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Jan 30, 2014|

Dave talks about what's open and closed, how to keep your pipes from freezing, and killing two birds?

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

9 minutes after 5 AM it's the early edition of WWL for listeners on this the thirtieth of January. 2014. Almost a goner if it is the day before Friday asked the last Friday EU of two. January. That's amendment or to areas that like a lot yeah after a lot of folks at the two day workweek. -- -- -- that they were off Tuesday Wednesday they come back at work Thursday Friday for others it's going to be a one day work week. Because folks if you have to cross the lake right now me good luck highway eleven is open and US 51 is opens that you can't get. From the north Georgia to the South Shore but those are only two routes. And I have -- that pretty soon here they're going to be per team game. I thinks with folks who aren't just ready to go out there ready to get them where they got ago. And then they're tired of city Ingraham that having been said. If you can wait. Just a few more out yes if you can wait states 0910 o'clock and I think you're going to be good you'll probably see everything opening up at that point you gotta get between New Orleans and banners. You cannot do it on the night ten at the -- the I ten if you're leaving new Portland the three tan and take airline US 61. From New Orleans well at that point Libyans and Charles. Over on in some matters if you wanna get from Baton Rouge. To Lafayette. You'll have to date US 19. So there you go there are options -- and you know isn't missing yesterday that DOT he was actually. Kind of pat itself on the back. -- during a news conference at new Orleans City Hall saying hey we kept our absolute top priorities open. And that was it does indeed it was dead stated that after and what they meant. Was. At all times. They were able to keep routes across the lake. And across the river. And they were able to keep a route in and out of New Orleans at least something yes so airline close races airline was open at all times -- -- -- -- -- was close US eleven was open all times. Even though 55 causeway and I ten across the lake were close to -- and they -- keep the river crossings open. Crescent City connection Crescent City connection you repeat your along their -- and -- three to Africa so their point was. While obviously today had hundreds of miles of I ten closed I ten was closed. -- and yeah Lafayette and it wore them and it's 170 miles it's a big stretch by ten. And even though I'm 55 was close even though significant questions by twelve or close. A word. Saying that in the event of an emergency and for critical supplies and things like that they kept at least one route open everywhere at all times. So that's a pat on the back I guess well you know they were facing a massive challenge I find it really interesting Don -- discussion. Withdrawal to do for show causeway. In Lou we were talking to folks in Minneapolis yesterday called on it was wrong yeah. Why can't keep them regional exactly and that we called Carlton that you have they would get this question people want to know why can't keep the bridge. And the answer was we -- and if we spend all kinds of crazy money. Have all kinds of the Clijsters in anyway take a lot of soft it would take salt spreading trot it would take. Special chemicals because. When you get up on the drawbridge on the causeway you can't just -- salt because it's rated bridge -- all work out so this is for something -- might happen what every 25. Years as Carlton for sure and steady puts his money in hurricane and that type violently and illness and -- -- thing has been a lot of money built in the break up over the levees that they -- -- to sandbag anymore. You know the question is is it worth the expands. To keep the -- thing from happening once the generation. -- -- people who lived here for me ever. And I errors -- -- remember not ever happening before awfully rare and of course you know that global warming and its its ruling gives birth to problem here as. Well this -- climate change and then maybe it's flat by the way I got to ask -- your commute it was kind of rough. Yesterday yet today no problem and on the Titanic clear view smooth cut off at the superdome. There are doing what -- to rise in -- there's a little bit eyes on the shoulders you know but now -- on the roadways in -- all the salt was pretty much gone on the roadways that had been there last night went home. So. Funny guided the melanoma got home last night. And. My sense -- actually click -- -- -- you know -- the the freezer. And he's got a collection of icicle there you go anywhere from three or four inches to about a foot and a half long. That he's put in the freezer to preserve. I'm not sure along we're gonna keep these critical thing is there. But he was a very proud of -- icicles collection. Kept them busy yesterday got out of mom's -- went outside and collect icicles. I guess to a New Orleans kids. Icicles are pretty exciting thing you don't see a very office. They go I we're gonna recaps some of the roads that are open and close to -- come back here on WWL. AM FM and dot com few people expecting us question -- I tend still closed just got that I tennis open from a high streets and all the way to US eleventh all of Orleans and Jefferson -- is -- open. He can't cross the lake. On the night and it either read you can't cross on the twins fans and you can't cross it on the -- Carrey spill way so if you're heading east. And you wanna get across -- lake not take US eleventh highway eleven bridge if you're heading west. You have to get off and take 310 to airline. And take airline toward -- -- -- that's the quickie on nights and -- a smarter questions that your forecast. Finally much warmer weather coming up and sports the super balls it's a few days away nineteen minutes after 5 AM the early edition of WWL first news politics and it's and it's a is the low road along I 55 from Hammond Dele plaza opened yes that low road as you -- -- US 51. You get across the lake that way and you can get across the lake. On the highway eleven -- with Symantec and 878 that he says there's a steady line of cars. Getting onto the highway eleven. We are going about 35 miles per hour so that's just the beginning folks and it's gonna -- gang wars again if you can wait and still. Maybe 9:10 o'clock this morning. Improbably much better at it right now. I 35 is closed because -- closed and the twins fans are closed. Those -- the three major closures now also. The -- -- spillway -- from the -- -- between the Claussen -- in gotta get up at 310 if you're heading towards applause. And again -- get -- the US 51 if you're headed towards Kenner from applause. So those -- the -- the major closures most other things are open schools North Shore pretty much all the schools are closed South -- most of the schools are open Jefferson Parish is starting two hours late. So there is that a full list is -- WWL dot com what's the forecast. It's cold this morning with teens and twenty's but fifty sounds a little bit better and that's our high for later this afternoon with plenty of sunshine today. Mainly clear skies tonight lows won't be quite as cold 37 north of the lake in 42 on the South Shore. Bid for your Friday look for clouds to increase hyped up to 65. And for Saturday at 820%. -- chance force of showers with highs of 72. From the I would just use forecast center I'm meteorologist Laura backed out. -- we have clear skies 27 degrees at the airport in tanner that north that we went just five miles an -- -- this morning so that's good. With a windchill of 22 in -- partly cloudy and seventeen check this out with a north when it five. It feels like ten degrees right now. In Slidell line gave -- the early edition of WWL prisoners by the way if you look at for an alternate to highway eleven. If you're in the eastern portions. We are told I got a text message here at 87870. That it is free and clear on highway ninety released bridge and shot past our -- -- man the Super Bowl. Three days away Steve -- can you believe that it's almost here and it's actually warmer in the majors yet. Warmer in New Jersey than it is a new war but not for a long. Affordable be in the seventies on Sunday he'll be in this one so crazy how is that possible. And that's what you get for living and it subtropical climate not a frontal boundary. When we get the cold from the north and I hot from the gulf and when they meet we have problems that would happen this week at eleven got iced over -- that no problems in sports. Except for the -- they want a few before they lost another good morning. Good morning everyone happy Thursday while the Broncos and Seahawks at the practice field for the first time in New Jersey as the two teams get ready for Super Bowl 48. Drew Brees was out and about in New York City making appearances. Late show host David Letterman wouldn't let the saints quarterback won't be easy as Brees was pressed to pick which team he thought would win the big game. You're forcing me to make a prediction which it looks like you're doing I would say this knowing the role of the Peyton Manning's trial if this is the last game of his career -- obviously it's coming to an end soon because he's 3738 then -- be an unbelievable way -- well. Now Manning has said though that no matter the outcome Sunday he does plan on playing next season. Two former saints defensive coordinators have new jobs Gregg Williams been hired at the new defensive coordinator for the St. Louis Rams Williams was suspended indefinitely by commissioner Roger Goodell felt following the -- bounty gate scandal of 2012. But was reinstated last February and took an assisting -- -- coaching job with the titans. The ravens have promoted Steve Spagnuolo to be their secondary coach and assistant head coach it's bags was Baltimore's senior defensive assistant last season. Over in the NBA the pelicans three game win streak came to a halt. As the Minnesota Timberwolves beat New Orleans 88 to 77. -- star forward Anthony Davis was ruled out before the game tipped off. Due to a dislocated left index finger point guard Brian Roberts says they weren't able to overcome not having eight the on the court. It's tough to. To lose a guy like that in terms of it and -- to -- -- some of those tough on us when and we tried to to give -- -- religious. Wasn't there. It's not yet -- Davis will be back for the pelicans next game which is at home Saturday night against Chicago. And Oklahoma City won a statement game in the NBA last night the thunder blew away the two time defending NBA champion Miami Heat on their home court. 1121095. That's the ninth straight victory for OKC who have the best record in the west. At 37 in ten. Therefore on sports talk which team are you picking to win Super Bowl 48 the Broncos or Seahawks and why plus who do you think will walk away with the game's MVP trophy. I'm Steve Geller and that's your early morning it's. Awards when he formats after 5 AM the early edition of WWL -- -- Dave on the guy with the on your radio so it sounds like Drew Brees is in the Manning. Is if you -- force him to make a pick. He thinks it may be Peyton Manning's year -- for the most part. Every one who has. Pretty invested in to the NFL and following his career are cheering for Peyton Manning to win his second Super Bowl with -- From what I did exactly that and as you are from Seattle. I'm not gonna force you to make debate yet and you've been going back and forth you're still studying. Analyzing looking at the data. If you pick tomorrow but -- you leaning one way -- the other. After looking at my data yes after after all that I have. Made my -- and I'm sticking with it oh you already know it yes I do know my selection panel will still wait till tomorrow morning Houston of course is dispensed. Thank you Steve -- point -- sports talk a little more about the delicate. Did you backing here at that went three and around -- what happened last night. I feel about that coming up we'll get your forecast right after this recap recap what's open and closed. Bottom line if you're on the north York adjustment once they put a few more. I wanted to send good morning I'm Dave don't see early edition of WWL first news basically here's the thumbnail of at all. If you have to get from the North Shore to the south short years ago after use US. 51 which is the low road is a lot of people call along the I 55 from content to a -- applause. We just got some reports that traffic is building quickly there but it's still moving pretty well. Or you're gonna have to use highway eleven wearing a long line trying to get on to the highway eleven bridge in Slidell where you can go on over to ninetieth release in the -- past. That is all open but -- if you don't have to go from the north short of the South Shore. I would quit a few hours -- hopefully by 10 o'clock they can get the 55 because way and the I ten across the lake. All open and other than that the only other major closure right now in the immediate metro area is the I ten. Between applause and the I 310 closed in both directions of their ego that's kind of thumbnail North Shore schools mostly closed South Shore schools mostly open Jefferson's starting two hours late you're -- forecast. On your Thursday its coldest morning teens and twenty's but -- this afternoon up to fifty and plenty of sunshine. Which should help to make it feel a little bit warmer than tonight lows dipping into the thirties and forties so not quite as cold for early tomorrow morning. Both sides Italy should be about freezing in for your Friday 65. We DC a few more clouds. On Saturday. For a high it's 72. At 20% chance first hour. From the eyewitness -- forecast center and meteorologist Laura backed out. Clear skies 27 degrees now in -- feels like 22 with the -- film and -- North Shore. As yet another good reason to stay home until at least 9:10 o'clock right now it feels like ten degrees on the North Shore. Which actually seventeen and partly cloudy slight and mark thanks for com what's your question. It'd be an open problems slide -- what you are all. The highway eleven bridge all the way into the city. Take highway eleven that I can always. 37 minutes after 5 AM it's the early edition of WWL for listeners it's January the thirtieth it's 2014 it's that day before Friday and look at that. I don't think anyone knows what day it is no more because of the cores schedules they've been keeping -- -- right it is. Thursday which we call. The day before Friday or Friday eve here in the early edition -- W offers -- -- -- work today. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- But good luck getting. If especially if you're on the north while -- severe expert -- -- think you're okay relief here in saint Charles got Jefferson and Orleans. -- Saint Bernard no problems where everyone ago everything's open. But if you wanna get from the -- short of the South Shore. Eyes if you wait -- 10 AM. -- would be denied that -- restaurant that's the time frame that we're hearing you know on offer both the causeway in twin -- has made an -- out of ten MB looking pretty -- -- 35 also very important -- for North Shore commuters. So but right now I 35 -- closed -- -- -- twins fans the I ten is closed off three. Across lake pond to train in both directions US if you want is open we hear the traffic is building there. Highway eleven is open but there was a long line of traffic half an hour ago and now we're getting text messages that there's a breakdown. Wonderful on the highway eleven bridge which is just one -- each direction perhaps it is a breakdown heading from -- through New Orleans the traffic is it dead stop. I -- -- -- -- out of there robbery well with the got to do is going to go home and stay there till 10 o'clock this morning but that's -- -- go several people -- relaxing how's that if you go around the US and ninety's. Through the -- is the -- that that's not bad acts completely open and moving well right now but. Folks it's 5:39 AM. And we're already seeing big traffic building on all of these north to south -- to think it's going to be like at seven -- if all of these people are trying to ago. Really. You really wanna go. You really got to go. -- well and good luck. And I understand that some people may have to go. But can can wait till 10 o'clock this morning. You'll be encouraged it because it should be warm enough I should be gone and everything should be opening. Boris now if you got to tell between New Orleans and Baton Rouge. -- used US 61 airline because. It's close ally its national showdown that close between 310 and 51 witches from halfway across the bridge when you leave -- To the loss that's closed now and again closed again over and Gramercy. -- -- green -- 61 crosses and over is he closer to banners so. As you know a few months -- which again if you just wait though. The last 10 o'clock this morning it's going to be a whole league should be much better. But again you know -- on your -- -- -- But if you're in Jefferson in the world ones linger around anywhere. What regard and that -- strike and it. You wanna you know he ties -- to our kids don't have school again the damn. Right yeah and there's you know in the works and a lot of times the bosses. Out of Karadzic her bottom and here it is interesting stuff that takes two hours to get here that's not my problem -- need to be here it's partly probably. I get that and some people and I got a lot of text messages from a lot of people may only get paid if their network. They don't get paid if their man and now they've been off two days out. And that you have a third day that more than half your workweek means you're checks going to be less than half its normal amount. When -- -- -- handle that and thoughts of getting. And we'll keep you posted here thank you Dave talked about when he -- your first news here on WW. God well it's not feel and not yet but that's wishful thinking and hopefully we will be at least feeling a little warmer soon as we figure a barn and mean to miss meteorologist Laura but down. That. To -- and later this afternoon it will feel that -- take a look at these teens and twenties -- man it feels like what like agreed on the north -- -- wind chills in the teens -- actual cancer and it teens right now -- sixteen. Play -- seventeen. And eighteen cent. Very very cold -- up at southwestern Mississippi low teens yeah I and it's one of those Mary very cold morning that shocked at that and as you're saying every right at home where a lot of people at home. Off school may be off work NC and kind of inside in your -- house. And started out like -- I get back to work back to school. Recall. The added it's very cold but the good news is. That after we get done with this morning we start warming up hurry. We do most roads will probably open later today it's we're gonna see highs this afternoon at fifty and if yard trip senior water this morning or. You know do whatever precautions for this freezing pipes that 9 o'clock -- around the time that insane eaten yet stop trip and that water but -- you wanna say. Yet there are a lot of people that go to work earlier than 9 o'clock. Go ahead and turn off before he got to work not to leave it running all day you know kind of things that at -- on the south yeah right right yeah oh yeah and north of the -- you know a lot of people have their pipes you know. Intended elated yet they don't necessarily after their pipes that -- before. You get some phone calls -- it's -- called I would say 9 o'clock it's yet the safe time to get to do an hour to ahead of that still. While we give give people -- -- -- yeah forecast on how I take care of that very good to help. Good idea have sent that in a moment right now though I wanna know how warm fluid at this now. Yeah -- at fifty today with mostly sunny skies and yet that's an improvement from 35 loads are high yesterday and then another fifteen degrees warmer tomorrow 65. Top. 65 for Friday -- no rain. No no rain until we get there's a chance of shower on Saturday. And a better chance on Sunday and note the rock and -- half and full marathon on Sunday and that there will be some showers kind of moving into the insanity but that's seventy low seventies actually for highs Saturday in front what the cancer -- Super Bowl Sunday here for here at 50%. -- some showers. You're Super Bowl parties may not be out on the patio human riot -- Patti and me -- -- day yeah but yeah I won't necessarily be outside outside. I'd hear you again that if you're worried about your -- street yeah. You just run the dishwasher. -- -- anything can now after pulled a lot you know that if you're worried about you know leaving to start the dishwasher before you -- He don't have dishwasher act of washing machine to load of clothes. Soon as long as it's water movement through your pipes your good. You know we say also like you know keep that cabinet doors open you know per underneath you're -- that kind of thing to you and if -- made it through this part of the morning you know -- -- gonna be you're going to be fine especially here in the South Shore but did that a -- Russian help to parts -- -- done yet. It clean -- and now -- clean clothes yes and I don't want -- my husband about that -- this is this could be tee while the -- in the house at 2 o'clock in the morning out not to any -- that it's on him well they don't have the bank in the technical enough to lighten. Oh right to worry about difficult as part of the day is just around sunrise at them right now -- called a hobby. -- do the issues. And -- not one may thank you did this lost those close -- -- -- and to keep the pipes from freezing at night not. And if you wanna pull the vacuum out to I've heard at that help the pipes. That vacuum. And it creates some warmer here and how yeah. Yes so the fact is how do dusting is that is that probably they're there's are gathered dusty I haven't -- -- -- yep there's not the wind that we X in the windows that's because -- let them sunlight into the house that warm. How it it definitely making the bad that now. Yes wouldn't make you have to make that every day come on people. But it like that that I can you come home in the -- -- -- I cannot leave the house that without that made thankfully is on board beyond that and that that has been made the responsible thing Cadillac and -- and make it had to keep them on the athlete that can't do other stuff well let's try that that has been. That Ari and he's got about that he gets me look at -- he's on board with me on that we both want to bet -- it's. You know apt. And able to be clean the toilet and that helped keep the pipes and treatment -- -- depth look at that thing in ice forming in the toilet and you're switching it around it keeping it from. Read you know -- multiple benefits ethnic identity we did all I got it thank you are -- about that line. Indirect Eyewitness News -- cancer. Seriously vacuuming dusting doing the windows in the toilets. Might -- -- some brownie points and -- and -- your pipes but if you run the dishwasher or the washing machine it does keep water moving through your pipes in the and you don't have to rip the water you don't have to worry about it. And you're actually not wasting the water and getting higher water bill for nothing see you're using it like you would anyway. Go to -- two hours -- Hi good news to just got a text message today 78 Saturday that the breakdown or bump. It's small crash on the night on the US eleven bridge. Is clear and traffic is moving again on highway eleven but there's a lot of traffic on highway eleven again. US eleven or US ninety's are your only options to cross the lake in the eastern half. And US 51 year old -- option in the western half my 55 is closed because with close the -- and went spans. Are closed everything in the immediate New Orleans metro area though is open to your already on the south showing got to move around at saint Charles Jefferson Orleans -- no problem. The I ten -- over the body carries spillway is still closed. Went to get past the 310 between the 310 in the -- so there's going to be a thumbnail of what's going on and I'll reiterate this one more time. And -- you really got to go somewhere today. Were you. And your on the North Shore I would wait till 10 o'clock if you can't. To say if he can't I get it get out there again in the traffic and let us know what it's like out there about it. If we can to stay put and so what's next in Munich and -- Laura and I used the phrase kill two birds with one stone when we're talking about. If you run your dishwasher your washing machine you moving water through your pipes and you're getting you're dishes clothes clean and you don't. -- the faucet as -- why do we need to kill birds. That actually killing birds we can say feed two birds in one hand. OK if I use the phrase kill two birds with one stone and I actually wanting you to kill a bird it's just an old saying. No birds were killed in the making of the radio program. I like this when there's him. -- and Seahawks fans that appreciate it well well. Think definitely guilty of those protests and it. No actual birds were killed in the making this program actually make that there. Apparently present text and I think we're really killing barge and we say kill two birds -- one eight posted sensitive available so watch out. Being able to do that throw a stone and it's important that -- down. You really yet to read that sports on WW. Well the Seahawks and Broncos fell back into their normal routines and it got back on the practice field ahead of Super Bowl 48. Speaking of Brees quarterback was on the today's the late night show -- David Letterman I was asked if he plans on sticking around New York to attend the Sunday's big game. I will never go through less employing it right I certainly watch it I watch. Just about every game I can just because I'm a fan of the game love watching and she certainly fairly guys playing and it. -- Saint Louis has fired defensive coordinator Tim Walton and former saints coordinator Gregg Williams is expected to be hired as his replacement. Williams was set to have the job to rams before his indefinite suspension from commissioner Roger Goodell was handed down from bounty gate instead. He would -- up as a consultant with the titans this past season. Another former -- defensive coordinator has a new -- the ravens have hired Steve Spagnuolo to be their secondary coach and assistant head coach. It's bags was Baltimore's senior defensive assistant in 2013. But pelicans were without yet a another key player and lost 88 to 77 in Minnesota. Anthony Davis was ruled out for the game started due to a dislocated left index finger. The team did not respond well without having HD in the lineup. New Orleans just shot 35%. From the floor and point guard Brian Roberts says it just wasn't their night. Some job -- assessment Foreman for us and that kind of you know this was a little bit next to me and we tried to fight back in the second half because attuned to forward there but I just couldn't get over the. And the Oklahoma city's thunder won a statement game in Miami last night heat raced out to an early 22 to four lead. But the thunder storm back to easily defeated two time NBA champions. 112 to 95 as Kevin Durant scored 33. -- twelfth straight games scoring at least thirty points. -- on sports talk which team are you picking to win Super Bowl 48 to Broncos or Seahawks and why. Plus who do you think will walk away with the game's MVP trophy I'm Steve Geller -- that your early morning look at sports night so the pelicans. Lost nine out of ten and they won three in -- Now they lost one. What's going out. While they were kind of getting it together having lost a bunch of players like. Ryan Anderson. Jason Smith and drew holiday ambled in now with extend eating you know extend the time with injuries. And they were having some problems adjusting. And it just it. They did get things together and then last night was announced before the game that Anthony Davis was missing. The action because he had dislocated his finger the night before I leave it pockets of Davis and let us -- he now now now I guess that's part are its other got to get it together. And we'll see how things work again hopefully we'll find out today later today the NBA all star reserves will be announced and hopefully HDs on that roster. To get his anger relocated then gets pretty -- in fifteen minutes -- -- -- John WWL. My 58 died here is the bottom line if you're in Jefferson Parish Orleans parish saint Charles Black -- to Saint Bernard get up go do whatever he got to do everything is open all the roads all the bridges all the overpasses. If you wanna get on the north sort of the South -- it's going to be tough. Twins fans -- way I 55 plus. US 51 worked all the moving well right now highway eleven -- one person this technique Sox backed up not even move it. 92 the release of the -- pass. That's clear right now but we'll try get back up -- if you can wait until 10 o'clock this morning -- no doubt be a good idea if you're on the North Shore and wanna come to the South Shore. And that's kind of the nutshell schools are closed on -- North Shore schools are open on the south are starting two hours -- Jefferson feels like ten degrees in Slidell right now. They get to fifty today feels like 22 and a -- -- sixties tomorrow seven -- for the weekend.

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