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1-30 7:15am Tommy, update on the Causeway

Jan 30, 2014|

Tommy talks to Carlton Dufrechou, the General Manager of the Lake Pontchartrain Causeway, about the latest conditions on the Causeway

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Tommy Tucker -- WL trying to get you waiting on this morning with the help of everybody that's colony and given this traffic updates. Sunny and chilly today highs around fifty right now it's 30 AM when it comes of water in the temperature at which it freezes and thaws. As to be everything the hour by hour clear not his gold denying aid north of the -- 37. Frost south of Italy 42 but. No freezing conditions thankfully cloudy and mild Friday highs around sixty times and then Saturday got a chuckle at this highs around -- -- -- can't get anywhere at it that way at least it's hard to get across the late today. -- getting in from the west but Saturday highs of 72 Carlton do for -- joins us right now the general manager easily punched in general manager of the Lake Pontchartrain causeway who. Last slept I think it was Monday night. If I mean it might look like -- -- more about. You gotta pressure one more one more more but he sounded that it's certainly decrease duplicate ballot. Absolutely -- tell me about the current conditions on the causeway and I presume you guys have check with the meteorologist about the hour by hour. We're 28 point seven all the bridge right now we are on the east fifteen. The best news is that more record yesterday we got some sunshine coming up -- that. That should help well with the temperatures from rising rapidly we thank. The the downside is still. Residual from this storm. On all the north and out and -- and from basically the board -- -- the worst that it. It's still out bridge on me go first or five miles you get on the bridge and -- -- virtually. On it -- but it shouldn't try to get people all. He's that was left on -- did recruit like that last mile. It is important -- -- bridges. What is the further north you get the speaker of the -- it's actually an issue right on the the whole bridge useful in north and so on bridges and north and the police telling me look at about quarter and your body and think it's surprised so much -- street. He expected the arts and draw bridges that we did not expect that she died on decks of the bridge and had -- -- -- And mental the battle it. Albany law and it will be again this morning but the good news on and remember -- Yes you know it makes is so difficult for you guys that. The game might have 22 miles that's not frozen but as we get to you can't open a bridge. Yeah that's exactly right the yesterday and innocent -- has -- reduced. That divide these bridges into and take these and so. All connect to prevent you -- at least crossing yeah yeah it's retiring panicked I cannot thank you and all year. He associates with that we do you know enough forget the word out for all of our commuters and motorists and it also want to thank that the people drive upgrades they've been enough. Extremely helpful for us should we did try to get as many at all yesterday we -- we're gonna try to get everybody back to normal. -- -- by mid morning got today and -- -- they're. Really go -- you should which did you tropical and get on the bridge. It up Lara ready jaguar opinion poll is asking do you think public officials could have done more lessen the impact of the winter storm 84% which. It pretty good approval rating are saying no you couldn't down anything more but I get a text that says why is -- highway eleven bridge the only when it's opened just cross a bridge looks like DOT -- DO TD salt of the bridge. Why didn't they sell the causeway or the twin span and and I heard you talking Madonna -- about that yesterday and and -- on a different audience people listening at a different time I would like for you to address that if you could. The monster resources we've always been you're the only night that. That the cause we're experts in the in the past even magnitude on the our rights should draw or Tuesday. Obviously -- -- get more Trojan where and they that -- you get that they treat quicker. Such forward we went to the option of would be icing fluid. There and that has always worked in the past and make it work contracted. This race this it at all. We should not expect is that magnitude of ice age on not the direction action -- adjusted its broad daylight all -- this. But yesterday when rebel development we've basically that -- I'm more than two thirds. Itself navigation channel highrise lose looks like the Pro -- -- -- the -- well going to be. But until about the middle of the day intricate and collected on line right. Dated guys kind of march now. We want able to get Jude law -- the center of the -- at all the old photographs I believe we should you guys -- that. -- you navigation -- from the remote cameras record it though. Operational and chocolate it's probably that the cold temperatures early on. But -- at the bottom line is that if resources world. You give all of bulb itself and the world different resource left in -- -- -- But you were this kind of event Tuesday. A -- he -- -- -- still -- with the causeway from what I'm told. You can you can find pretty and this magnitude on the bridge. Should it sounds like via remote site in that and costly they have experience -- -- shift the eight years the justice now. I was 34 and 89 regularly populate -- and remember I don't know that sort of Detroit -- here again you know that there was no need for that. Let -- I did get a text to another one pops substances what have finals Salton Sea in the DO TD had been -- -- they were. Pretty much -- right. RR I cannot speak for DO TP bit from what when that sand -- -- and alt -- and -- elders in his did you have gotten them from DO TD. All that we did not try to do and the reason we didn't try to do it it is we need we're focusing on the material we get. Got to any other good point is. You know people ask him more like union barred it from other municipalities and I would think if you look at the way weather patterns run they're pretty much use and of themselves. Well I can pay this much from the conference call I was -- The resources network round will be up there are rapidly by the entities that get. Carl and I appreciate your time and I think he'll denigrate yeah. -- body to get people back and you know and listens as open you'll let us know will password well thank back -- Europe retreat -- -- -- party to.