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1-30 12:10pm Garland, YEA! the Coast is top of mind again.

Jan 30, 2014|

74% of Louisianians think saving our coast is the most important issue of their lifetime. Not crime, not education, not the economy…the coast. Do you agree? Joining us at noon, Val Marmillion, Managing Director, America’s Wetland Foundation & Sidney Coffee, Senior Policy Advisor, America’s Wetland Foundation.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Forty years later even I was surprised to read this and you polled. That's this is executive summary of -- the boy -- survey by the veterans group. And it's says 74%. Of Louisiana and instinctive saving her coast. Is the most important issue of their light. May mean that hold these polls and people have Truman before but I certainly haven't seen. Numerous ought to sit well it's called true the people most responsible for the good thing we've got going and trying to rebuild or at least stabilized our coastline Ballmer million but the America's wetland to managing director. Said the coffee America Brooklyn senior policy advisor bounce it and it welcomed the show. Great to have you with allies on -- the so people aren't there. Finally. Caught. He's sued -- and appreciate you calling him. And -- are wrong it has this been another poll jurors this person members seem most important. Issue of are -- -- Note that says whatever appeared in the parole and we asked a number of issues. This is what came out chose. Party Koppel sticker. That we used the floor. We get about 45 polls in the past that -- better it is Soledad does. And people. See -- sought. Has. Read that as an issue we need to solve our lifetime but it is also the most important issue yet. If you look at progress to the polls some of these numbers -- -- so route over the top in terms. Are people really cementing their feelings about -- restoration and what he did. And what it have action taken right now. Pseudonym used to be had via their tacos protection registration authorities approved. And correct -- from wrong. I don't remembers seeing these figures or or this feeling the even write a free country and what he attributed this to. If anything. Well. Yeah I think it's becoming more and more urgent. And conduct and people have become more and more desperate lectured -- actually being -- And you know it was -- out you're right and all -- and the circuitry we hear Bob McConnell. Panel out practice started -- down a little bit deeper in kitty she can on what people want. And I'll get attention urgent thing is a strong one eat anything at all. By that directly affected probably lost all of -- -- he fell on me at all. Operated. -- inordinately. People want. No part and partisanship when -- fishy. I had a little while. Any alarm political bickering and this fishy. And -- and partnership. In at a partisanship and war. People work together I want all the interest at the table helping solve the problem. Well I'll start with you -- the -- number two in this says nearly all voters agreed that solutions -- -- will require a team effort in cooperation. Are you seeing that all we actually doing that or -- rush talked and agreed. Well it. There it is. Been happened to this point many interest I think that had been promoting coast restoration -- and a lot of people the great work but. The headline of this this poll has cooperation. Resolve and compensation. I think people want this new level of cooperation they want the energy sector in the navigation sector. Those who. Found great success with -- strong environmental well profile on the wetlands there for economic success. To work it will. And two deployed there lobbyist entries stepped up. The message and and he. Getting its government to better understand the assets and south Louisiana that impact the nation. So they also our resolve to amnesty plan they. Mina irritated details of the state plan that most people know their state plan. And they want to move forward and should not be stopped by an interest. And with that read or some interest will be effected by great -- the river. Arson barrier island restoration are a -- and sentiment back into the wetlands that we need to happen now and I think. It should be fair compensation for those of folks that no one loses it lightly. -- it could be done in reasonable balanced manner. And similarly those people who live for. Decades and hundreds of years in the wetlands should not be forced by the insurance industry -- -- Have to -- themselves in one generation. And moved out they should be compensated they should be at least compensated time to make these decisions of the wetlands in the -- on the -- that protection. He -- -- sounds good word would get the books. It well. You know -- leaky oil spill on the court unfortunately. Or fortunately it easily. Is back in the initial. -- dollars. Clearly it's going okay. -- public private partnership. Going to pay. Like -- federal government would. Well and now they are a lot has gotten. Because it's in effect priority. And rightfully so because Atlantic and ended on. Had to prioritize. Like in highly populated. On area Aaron Aaron. And they're going to be like. Indy history. What should have because they're going to be -- out on the priority why he or. Good opportunity. Here bar private sector company. And to our community. And with -- stay. In buying. Work to get what I mean -- and doing real restoration work. The -- Antar. -- outside the priority and we're not. Playing and it all just saying it. Because. There would be prior art and a priority and that. -- Part present did you know that -- because -- -- -- -- -- But -- New Iberia Tabasco has been working with a lot of society. To restore land with private landowners there and something make all the rain -- conservation alliance. This is that there important project. Those wetlands would have bin Austin they've not been working with the GO like Ottoman. And a private company like Tabasco to -- it is good work in. We're seeking these partnerships out that the that it demonstrates some and and it campaign we kept coming out. To where we can assure people that this can be and it. Quite frankly I'll be paid for by the federal government although the responsibility paper -- And -- deliver is to both this word when we talk about then this funding them to. And it talks about cooperation. In him being inclusive. I've found on the show I mean you name -- troopers or human. Short boot camp and regular recreational. Fisherman. Coming out of the -- world would -- sounds like a real viable concern. Because they've got some scientific backing. From from their source results showed that say you put the river diversions in the they're moving -- too -- per cubic feet. They're going to be carrying settlement always considered just depositing it. Ruining oyster beds. As she worries for shrimp and etc. -- -- -- -- set of them able it would been at this for decades -- want what they tell you in the beginning in the -- would have been left out of its. They're not listening to office. It isn't it if we have to be inclusive -- the number two issue. Or -- -- seeing evidence that that it's not happened. Not really I think you're seeing right now. -- -- -- of this problem where everybody's gonna have to give up something to get the success that we need. That -- clearly. The addition to the people it says we don't want any one interest to stop this and again in Sydney was -- in the focus groups. The protesters to clear that. If you disrupt -- this cycle the orders -- farmers. Your cycle for example if you recent compensation built into the plan but. Coastal erosion as you know -- being grader from where I'm from home. Kitten those lines of these fishermen northward. Over and over again. And so we're gonna put back and there's going to be some -- And it's going to be perfect note -- -- the perfect. -- cannot be the enemy of the good here we're going to have to all. It has some tradeoff to report -- we just to let and he wanted to stop that. I don't think it is it again is of what they're telling me I don't think they're talking about -- as they're talking about being limited. What they do no longer being viable. Financially or physically. It is is that an exaggeration. Well they're scientists say is that there that are going to be clear changes. In the ecosystem and sure that's going to. Cause dislocations. As some of the historic industries. Which we had to make compensation or and adjust for. No one should be put out of business. Because of diverting the Mississippi border. But at the same time we're gonna say the interest at all. People have to adjust it will be just like it is today because those historic oyster beds in this year. -- are unfortunately because it goes to a large. -- You diploma a trooper -- fund or assure me and -- tolerable captain. And in this seems like concerned in -- beater you bells. Well the abuse should be compensated. I don't know what I would say it is. Okay where is it in the master plan. It's as you're gonna compensate me and how much and now is that in there. I think to try and use it. Take into consideration. They're going to be. Dramatic changes in the Winnie. The store. It is an out patient. How ever -- here are recognition. Need Kentucky. In there you're. Out before. Inflation in the high and I get. Top right in -- and reform. You know the -- let's not even. -- Picture on street -- that you'd eaten. -- may not actually. Our eyes over the next year I mean you're talking. Out. People live in certain areas aren't going to be sustainable. Our top issue. On. Life and cry out on. The Al -- I think -- -- Actually. -- well I'll get him out being. Impeached. Get people in areas aren't the people are. The economic. Bad there. To practice. On. It built upon. Unity and strong arm. Andy sit there and people would be here. It's important she get the economic. -- -- At least at Angel -- -- not to cheerfully eat meat -- country. We're talking about unused servers that for the first time for the first time since separately portraits and little breezy and -- to north Louisiana tune. Think that saving our Cruces will support an issue of a -- like. Well we get back to the questions let's go to some of the listeners and jury and ruby ridge and hold on for quite awhile thank you so much. -- A bit like this so that that is most ridiculous thing -- ever heard of our life they take a cold. And I think that's the most important thing for the state of Louisiana. It's -- in the wetlands. In. Do you really want to meet with children out they need better education. Which is ridiculous Soka. But if you lose if you -- southern part of this day. Those kids don't go live here. -- Well obviously you'd you don't think losing the southern part of the state should be the top position. You bring you -- -- play and the develops somewhat like English and actual oil boom -- is a whole different story. Didn't meet mother nature at all in the Gulf of Mexico. -- -- -- and the trillions of the -- Washington forward try to fix that situation. That's always -- a lot of people's pockets to let two guys battle right now. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I've been marketed quite a while you fuel are about the exit the fuel -- -- really bad. I. Read. It. But -- it's something I think that lot of people -- not that it. Not the most important. But that the money into. Wouldn't wouldn't when I talk to him and -- -- use -- -- the coastal. Or when their opponent Gary graves. Rate do you could -- to -- drugs just like you do. And Mercer rewards and say what we've gotten so and prone or from war world is an excellent from PP the organs that currency union the union he. -- how much. Well all he should have to over run through three billion trouble we need it to billion minimum. Well we don't need that first year we couldn't we couldn't. Ended that quickly. We've we need a billion a year over the next fifty years but didn't like saying. And build a house that's gonna cost media have million dollars on all about it. But I made an extra 101000. Year. And an -- for a grown yearly basis I mean. You can't do a big project like that piecemeal and. Though and do you do a comprehensive approach in this slow starter he'd -- Dutch to this country along with Sandia. In New York teachers area. As more more people moving toward the coast this country's gonna have -- the coast solutions. -- revenue source weathered the art offshore oil and gas receipts are some type of revenue generating. Priority to say he's got a -- because. Quite frankly. That too important to. The nation and we deliver. 40% of the little party -- beaten the liver. You know 40% are chortling -- -- -- This nation. Drives itself on many of the things that we produce in our belt and it's a big big guy who's just on raises an important point. These wetlands didn't just die under. They started dying after the levees were put on that Mississippi River. And many things happened -- and as a result -- that killed in so. There is great responsibility. -- took place. This wetland was something at least which -- will produce the process -- country expects from. Sydney literally could be doles out -- good. You would we just didn't show on the national and edit it's -- museum of the saint. Spending more than we dip in the beds in the Fed's continuing to reduce money. Congressmen and the senators Thompson and their liberal or conservative saying. We can't spend like this forever we've got to find ways student cut back in and we say in Louisiana and we grow up with the smallest. Delegations representing -- hey wait a minute. You know you can cut has -- you've got to give us more because we go to oil against we're up support whatever. And and -- -- -- a -- -- bad Korea Mobley can keep the important we keep hello again for the option. I don't depends that. Well yeah I'm -- can be she can't let me let be and be realistic. Are we ever going to have. Fifty billion -- hundred billion our country and take -- their impact -- box after. Over the next very -- here. Probably not. Everything is not going to be right. We have to work at the gallery the current priorities. We have to gays from significant projects that will. Get an Angel flight and I -- And -- say. That it out of the current government important. Cannot expect the director of the country at me. Practical way. I was mentioning before before the bar you know gear. All community you're probably not going to survive the next fifty years and years. On Jews. If you really. But eat and eat this day -- are near and forget about all let it stop right here and we narrowed neck you know -- -- year -- not have. Because completely restored it -- Of course. Of course not any. Protocol. -- additional time. What he talked about curing -- inflation before. There. This transition. Is. Going to encompass a lot from. It's not just going -- we can't. I'm happy you are flying and every year because I'm an. Change on the command because they. You know how our campaign -- arm because her appeal that -- on the a new technology has come out. -- -- going to have to be -- and in each and built into the law. Yeah are -- you had he really -- -- -- Out there to thank bill. There were getting attacked everywhere and they're really really unique. Got a tree at -- and we see people. Don't know motion this. Word is American wetland -- -- troop funding. We get out but intermittent sources that we you know what we announced our campaign yet the president shell president and art dance stating that governor buster. And from that time on -- taken foundation on the energy navigation and those companies that. Make their living -- the -- -- support us and individual contributions which. Help us get our conservation corps and do -- Japan needs. -- of our little -- oil against groups go to foundations and it's across the board. Coke. Here's here's where I've really become excuse for an equipment issues. I'm about as -- oil and he has as you can get grew up humble Kampman. Prophetic -- else about rumored to torture and I understand what is that oil and gas industry has done for the city. Understood and -- they cut the canals when and I was really thinking about while we were doing too well and to realize. They did for profit and we a lot of pork or profit we got lowered gas prices at -- Economy expanded so forth and so with -- all that says it is I'm sure your world -- go when bro Libby boards here. That is filed lawsuit trying to file lawsuit against I think it's almost nine the oil and gas companies. They poured back to the the performance of the cutting of the oil would go over and goes canal. And said the wording in the -- will acquire them to repair the damage. The canals cost. I think anybody that's that -- issue knows that levees or form or a problem. Then the canal but this who were again launched his temper and as pro oil and gas supplies. We just. Fifty minutes saying what are the -- the -- -- for regardless of well. Little or how much we do it's gonna cost a lot of money that we don't and it. What what do we do when it comes to saying well -- all against companies if they or legally. Legally responsible. War. That would be a big chunk of money to -- going for five or ten years in the repair a star review. Well be that we we poses questions to our focus -- -- I think that you ask the first question say. It could be should be against the rams are being responsible partner gets everybody you know epic. There's been polls and immediately see 89%. At that that's as simple question it's gonna get -- -- simple answer we say okay. Back in. He's that the government was pushing borrowing -- meet demand in consumer demand and national security demands and they really want them. These. Leases in the state and the federal government met these leases out and then the the environmental. Progress over the years made those leases -- much more. I gestured in terms of their environmental. Requirements. Do you go back and hold those companies responsible. Yet people begin to split and become a very murky discussion. Particularly when needed to the point about the living in the river and you know I'll be discussed this sort of the National Geographic talking about. Those levees were known to the corps of engineers to to be responsible work -- -- spot or killing the bill. So it's. I wish it was easy you know somebody says -- one of the this group discussion. Went around -- -- that you remember. We used to treat the wetlands like you RB -- big waste land in. That's for you Pritchard garbage. And actually Richard your refrigerators and that's where all callers work. I think it was a different mentality and exercise. The regulations at that point in overtime it's gotten better guy and I and the hope to say that. These people who operate these private interest and operate and gotten better. But I'll say it any -- in California forty years of -- Arkansas where litigation the I'm not sure. That we get the answers to solve all the problems as well it. You'd go deep pockets because you know it's it's -- available source of money. Really the way we should solve our problems plan for the future and seemed like it's got to work Ian. But public I don't think it you know feels that this is. Discipline is the only way it and it may be mighty good to beat. We get a better job of planning to restore and sustain our environment. Cindy wouldn't we're gonna talk about it is. I hate. The conversation. We're happen. Is we need -- or fighting for survival are we not. -- Arian and if you all are you -- for every light ring -- it. And if this is a legal bases off any potential -- shorts of money. -- the wrong thing to pursuant. To see if we can gather money that we don't see now. Morrow and some. Went and of course would merit for the loss saying. Pop out in the Arctic are going to be interpreted in the court. I certainly -- and you know I'm I'm sort of but -- Well from outfield bat in the elderly. -- feel that eventually you are. You know I was in Washington later -- under five terror fighting all our. Offshore oil and and strategy now why would we try to protect. Because. Clearly -- or extra activity on our current Gatwick the -- But by far and greater percentage of actual oil and accurately. -- -- one -- Bernie is going to start clicking in another four years. Three years yeah. In life. -- You know where are their impact on -- our. Activity of course there are. We have all been out at eight. Blair got homily in polish yelling in the puppetry. And Tunisia and debt. We don't call worked together -- they responded to go around. Meeting over. Farm -- you know any number there there and there -- is accountability. Importantly. Does this comes through before we need to Rio four months authority country off. It's. Is it and appealing is in the that there were. People on the Titanic and I doubt that the rippling the captain of what I'm gonna look and polite for some -- what we're doing. What -- to do it and we will have this conversation again accused of -- the let's squeeze in the book called buddy you've been holed recordable. Garland rule that plaque with Derrek Lee charter and played -- and they approved for the Verizon initially playing in the parent exclusively. My family's from them that American -- right now at 1927. Plot. Was. Stopped from flooding because you know the corps of engineers put the lavish. We like on the Titanic we're looking for the light boat that was great statement. And now what we need to do should -- grabbing for the -- they need to break the leveraged. It talking in the month and the prop -- the time that you spoke over a football field in golf and you. -- So probably our news you do for the Lebanese would should which commuter views do you let. Doesn't matter right here in radical times you didn't care about solution where on the lifeboat in the Titanic it yet okay well what they. Look fed have there's no doubt in my mind Enron story we're out of time and a culture I got a -- -- That would work no doubt about it that's all of this kind of built. It just politically you can't do you can't say okay New Orleans you're gonna go away but. Saint Charles parish and you'll be allowed step. Just can't be done but you're right that's one of the things that would work and -- he'll lose next -- grow -- great show coming up.