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1-30 10:35am Garland, legalizing illegal aliens pt 2.

Jan 30, 2014|

Believe it or not—the Republican House is going to push to make millions of illegal aliens…LEGAL. As a conservative are you ready to do what your members have always said would be a huge mistake? Our guest: Ron Faucheaux, Political Analyst and President of Clarus Research.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

The celebrity you know it's on its -- and in the area multi gigabyte suits did surprises sadly for me. Bred several articles talking about the media helps members. Little League considering. Seriously. How to overhaul. Immigration in this country. And looking for a wave for eleven million plus illegal aliens department weighed two. Citizenship. Path to citizenship. And what -- read those. You know it's been eight years appear. Having conservatives kept pure relief would mean human. Claimed that -- eleven million people plus here illegally Winona -- Trains planes and cars to transform cross border where -- with me and legal and closed the border. And all of a sudden talk abroad from Hillary term -- -- Republican Party and he says yes that is under consideration. And and even mentioned that EB. -- won't find it would work with the Democrat. So called the Pope it and I'm almost certain weakened. Directors declared -- Catholic miracle. Are wrong poacher would bring political analysts and president of play or through search group Ron welcome back the show happy new year haven't talked to him. Well thank you go to the bigger front. Did or -- or are you totally amazed also loses something you may reduce salt coming here it's. I didn't think I'd live long enough to your Republicans say. We're thinking about so on behalf of -- illegal immigrants to citizenship. And it's -- Tom we know we're gonna have to work with the Democrats. Watched Colin. Well I actually don't think it took -- so it's a big change at all there's been significant support. Quicker in the Republican Party particularly the business community. -- that the Republican politics for immigration reform. President George W. Bush supporters. John McCain 2008. Comedy supporters -- many Republican members of congress and governors who supported their. What's going on now you're really rests on. Two different. Ideas about who would cool. This stay out. And you know that two that notion of should or should workers -- plummeted. Legal battered and record it on the the Democrats -- it -- we want. Perhaps the citizen here. All are illegal immigrant. The Republicans in late if they import lease this land in and there's no. Aren't guaranteed that it will await the leadership the short -- -- at a conference. A couple of very. -- What they're saying is that. Illegal immigrants would be able to curtail permanent legal work as an -- not true. What their children. Who were born here. -- would. Citizenship. And that for the illegal immigrants could have citizenship but the Republican plan. They would have to go through the regular legal process the way they would have to go through now. So. So that Democrats will will attack the plan as being you know. Too little too late really accomplish anything. But it will give Republicans. An opportunity to get back in the great game. One of a doubt the political back story that nobody talks about. Well in the when they're dealing with efficiently is of course. The electoral impact the camping. You know eleven million. Immigrants. Most of which all forums. Mexico and Puerto Rico atlas America. I don't become voters. And in this country of course the -- the right to vote. -- permanent legal status would not a court like the so there are a lot of people. We're looking at the political calculation that. -- Democrats would like the tree. He's Hispanic -- and electric boat because in most recent election it will auto -- percent. Hispanic voters. Republicans in the open and which you so law. So while immigration in the period computer should it affects the real life for real people. As we -- Holy See appeared Washington. Is a political back story that -- have a big impact. The headlines say the how's UOP is set to approach for. An overhaul of the immigration and we reached initially granted because of those things like this. An effort by house lawmakers or whole immigration policy which involvement that promotes the last year. -- is about to be revived -- in the stage in congress. But the new approach by house Republicans. To grant legal status to millions of people. Now in the country illegally. It's not quite so this was Washington. Our -- for the people that are just joining us what what is the situation again because a lot. -- one -- breeding before I spoke to you had -- thinking that the Republicans were talking about. Making citizenship. Available. For the 110. Like all a lot of news coverage has been boring and in fairness to -- news coverage that. The the Republican leadership there. -- only the Boston leaks of information about broad principles. They they have not Kabul but the specific plan yet. So look so legal the world leader goes but -- is basically for actually. The democratic. -- would be together and 20 awful. The eleven million illegal immigrants in United States a pathway to citizenship award Erik taught. -- the Republican plan would go all day in -- I can't wait to permanent legal westerners. What the of these illegal immigrants. Undocumented immigrants by but not. The -- -- a -- it's up. Of course people you know. Like the vote -- total federal relate to what office polite to portray him that you're here on the right there at the US passport. And and and yet know the Republican plan would allow us citizenship. For the children. You know undocumented. Residents who legal -- And and would also. You know -- -- law the these immigrants could go through the electoral legal process -- true now. To become citizens. So. So what will. I think on whether I have citizenship. Or whether it's a path to permanent legal -- -- looks like that Republican plan. Would be a half prominent legal record. Remote. Of those eleven million people except for their children in the democratic plan would be planned for -- that -- true. Or at least the wallet out. Art -- culture but I'll also say that the Republican -- that put a lot of emphasis on border security. -- for one hour and that they would have certain triggers the legislation. Well there were below it. You know for permanent legal -- -- -- could go into effect once there would be. -- slider is more secure borders. -- -- would some of our listeners are thinking almost -- and governor bill appreciated. And you're dying. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I want them current and from that -- -- year and will draw from it will draw from state of any. And when that Egypt any outward it would leave from the group and does start on them. The government do you mean. And that ship caught in a permanently this year. -- -- -- -- -- Everybody know we're 14 edge and I got a map and -- -- can call. And on the -- on the other plan out there were leaking. -- -- I can't mediocre government that -- and we're lucky. When a court of the security -- we stream out of security caught tried. And it. Shall hopeful. -- mean during the. I I wish we knew what to tell you. Almost sold on the black market. -- that that kind of thing is part of the big problem right -- There's been and you know one of the things that I think many people from pro football on a political awful. Believe that this country get broken immigration system like. That that in the Mattingly is in there to go to war. It's not good for the economy they're not that for the human beings that are involved. -- You know it and it took system based on a lot of hypocrisy and a lot of air. And were horrible when you go with the Republican plan or democratic plan something in the middle. I think there -- way a lot of pork in this country. Comprehensive immigration reform in the polls have been showing that sometime. In the people in congress it's a pattern war together and got. Not what I use this as a political talk to Leo you know compete the other -- where I think it could have been resolved a long column of. Roland. -- gives -- forge an elegant be settled any time soon will do visual again and we give your caller I appreciate the time we have agreed to. On broad -- political analyst president of the plant rows from search incumbent I --