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1-30 10:10am Garland, legalizing illegal aliens

Jan 30, 2014|

Believe it or not—the Republican House is going to push to make millions of illegal aliens…LEGAL. As a conservative are you ready to do what your members have always said would be a huge mistake? Our guest: Roger Villere, Chairman of the Louisiana Republican Party tells us what this means for the party.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Thank goodness it lose votes like from virtually go at the news behind his suits on to give back to lose. Trouble -- Republican leaders poll says 74%. Of Louisiana. Knelt -- that savoring our coastline is the most important issue of their life. And broaden the education about the economy. The finally doing that. The rest it's like be here -- we don't know colds. So we'll talk to the year ahead of America's -- wetlands whose. Fought this fight for the last 3040 years you bought all this mean it's 11 o'clock something we've been talking about here for years ago you sold several water where political analyst. Who were true about your most of our our national and statewide. Elections. -- three years ago. Well and you're getting upset about the wrong doing when it comes to politics he said butcher missing news. The federal government can spend less and less money down to the states as they get more more trouble financially. And as we do we're gonna ball whole lot of painful adjustment. Well for the third -- for years state government expenditures. Have been exceeded the revenues. And the reason that is. -- cut back. Joseph talked Elliott about what that means -- near future and in the distant future. That's our brought about when. Picked up one of mini movie. Articles. In this from Washington wars post. Starts that says. And hampered by. Republican and house lawmakers to overhaul immigration policy. Which seemed all but dead promotes from last year is about to be revived. In take center stage in congress. Bill include a cold -- legal status to millions of people now in the country illegally. There's all kind of details -- you talk about it. We have Roger builder -- -- show removed museum Republican Party by its chairman currency. Rodgers thank you for joining us. Are going to be it's worked glared at Wal-Mart today ordered that the true law. And review the Madeleine. You're let her drop delivered a wild and -- -- I heard Tom Doug you're talking to people and buffalo this morning. Or anybody else I don't think I conclude that the conditions I'm glad we hear what we know who Meebo. All right is this -- the media. Doing. Hyperbolic years or some credence to -- Well. -- Working right now actually started yesterday that you at a retreat that they're looking at this issue because obviously it's a very important issue. Well we have. You know. Millions of people that are here. We have all these undocumented workers that are in the United States and I think it's important we work something out there. We really have to come to a conclusion -- and we have to work with the Democrats -- accord with the president. From the some I broke. Agreement on how we can handle this situation. -- -- through the years for -- walls to this. Incident loses can -- opinion show we've was terrible we couldn't couldn't think tank and then -- reasons. Wrong. I've said for years. To be added soon need choice other than an amnesty of sorts because you've got to 1112. Million people whatever it is. We go -- well. Train cars put a longer trucks Roland. Then. Once we get -- across would get committee come across from the new businesses in the way we're gonna get almost as many back to recent and so forth and so on. And in this conservative base of Louisiana good call after call. From Republicans having grown. What part of illegal don't understand. Well and are they going to be saying that to you now and in the Republican park. You know that is -- strong opinion of a lot of the base of the Republican Party they feel like that. These individuals have come here. But can't start law it's you know -- come into the United States. And a lot Obama working in for care action under the table of not being attractions. And you know it's just if it's not. It's a whole situation. That we have to do something good more more people it. I don't the first thing we need to do is we need to close our borders I think that just really important and I don't understand why we can't close our borders and do not think that's one of things that proposals going to be made. That you know. We will what will do reform but we got -- strong. Commitment on our air for the administration. They're a close our borders and and not hear people comment. And then to work to develop some type of process where we can bring in -- -- so worked as we need weaponry. All workers elaborate high tech workers of whether the troops computers are welding or whatever that we need we can't find. Work in the United States do that there are some jobs is really on the fine people to do that the United States. -- that if we -- a a process that's what we can bring in the workers -- me. And and help. People do legally I think that's what we need to guess and collect comprehensive reform. A trailer and they had to break your world thinking about doing immigration and American -- about the Republicans in the media. House are now thinking about different ways for illegals. Eleven billion plus -- -- from the numbers. We can find. A Republican silken Bob waves to foreign citizenship or most of these people. We have Roger bill review -- Sharma Louisiana Republican Party Roger I am one of the articles it says. And Republicans have warned that the -- When when I hear you another good when I hear you and our breed do in the use these articles. That the Republicans are now open to find new -- for a making it illegal immigrants legal is is it simply because you're -- UK get reelected if you don't get so little Latino vote. I know that really yet not do it they're trying to work. An agreement. -- you know tremendous problem that they're not working toward. Necessarily towards citizenship they're trying to work towards a legal status that would. Document these undocumented workers that would register them. That would give them some type -- permit to work -- and then they would have to go to a prosperous like everyone else. To become. Citizens overall long arm. You have to go to the back on May not be -- -- front we're not trying to make. He legal. Immigrants. -- Citizens were trying to develop some type of opportunity for them to become legal and then once they have a legal status. Then there wouldn't go through a complete process like everyone else that once applied the United States. And it it's so long term process so it's it's really two different things that we're talking -- -- -- you know you look at prepare to citizenship. Well no we're trying to make them -- would try to collect attractions are trying to find out who's worked a little about some come away. Stop ever want to come across the board we need to protect the border we need to hear of this administration. Obeyed the laws that we have male and it forced the law. On Border Patrol that we don't have -- and right now actually have to get some type of agreement with the current administration. And -- call. All we cannot solve this problem -- if you just make everyone a citizen all automatically. And you don't do anything about the war. Are you getting out -- you know. Tens of millions more comment and it just hope it's overwhelming. The United States would -- All the undocumented workers so unit that we need to trigger -- the cup that we need -- in the same. Playing field. -- a reboot bureau on -- aborted and we've had in the past eight years in the show. Repair or Arab Homeland Security -- bed secretary states on. -- our military representatives. We've had state troopers from different states. Will have the national goard head of National Guard on and what I said to each and every one of them world seemed like to meet your clothes of blue -- -- you do anything. -- I mean to eight person I've never ever ever have one of them say. Well you know to do that we need to do very BC they just say it's impossible. What or you little or the Republican in congress behind this move. What are you hearing that suggest that it's possible close. Well if you we have an obligation as a country to protect our borders that a mob. Don't know about but it they weren't if if those that are in charge of closing is Telus in their word it's impossible. Well -- were -- you hear a bid did suggest that's not true. Well it is possible a lot of countries protect -- borders. And we just -- they have the will to do. We have they have the will spend the money that money would be small. -- to close the book compared to what it's awesome to have an open borders. And we have called for an -- drug traffickers and traffic is so. People and individuals that come across that border every -- and we need to protect and and protect this country. From the week. There's so many things go across the border and our our borders need to be protected so it can be gone. So what -- it can't be done now it if you have. If you have the world could do it we can protect our borders its retractable we can do that well. Well maybe I should say if you get an office it's impossible closed borders because. Repair -- Republican presidents we've Republicans control the party Columbia that both houses. And it's never been done it's never come close to being. That is so I had -- I totally agree reviewed that that makes common sense. -- but at the same time nobody's ever come close to do they all say. Too expensive to look what I say to them we've got what 50070000. Military all the of the world South Korea and Germany etc. let's bring. 101000 of them -- rotator members six month they'll say it's impossible to -- logistically. Money was everything I'm I'm just curious. As to whether you will of the people in congress. Or hearing something different -- here for we'll get the -- here's the people will do with itself. Well and that's what they you know. Most members of dorm right now -- they're there -- there meetings. They they met all day yesterday. They're on -- treat Maryland working that you got. Yet you have all these mines come with a gala. Stay airport and whipped up on how they can put a program together what type of money we need is expensive as it is call it. It would be -- but it cost it's cost in this country. What we're we're losing. And in other freedoms. They have all these people come over and it'll all be it legal draw looks and -- Trafficking. Whether it's in the individuals that are out of prostitution and all the different things that we have to -- Coming over the border hit it some months that we protect our borders that is just such that we have to do. Maybe channel 1520 years ago. The cost didn't seem as great as they -- today but the cost for the country and each individual. In the country cost of what's going to this escalated. Beyond anyone's a match -- So we have to do so -- and that's what they're working on trying to discussions and I don't think their -- All the answers. They're working on details now and have to reach out to the Democrats and have to work with the president to develop something that they can all agree applaud. All -- it's not easy -- Where when you say this -- in the -- through citizenship. Out there recruit him and you mentioned talking about Cambridge where they're meeting now. All right one of the pursuing their gonna consider. There won't roll I'll be illegals to tap into exacts existing path available to -- new comfort. To gain permanent legal residents also -- and -- card. And once they have the green card they're eligible to apply for citizenship. Is that correct. Well I could that I could think Greg that's some of the things they're discussing. White male with him any detail could purchased in the middle of the Scott that they yesterday was the first day. Of -- strong discussions on this issue. So. There's not allayed program if not trumpet that would everybody is green and handed out call and say okay this is what we're doing. There in the middle of these large discussions and it's really just. At the beginning of what we gonna do trump told move this -- -- and with legislation that Cummins session. -- it that Libya's moonless. Eritrea. And abuse -- -- -- on our. Because over the years people have gotten -- -- angry at me when I talk about. Where you are close supporters and there's no way to get these people out and won't we don't do is find a way to citizenship. Of food closed boardroom one ever. And they'll say what portable -- lose don't understand. Lists you in the Republican Party. Well what part of illegal don't tremendously -- -- with with -- all the great major talking about it. We've talked about those grades in decades -- now. Why why this new push to go well actually we should fund. The leadership of the party feels like it's just the right thing to do the work on with the amount of people in this country. Our bet on document among people who are working. All the books not preempt our actions. Not reporting there in -- With to use and services that cost. Whether it's for their health care or. Clothing or housing or or. Just so many different caustic era of particular -- it was just overwhelming. The country the numbers are getting way out and we have to be some. Straightened out so that looking for a way of looking for process. That we can reach out. Agree with the Democrats. In some way where we can move forward on August but we have to close to -- if if the Democrats are not gonna agree to close before and then in force a launch we have male I don't think this is -- -- bought and start a war. So -- feel like that they have talked to enough people that we can stall out. What enforceable laws we have mail and it moved forward to work through this problem we have so many people -- -- -- Well we catch. Individuals -- to a criminal activities we need to support them in and get a lot of our country immediately that's one thing that just really important we do. Ledger -- it's just an average you know that average. Individual. I just there's not -- probably enough resources struck in -- around about because of eleven million people home we have stimulant. Roger always appreciated -- time during which could talk and you I'm sure will do the show Jim -- call. -- -- -- --