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1-30 6:40am Tommy, update on roads & bridges

Jan 30, 2014|

Tommy talks to Trooper Melissa Matey, PIO for State Police Troop B, about how the roads are looking

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

I thank you David Blake in a moment we'll talk to Melissa and maybe public information officer for state police troop -- it. Personally talked to Dave -- it went and bought stocks trooper -- be about as we now have reports has been head on collision in the middle of the highway eleven bridge. So that would reduce if that is indeed the case and we're hearing some reports of it. That that would mean no north or southbound movement. On the highway eleven bridge one of the very few options still open US ninety's the release and chest pass is moving well right now on US 51 is moving well. From Hammond to law which sadly is one of the scenarios Dave and I discussed in the newsroom earlier that if that happened it would be trouble Melissa made he joins us right now morning trooper right -- Good -- me tell me about how Leland and aren't there. But actually I don't have any information on highway eleven -- at first -- -- that you are. I'm an act call -- sure Ballard Illinois the department depending on what I'd appreciate it happened on I am unaware packed action. -- duke got a couple of minutes we take a break and give -- some time to check on it and and welcome back to you trooper Melissa made public information officer from. -- -- If there is a head on crash on highway eleven and let's hope it's not a fatality for numerous reasons that that could take them out -- play Tommy Tucker back in a flash with the under the WC. -- Tommy Tucker debit WL trying to get to across the -- and to work if those are your plans today and throughout the other areas that are experiencing. Eyes on a highway now we have had a report. Obama head on crash on highway eleven Melissa media public information officer for troop B of the state police joins us right now. And molested have you gotten any information on them at all. Actually -- to actually battle does have a unit you can -- -- that area right now. Eight it received a report of a breakdown earlier senators want to get it up cigarette break character to crash site. Well picking up people at the -- apparently -- -- area and I knew that the traffic is it getting a little back. Now say eat in ninety. I'm at it. If need be you can Alec did you should he want particularly in -- pocket he. Now in terms of -- aids day the first off 51 that's when it's directly in front amid indoors right. Gadget. Now in terms of did -- this highway eleven bridge we had gotten a report earlier that no eastbound traffic was being allowed over the bridge. Is there any truth to that. Again coming that's not information on how I just that but the truth a little bit again and have a unit in Iraq they're actually getting unit there hacking really confirm anything about what school. I'd had -- those were the plans from the beginning to allow access for emergency vehicles but people do have to get. East as well as west so I guess maybe you would have to have an open tell me about the other closures if you will. He pocketbook what exactly caused the problem for people trying to get in -- into the city. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- If you coming treaty -- -- fly failure to -- aggregate act. Backpack and I'm an -- I can't from. I streak and all the -- they gain or actual line and all that Clinton's. So come and over the highway eleven bridge you can't get on the interstate from their correct. Our export and told her it is high rises still closed that resuming. What. You can you can get around to that Shia area. From five and are believed in the city is open originally passed an area that you would be able to get. And high rises open then. Or got you okay anything cows and I don't mean jobless up and is there anything else you needed trooper -- ago. You know people can hold off going to work this morning it actually comes from the North -- to the actual work. Yeah if you could be that that would be great if caught tweak it hopefully in open you know candidates start warming up at Malcolm Mac IE and Internet safe for people to travel. We'll look at Africa have been. I'm thinking that I could be five. And all I -- about it here they'll say look I'm again if people can hold off -- agent. And and it it we can get the -- off the Bradley will be reopening everything and are trying to keep everybody acted normal. Our meteorologist giving yell any kind of timeframe and home 8910. You know and it. Get it any time and again we really great entry on either current -- I hit -- -- to read on a particular bridge. And whether or its -- people to travel and what I -- if they put regular traffic on and that will will protect public. It's amazing with all of the cell phones and technology and and satellites sometimes are still the mercy of mother nature and and when it warms up and enough of melted the roads will be open. Pretty much it thank you trooper appreciate our time.

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