind of said -- it's our responsibility will accept responsibility. But they have really gone out of their way to blame. Other factors and other things in and governor deals said well it's not our fault it's the fault of the National Weather Service and this text touches on that OK so let me read the text again. I left Atlanta Monday night. And the meteorologists were telling everybody the worst was going to the south of the city. The worst of it okay if you're a southern city and you're not used any of it if any of its coming. Why didn't you proactively. Closed down offices. And why did you proactively. Keep kids from going to school on Tuesday that did not happen. Here is another text. I don't know if you saw this news story but one Atlanta dad walked six miles to his daughter's school. Just so she wouldn't be alone. What a great dad piece of the types of stories. They should get recognition. And I agree. Because at times like this we see the best in people and we see the worst in people. And I were -- I remembered a story earlier today there was a couple. That they brought thirty people into their home. And gave them shelter. Because they were they were stock. And and we talked about this last night it's it was the big story on the news today. I don't have a problem with admitting that she made a mistake it again the governor of Georgia and the mayor of Atlanta -- -- Goran out of their way. In my opinion. To lay the blame. Beyond just their office and their office is. Very much accountable for. What happened. Opera the West Bank charge -- on the -- show on Demi WL. Yeah it's cool to. -- man and national went through it it was it was -- net gain a little -- manner that would mark network you'd. You know. Well I was watching it to Monday night and into permanent in my in my mind Monday afternoon. That we needed at all but -- everybody everybody's. The -- inept when not in -- -- Little birdies like are they haven't yet. Everybody he would be up. Yeah yeah. What you're right I don't think they should accept more responsibility I didn't get the ball so well -- but -- if the worst of it was gonna go to unity. These guys are you think the government. In the mail. What to do it deliberately. That goal taught. You know pulled our city. It is thought that thing about it -- grammar. Well I don't know that politicians always. And think about ramifications before they do something. I'm sorry. Yeah they did. -- -- And -- you know I remember again I remember Monday afternoon here in Atlanta was gonna get several inches of snow and I'm -- while this is really a mutual life. My reference to Atlanta is finally going their deceased saints game sometimes in and visiting the city but I want to first grade in Atlanta. And I remember snow was a kid have a vague memory of snow and our house in Atlanta. And I know it's it's very unusual and if it was even gonna come close I just. -- I guess what I'm saying is -- if if if our mayor gave that excuse of our governor gave the excuse is that they're giving. I I would do I would be very very critical. Our hair on right it's due. You know the you know I think it should use global problems that call into. Yeah I showed you did you stay home for a couple of days. Yes you don't think they would dig at that traffic -- -- -- on -- -- lead back. -- -- -- Are still -- We -- but it could be. It is. All. Well and and that's why if you know it's it's that band and and again you know Atlanta is. He's one of those cities where and I guess every cities this way to some degree but Atlanta is one of those big metropolitan areas where people come in from the north. The south east and the west all coming into the city so you know it in a place like Atlanta. It's getting more that way in New Orleans but it is an event and almost as a matter which direction you're going in is gonna be bad traffic. -- and -- showed net thanks for listening here's a text could I follow weather closely. The weather service in Atlanta issued a winter storm warning for Atlanta the day before the storm the governor and the mayor failed. How could I have gotten the impression of Atlanta was gonna get several inches of snow on Monday. And they didn't get that impression there and also the governor dealers -- Georgia said something interesting. He said. The National Weather Service had most of the storm going to the south of the city. But he said the local. Meteorologist got it right. That he was gonna hit Atlanta. So wait a minute I'm the governor of a state. And the National Weather Service says one thing. But -- the local meteorologists are saying it's gonna hit Atlanta. If there's had doubts. And think about and think about how we treat stores. A store may not be directly. On. Headed toward our our area. But if it's gonna be close to some reports say it's gonna hit us the what do we do. We take precautions. If you enjoyed our show the comic tonight's -- numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. Point seven text numbers 87870. Wanna go on a date night with your spouse. Can't afford to baby sitter. Well there's a restaurant that is teaming up with. Childs. Child playground type service. And they've got an idea for. We'll talk about that we come back I'm scoots on -- WL Georgia's been on the mind of a lot of people it was one of the top stories in the news tonight I'm and I knew it would be me so what happened in Atlanta and disturbed. The failure of government. Not to do what we did in this area. As I said not only should we be proud of our elected officials that law enforcement here locally and statewide. But also we should be proud of ourselves today as a city and it's. A state. Because we use common sense and we took it seriously. And a lot of people didn't go out which is why if things weren't as bad as they could have been in and people did stay home yesterday. Lot of people stay home today. And the people in the North Shore still staying home tomorrow so you -- date night with your spouse olive garden restaurants and my -- that's a place where kids going in play. They're teaming up to offer parents an inexpensive date night. Parents can drop their kids off at -- my geo location. With the kids can play in their taken care of while the parents go to -- an olive garden and olive -- gonna pay for the baby -- Also olive garden is offering on a 33 course meal for two. Between five dollars. So it's really -- that's that's that's a good deal. And and I know it's it it's expensive and logistically it's not always easy to find somebody to say with your kid or with the kids and go out. But but I hope if you're. In a relationship by I hope that you do take time to a to go out and do stuff in and spend time Maloney you can't just spend all of the public is what you shall love your kids. It's it's good to get away and I do things that continue to spark the relationship that due to head before you had kids. A from New Orleans Darryl you're on the -- show on every WL. It's an arm. And makes it perfect. But my question. Well you and want that for that matter what should handle lived out. I wonder if the mayor and the governor Spain where. Are protected by it works -- let. It. Here at the gate to. That that they've -- some precautionary measures. In -- Powell would be it would be and all picked -- a certain way. Rules or you just let it. -- -- on an insult and attack. -- that is a really really great thing that I hadn't thought about and I'm surprised that under the national reporters as he -- the governor. Where the mayor of Atlanta that question what about your families and what about you personally. My my chipping it. In her area. Where. When you're. Tuition. In state. To make sure every in -- statement -- Taking care. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- There -- you're on bank and it just into guests in the. Certainly it ping. It either. -- If we're. Media lot sit in. A different. Take they. Take the worst thing -- -- I wouldn't you that's a really good point today if if 22. Two forecasters are different. You prepare for the worst and hope for the best. Well they hope they hope for the best and got the worst. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Next time -- keep it didn't matter. Gave the state and me and -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I agree with you I think it's a really good question to ask where were their families and did they take any precautions. And yet let the city go about its business out of -- to a rose -- on WWL. Cairo's thank you. Do that culture news -- wondering if you had any big insisted that number of accidents -- we it. On Monday night and Tuesday as opposed to last Friday and so many of the people followed the directions and instructions and stay up the road. Mayor Landrieu was on earlier any said that there were 24 accidents. Yesterday they were related to the ice. And two cars had to be pulled out of water. So that doesn't even compare to last Friday. And and and -- a lot of the a lot of the accidents were single car accidents which meant it. People were out there they they spun out they started to slide. But they didn't that nobody else was out of that everybody hit. But what tremendous improvement because people followed the -- use of the mayor and travel on. And -- anything else should we have something like that come up again hopefully the people wolf think back to this time. You know and rose. I think as individuals we need to take some responsibility ourselves and and if if we have a gut feeling maybe we shouldn't always depend on the government to tell us what to do we're not to tell us what to do but -- to make recommendations if if if if we think OK well. Cheated meteorologists are saying the storms coming our officials are telling us to stay home but maybe we should stay home anyway. You know sometimes we need to take it upon ourselves to to make a decision before the government makes a decision. And I've -- which we know it's not as common as it should be. -- -- records it was -- are you ready to get out and he didn't stay in over the last couple days. Well I I did not go out the door and it kit Kat NC it's like big it can't go out there are so it was a wonderful. In upstate. I'm going to receive two and a graduates into -- showed thanks for calling. If you wanna join us tonight are numbers 2601878. Toll free 8668890. Point seven it at a tax receipts over the -- seventy. I really do think what we should all think about what happened in Atlanta. And their may be times when. -- Elected officials are not proactive. Mean I hope it never happens but but maybe we should always use common sense ourselves -- OK well. Even if the government even if officials are not recommending that I stay home. Even if the school isn't closed. I don't think I should send my child to school. I don't think I should go to work. Now I know that a lot of people feel pressure. To go to work and and that's a good thing it's cold work ethic. They're lot of people who look for any reason to not go to work. But they're people who do. Actually wanna go to work that the -- gonna have sick days -- immunity there are times you don't go to work nobody. Well few people have 100% attendance. And work. So if it today that you. Think you should stay home maybe you should stay home I mean I do think that there there are lessons to learn from this. And I just I again I find it so interesting that -- what we do when it comes to hurricanes. And tropical storms. And its citizens. And our elected officials all did the same thing for this winter storm. And it worked. And this was a great example of how government and people can work together for a common goal. And I know that the government recommends something and and it people wanna rebel against that no matter what it is. But this was -- this was a good example of people using common sense and you know quite often on on this show at midnight on -- -- we talk about. The lack of common sense. Tomorrow on the Angel -- show an open mind and Angela. I'm at 3 o'clock she's gonna have the -- doctor Ron -- deal host of the -- to be real Garden Show. Horticulturist at LSU and senator he's gonna take your calls. Some -- your plans to -- trees may be salvaged eligible. Some. Maybe -- -- -- You can get all the information you need -- you know as I'm walking two news station earlier today. And I saw some pansies that looks like they're really not gonna not gonna come back but if you have questions about plants or trees. Around your house 3 o'clock tomorrow the plant doctors in Dan -- most of the DeVito real Garden Show. And a horticulturist with no issue and center. -- taking your calls tomorrow. A joint Angela in this this advice of course is on his free under the WL Angela an open mind with a legendary Angela hill tomorrow one to 400 VW -- From Kenner for Veronica welcome to discuss -- Thank you. -- Mean dealing that went chat what apple not to land that. And it shall politely sorry Jerry Nikko. While -- way out. Say what anyone is going to. The -- home. Aaron saying it they they enter it in our hair out. What some people in -- Days pay like being with these little comments. Well -- -- And they can say they they know. Me they should mean teaching background. I sent. Them. Age they -- apple being at the ten. I'm glad I'm not quite -- on what happened. Who would be actually. Right. At -- -- Move by. Changing. Politics. Out. Yeah. I think -- -- -- it I am not an easy. Some -- myself in Latin and there you shut out the lead. Asia out. -- Country. At least. That we we shut down because. We don't we don't have a reason to invest in the equipment that is used by cities that deal with -- all the time to. -- that taxpayers dollars on that equipment to fight snow in place we don't have at a. I am I am not current -- -- -- -- -- -- I'm and I'm agreeing with you. That elite they're not government to protect that. Ron Paul. And that is what they were supposed to don't let me I am very happy that they. -- Veronica I'm glad to -- did you stay in for a couple of days. But did you did you stay in for a couple of days. Stay. Right where you can you can head out tomorrow be careful. All right Veronica thanks listening to -- -- all -- night. -- and the forecast tomorrow is is gonna be. Up to fifty tomorrow so we're gonna have a a total melting everywhere. A big things if for the most part to throughout the area are gonna start to get back to normal but -- as we said did -- -- still some closures in saint Tammany parish for the West Bank Dustin you're on WWL. -- don't -- good. You know an Atlanta it was a tragedy and -- -- they did drop the ball little a little bit below. On you know good point a little while ago tropical storms are changed and cautioned that the people in the Wall Street. Because legal prudent storms all student at. We do listen to them and we go -- and and you know. -- -- not sure Atlantic it's so much about arcane and so much of those incidents that happened. That may be their commentary is not a good outcome and. Yeah you know I I couldn't help but think in and you know I'm not gonna do this I -- -- think that if if New Orleans one news. Where is Richard Sherman. The cornerback for the Seahawks. Who it just exploded in that rant after the after the game after the -- -- Cisco. No problem what if if if Richard Sherman was New Orleans. And and Atlanta was Michael Crabtree. You think is that -- Richard sermon Sherman right now amazing don't you dare say you're better than us. Exactly. Not at all I don't believe it. But also. Cardinal Justin Bieber earlier yeah about a two minute I'm known him to want to grow up -- -- on -- wanna grow up take a little -- and shot the ball. Charlotte bought for the Trout store. And that's what you know put it can't so where should grow. If you want to become an adult. You know I think you can look at I mean Justin Timberlake might not have been I child star but he was younger than he is now and he certainly has matured in the right way and and and shown and demonstrated that he's an adult now. Exactly exactly that you don't have to -- or how to chat -- which I had I think in all due because nobody -- seriously. I know people look at to what -- adult and you're bad guy you know there shell but follow on to face -- appreciate that you -- I dust and I appreciate you listening thanks for calling WWL a night. Here's a tax -- tomorrow can you talk about the heroic stories that came from acts of kindness. -- people who helped total strangers in the face of extreme misery. You know we will focus on some of those stories tomorrow -- there are some really great stories again these these times and you know we've seen it here with tropical storms and hurricanes and maybe there experiencing. Catastrophe in many ways in Atlanta. It brings out the worst and some people it brings out the best and some people. The TV ratings around for the cable news channels I'm sure you're not gonna be surprised at all at the results of we'll have that. When we come back with more -- this -- -- -- -- bureau Justin Bieber is all over the news again he turn himself into Toronto police today on this charges haven't about a month ago -- charge of assault charge with the a limousine driver. Nine he also pleaded not guilty I believe on paper to the Miami Beach charge. Driving under the influence and to driving with an invalid license. And also laden in drag racing. It. I don't know that this is the right way to mature I -- Justin Bieber fan I respect his talent. I said at the other night at some -- and now they when I think about who you grew up wearing thin and who -- men over the years and who you've seen it counts arguably the you even say Justin Bieber has talent. Like I'm not comparing Justin Bieber to Robert Plant or Jimmy Page. I'm not comparing him to the the songwriting genius The Beatles or even Kirk Cobain for that matter. But I do respect his talent it's not my show on rock but I respect his talent he's talented dancer and it. A talented performer certainly not to the greatest singer. But I I've perspectives his talent in any event Justin -- I if he's trying to just show that he's mature I don't think he's going about it the right way. Here's a Texan reach Louisiana being held up as a model. Of how to do something right. How refreshing. Indeed it is. This is I guess one thing we currently know about when he comes to storms and it doesn't matter if as a tropical storm or hurricane or winter storm. We know how to handle this this was something that really became apparent to us last night on the show the the instant coordination. Between city leaders. Parish leaders state officials. Law enforcement. All of that is is so well established from what we deal with with tropical storms and hurricanes. That with this storm it was just a different time of year but the same of communication skills in the same communication lines were opened up an adult. Essentially worked the same way but again I I I think the citizens of -- -- deserve a lot of credit. For using common sense and not getting on the street or at the end the January ratings are the first ratings for the brand new year or out for the cable news networks. And I'm sure this is not gonna surprise anybody Fox News continues to be by far number one. But Fox News I mean all of these cable news channels. They're not as big issue might think they are. The O'Reilly Factor is is number one once again overall sort of the cable shows. But the Reilly factor tracks at two point seven million people. And only 400 in 9000 viewers. In that really key demographic shift of 25 to 54 so under a half million people in the air their key demographic of 2554. On so you can imagine if that's number one it goes down from there. I'm Rachel meadow show however broke into the top like a fox has the the top four shows. One on cable cable news. It's the O'Reilly Factor first followed by the five. Which is an interesting job I've watched it quite often the Kelly file. Special report with -- there. And then it's a -- manna from MSNBC. But MSNBC did not do well they -- their ratings go down even further and CNN. I'd just taken over. By on a new leader who is who has been part of morning -- I believe on NBC from for many years and as CNN is totally revamping some things. As CNN had their the worst rating that note the third worst ratings. Since they went on the year. -- Anderson Cooper for example one is CNN's top performer in January. But the show came in 24 in total viewers and 27. In the key demographic of 25 to 54 and CNN had its third worst ratings in network history. Now I'm I'm sure they are trying to revamping and make things better but I'll tell you one thing that fox has going for. It's not just it's not just the political and social content. It's not just the the right leaning a Fox News. It's also the the attention to entertainment. It's entertaining. It's. This sets the people a Fox News knows that sex sells and Mississippi and we've we've talked about on the show before. They make sure. That you see the legs of the women anchors. I'm not criticizing her for that it's it's an observation we all know that sex sells and I'm not saying that these women on on Fox News are not Smart. But -- Go further. They go to a further extent. To make sure that they've got very attractive. People on the year. And that's one of the reasons that network is is very successful it's not just it's not just the content on MSNBC. Sometimes MSNBC is just it too ugly and hateful to conservatives. On MSNBC is just not his. It's it's not as polished. And and as Fox News CNN. I think CNN when they when they made this change I I think they've tried to be too much like Fox News. And simple why follow Fox News what you do your own thing. I don't see a network. Doing what we quite often do on the show which she is. Giving a voice. To the majority of this country. That is not represented by the far right or the far left. And it seems as if in in media. It's the far right in the far left. Big gets most of the attention when in reality. The majority of this country is not far right. Or far left. So. Why isn't that. Audience being represented. The most noise comes from the the vocal minority. And the silent majority. Doesn't. Doesn't feel compelled to make it's much noise as the extremists and I guess it's and I guess it's the nature of media in general. Two to focus on the extremes. The extreme members of any group get more attention than. The members that -- extreme in that group and so the impression is this country's far right and some of the impression the country's far left. Well it really isn't it is it is it is an either. Andy Jon Stewart two ways just a brutal. In attacking MSNBC because Andrea Mitchell. Was doing a report on. The NSA. And MSNBC broke in Andrea Mitchell broke into that report with an update. On the Justin Bieber arrest. In Miami Beach. And if you're MSNBC and you're trying to have this image that's not the right direction to go however. I think this does speak volumes about something. I talked about quite often it's something that a lot of people just don't wanna accept. But news. Now is entertainment. It's more about the entertainment value of the news then the contents of things that you need to get on a regular basis if you are join our -- right our numbers 260. 1878. Toll free 866889070. -- number. Is -- 77 he hears it every WL pretty jaguar opinion poll tonight is painting an American flag on the site of a garbage truck disrespecting the flag. It is your opinion. By going to WWL dot com we've also been talking about that tonight we'll have an update on that when we come back still closed the twin spans. The causeway in both directions. And I 55 between the applause and -- to -- so it's very difficult to get from the self to the north and vice Versa. Also the I ten is closed from 310. To the saint James line. But much has has opened up including the I ten through the greater new stereo which is agreed there's really almost unheard of for. That to -- close but he was closed last night I assure you see this on the news. On this cruise ship that returned with nearly 700. People were sick. In intestinal virus. On not a doctor but I I do know from. Life in general that that is one of the most easily communicated. On diseases. It must be so airborne that it's really easy to get sick of it if somebody has some kind of an intestinal. Virus you don't have to kiss him you have to drink after my -- just. Passive and and and get it. But this was a Royal Caribbean cruise and it to return to New Jersey with almost 700 passengers and crew members. Became ill at C. And you know. Do you blame the deal blamed the the ship do you blame the cruise line. If it's a disease that is. It is easily transmitted to other people in -- in close quarters like that. But I guess it's understandable that so many people would get sick. But I heard horror stories today I'm a village they don't want crews in my life that was the last summer news I've loved it. But I can't imagine being confined to my cabin. And it it was like husbands and wives and like aid to people at the same time both are sick in Italy's cabins and it's him. It's. Being sickened in both -- ways if you if you know what I mean ended they were just. Stuck in the stuck in the cabinet but I mean you really blame the cruise ship for that it's it is and lest they. Unless they infected passengers then isn't that just the chance you take. If you. Get into a situation where they're very close quarters a time we've been talking about a waste company called freedom waste in Missouri. And is being criticized because it has painted American flags on the side of its garbage trucks. And people at particularly at the FaceBook page saying that this was showing disrespect for the American flight and I found this interesting because. If it's a legitimate American business. And collecting waste and Waste Management is a legitimate American business and as I said earlier we are a country. That is consumed with consuming. We create a lot of waste in this country. So this is a quite a necessary process. And if the truck is being used in appropriate manner. That is it wrong to paint the American flag in the truck some of the criticism was apparently the American -- -- -- on that the part that crushes the garbage. As so it's it's gonna get dirty. But if the truck is functioning the way it's supposed to. And if it's not going out of its way to. To disrespect the American flag is -- brutally. Is it really disrespecting the flag to have this Pena on a truck that is. Is performing a legitimate American. A business and I here's our WW a party jaguar opinion poll and final update tonight. Is -- an American flag on the side of the garbage truck disrespectful. Yeah we don't paper yeah okay it's a garbage but think about it. Collecting garbage is if it's -- a disrespectful. Profession it's a necessary profession. But our our final results here 92% saying no it's not disrespectful only 8%. Said yes it is disrespectful. Here's a text still was the flight -- correctly let me explain. As if a -- five -- years ago someone or some group in government decided. That the flag patch on military uniforms should be verify its meaning stars on the right side. I'm 52 and have always saluted our fly with the stars. On the left side. This is now on police department uniforms fire department truck drivers you get the point. I asked through email this question to the government and was told by a sub chapter that this represents the flag. As it looked when the cavalry rode -- Really it's backwards our flag is our flag stand up -- or stand on it that's what our American flag was built on. Just displayed correctly enjoy your show that's for Mike Mike thanks for that. I I respect the flag. But I do think sometimes people become a little overly sensitive. When it comes to the flag not being just the traditional fly him. There are people who words critical of recently we talked about -- tattered American flags. And I'm thinking about all the flags they were an attack tattered and and and I guess. Some would say it was it would be disrespecting the flag but flags that were made to look torrent and shredded. Because they were part of the movie sent doing a movie about. The first to the Second World War or anywhere for that matter. Also we -- torture briefly tonight about to the president's State of the Union Address and the official Republican response but there was more than an official Republican sponsor response there were several Republican responses which once again accentuates. The disunity within the Republican Party. Something the party is going to have to deal with one -- Jack Harris our studio producer -- Vanessa -- -- studio producer earlier in the evening. It's called bundle up. We're back tomorrow night I've scoots. What -- New Orleans.