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1-30 8:45am Tommy, living with cold weather

Jan 30, 2014|

Tommy talks to Tim Wenger, Operations Manager for WBEN Radio in Buffalo, about living and dealing with cold weather

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Be interesting to talk to somebody and buffalo. -- how exactly they cope with the kind of things we've been -- Tim Landers operations manager for WB yen radio in buffalo joint -- and it comes sisters station -- morning. They probably thought well then we. A -- to you guys it must kind of money does get a text that comes in and says look for baby boom in October. They give you stuck inside in buffalo even that would get old after a while. Yeah you know. Decades and -- kid who did not the past three days were backed school today it's balmy eighteen degrees here in Sunday in buffalo and it really is interest in two watch and listen to the coverage down in Atlanta and down your way in New Orleans. This optic -- FaceBook of a couple of pickup trucks going down a highway and in New Orleans with guys or insult and we got. Amazing. That you know equipment appear to take care of the roads and you know the only thing -- close schools past couple of -- around here was the extreme. Wind chill conditions we had. -- -- temperatures. You know zero. It took about 5 o'clock in the morning the past three days. Again not today but with the wind and no real -- the wind chill temperatures were in the -- 25 to minus thirty it is just good for kids become a walking. So the schools that closed that they. I always -- funniest thing about when schools are closed around here due to cold what do the kids do when they're out of the -- ordered the plane it's now. Tickled to go to school not too cold to play. -- had never too cold play right. No so what does it start there because you know Woodward. We're paralyzed we were in and then there's nothing wrong with that we're not used to dealing with -- this can be 72 degrees here on Sunday and I'm guess and buffalo not been up and down thing when does a generally started when you guys generally get acted did decent temperatures. Of what we're here -- just this little column -- old fashioned winner in buffalo as I've been here pretty much for the most violent. And I would call -- -- -- winner for sure we get started for us way to navigate around Thanksgiving time and and it's going to be you know bill will be ski and snowboard -- the march. Before things start. Clear out most of that you know the bad stuff like we've had the test. You know a couple of weeks Syria we have really a blizzard two weeks ago. And that we can you get too cold snaps since then this'll probably continue. Through February and then in March start to see. You know you know more battery temperature conditions and really the only thing that -- this town down. Is poor visibility you know we can deal with the focus -- -- they control about erodes pretty quick. But visibility with the the snow blown off the only public textiles and -- appear. He's -- amazing phenomenon that you can drive. Literally. You're off football field away and you can have entirely different conditions the lake effect phenomenon it's amazing. -- -- that your visibility in miles on the road deals you've almost been looking at subsite and that's what tends to Russia must. So when you're inside meaning you mention kids going outside to play even though they can't go to school because of the weather conditions. Geologists go out that's life a usual -- stay inside if you do what you do inside. Well no that would indicate that many people inside here the whole definitely that we saw fewer. You know WEB and that reporters out you know the book for kids playing it's got to be a few markets over the past few days with the -- It will run around like kids say they were located outside the you know they were inside. But you know we are used to. You know we ran a poll here on our web site the other day like you guys Stew about it. You know what do you do when it's cold you deal -- you know. You know that you complain about it Oreo hibernate. I heard it was the lowest percentage of of respondents you know people just they gluttony do what they gotta do. -- I appreciate your time and aid to date has been again Super Bowl Sunday to be seventy. 72 degrees here tablet at a buffalo -- high of thirty low of seven. Well I can tell you that most people in buffalo will probably be looking at TV screens seventy degrees and it with a group on Sunday here so won't matter what the letters the same thing ten thank you so much we appreciate your time. Economy -- looked out.

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