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WWL>Topics>>1-30 8:15am Tommy, Nagin trial update

1-30 8:15am Tommy, Nagin trial update

Jan 30, 2014|

Tommy talks to WWL-TV reporter David Hammer about the latest with the Ray Nagin trial

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

The -- trial is gonna resume today when you get home tonight after the traffic has passed a lot of this is going to be get your attention to morning David thanks for taking the time. The morning bank -- -- economic. I'd tell me a vote is for people let you know have been following this they know. About it but they don't really know the deet tails. Former mayor Ray Nagin is going on trial for. First 21 counts of bribery conspiracy. Conspiracy to -- commit money laundering and wire fraud. We've talked before extensively about the federal government the resources it has when it comes to. Prosecuting somebody and I mention that because Ray Nagin had up until the last hours and understand it. Plea deal options inning. Yeah I mean I think a lot of especially people who have been covering that's for years like myself and Gordon Russell and these are probably you know we. Rob let's send it seemed like a plea deal was a natural move especially the power without government at all of that. Are all the articles that what about the Picayune and stories that we've seen on television all the way back to when he was still in the mayor's office -- But you feel pretty confident that he can I'll try to knock down -- and also -- our government's case that he can. Can't stay out on the jury -- that's what it appears at this point because. Is that windows is definitely closing as we go on here first undertake any kind of deal. -- does a fine line as you well know between cocky. And confident and I think Ray Nagin often step back and forth across that line and -- do you think you know -- and your reporter and you have to be objective but generally speaking. When it comes a federal court system does hubris serve you well. Well I mean and most often at that -- I mean -- we've seen. A couple of cases in recent years where the government was -- A big case it's far -- that's won by the indicates that the first EP Jim ward. Investigation. They end up having to pull back because. Alleged prosecutorial misconduct and the posting it online so we've seen them knocked down a peg recently in. Nagin was trying to push that have been there for awhile before the trial that seems to be out the window now in terms of any kind of casting doubt on whether the federal government overstepping its parent and doing things they shouldn't have been doing. So now it's just mono a -- it in the court. The other thing I found -- saying is that. Judge -- and I think it is right so this trial should only take ten or so days. Right well two weeks he's out and business states. IE. Find that part. He had. -- that party at the LA -- -- can you imagine the big one of the biggest trials and you know criminal Trout Trout -- -- in the history of the city. And we end up into the late Tuesday night's storm figure. And on guess there were any way to do any way to salty. The potential jurors and anyway it was a David. -- -- There were coming from a thirteen Paris area so that they had a harder than a lot of the officers of the court in terms of getting in there in. -- we'd like to check in with the often applied at you know latest on a Trout is and you be following it closely today what's gonna happen in the federal courthouse. Well. Restart at noon and they got quite -- -- -- -- in just one day on Monday which was pretty surprising. How quickly it moved along the judge -- she wants the question one more Europe and I understand from my sources that. They are quite close to doing their various strikes where the two sides can choose who they wanna challenge and get off that. Jury and they already looked at sixty juror so. That you need to get down to twelve over sixteen with four alternates so. They were they saying that they can get that -- today and potentially even start opening statement all of that looked like it would be tomorrow. David I appreciate your time and I hope we Kentucky frequently to. To get the latest on what's going on. Well everyone can follow my reports on WW LTV and that it be -- TV that comment that. I have some spare moment that they had come back. Yeah we want talk to you to thank you David.

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