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1-30 3:10pm Angela, The Plant Doctor was IN!

Jan 30, 2014|

After the hard freeze over several days…what plants and trees are salvageable? What should you do now to for your lawn and garden? What about the citrus crops, strawberry crops, tropical plants, palms and your own backyard? Dan Gill - "The Plant Doctor" and host of "The Garden Show" Saturday mornings 7 to 9am here on WWL joins Angela to answer your questions.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Well we have survived what Don aims of our newsroom called the southern discomfort. And that is great but now we faced the reality. Of what very cold weather can do two more beautiful trees and plants are vegetable gardens. If you have any questions about any of your plants or grass or trees. Now's the time to call 2601870. Because we have the planned doctor Dan guilt. Again call us 2601870. With any of your gardening questions I feel better just knowing -- there again. Help thank you Angela and our gardens will feel better as the weather warms up later on we don't have another month to get through. But I've got my fingers crossed we we won't see anything any worse we've seen already. Well that is the very good news we just spent an hour with them. With doctor strain that in agriculture commissioner and some other people who are into big time crops of citrus or are strawberries. And kind of looking over what effect it may have. But I'm really talking about all of us. All of us gardeners who have that special plants have a special tree and are just ankle please please live. So why don't we start but want to start with some grasses. What other and so prolonged them because it looked terrible right now other than the winter wheat -- -- green and happy at this point states. They don't mind that the cold weather. But the good thing about long grass and that includes Saint Augustine and in the peed in Bermuda that commonly used for a long our -- -- party. And the temperatures that we've been encountering. I recently through this month. I haven't bothered the grass is seventy image them they should green and I'm normally around about late march early April. By the early part of April partly marked with confirmed lies so long -- get them to stimulate some good growth and then move them on into -- -- in spring and summer. So don't don't worry about pushing them too early. Wait until the normal time to -- in the New Orleans area that's around about late march. -- the north you go a little bit later in the early part of April. But that they they will be fine. While many concerns from some partners in the war in theory is that Saint Augustine grass isn't really true southern graphs and it from Florida and it really. Wolf they've fairly green of the winters are relatively mild. So when you won't have those winters for temperatures down -- down much below thirty you know maybe the upper twenties -- Kimmel actually in the -- somewhat green. This winner and happenings in -- he has gone quite dormant but that's normal for the when it gets cold it's a good thing. It's not pleasant older brown -- but do understand. They're all fine in the green on -- in the spring. Let me take ascendant in -- your groupies are here our phones have -- -- -- so what are gonna start with some quick questions from Macdill in Metairie. -- Again. -- -- that earnings for you tropical has. Can you recommend some plants that look at the tropical. Or -- that can. Yeah that. Don't. Look if people were done tropical junior landscape and again we don't live in the tropics and we crave that tropical look what we have to face reality as you have. -- -- And again so there are some -- -- hold on a little bit longer after the party your tropical bird of paradise and -- inference they really won't go down until we hit the mid to lower twenties as bad as prop locals go. But they've even started being burned by the the temperatures that we have recently in the number of hours below freezing. So anything that's truly tropical on how -- those characteristics. We you have to accept the the effective on occasion. They're gonna go down how many times you can return average interest for instance are all going to be back up and going again aspiring. But for the time being they can look terrible but a couple of three plans to -- like for their tropical world. I include facts here. Arafat is a relatively party -- -- a large -- -- leaves behind the party down to look to the to around twenty degrees and warm welcome back fusion would just below when he. -- -- your -- aspect destroy halftime has that bold sort -- for alleged. -- mentally Italy and a tropical sort of looked at all landscape as well. And also were partially shaded areas -- cool about. -- YouTube BA of Cuba are gold dust plant as brightly of Syracuse -- the green and yellow. It has largely and so anything that you concede with larger leaves. That's. Conceded that tropical look. Go to dinner freeze now I mean and -- temperature or freeze tomorrow this weekend. Go find the plants out in the near free that they didn't have in the green houses that still look good. And have they looked that you think is a bit more tropical. And if you decide that you needed to reinterpret -- keep on putting more party evergreen shrubs and have fewer tropical. But you can still have a moderate tropical look but again go -- your local news as we can't find the plans to to a green and help that around the freezes and use more of those in New Orleans game. That's got a great ideas thank you. And you oar in let's go to Mary in New Orleans. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Putback uplifted. They -- -- about 2000 and -- about. Two feet -- right now about four feet tall. And and then the other they wanted to. Do what you need to know about it -- -- think that -- kind of afraid that it did it's gonna die. No of the Japanese magnolias -- constituents and they are absolutely completely party in a climate it will matter particles not fear. -- rejecting magnolia and that's -- I keep telling Gardner's. If you're not. Actually about a planned you know talk to an expert like you all right now Mary about you know the hard in this. Talked to a local Murphy person about how -- that -- think that's a long line in the -- Japanese magnolia is on the line. We only can it go on the I don't know -- that's what you're asking me am happy to help get it but talk to your nurse I'm always around for elective so popular local -- people. It's very important for us to know how hardy plant possibly don't Wear -- worry needlessly about them. Like you are with this Japanese magnolia now but one problem we have with them is they bloom -- diplomat in February and it is possible for Japanese magnolia is to bloom out in February during warm weather. And then freeze come along Indians the forwards and that is one issue with them but the plant itself the tree itself perfectly party Mary -- were no need to worry. -- -- -- -- -- -- yeah yeah I don't. It's gonna ask -- Given give out these -- tension debit number two. Hold on one. The there. There also has all the different payers is Mary. And and you can call information and just and the -- the phone number for the LSU actually a cooperative extension office in Jefferson Parish. Or New Orleans parish or in saint Tammany -- weren't controls pierced its all the parishes do have different office numbers this -- -- one universal number that you called. And you can always find some good help which -- local offices. Couldn't -- going into a lot of phone numbers I just recommend you call information and ask for your local election action extension office number and they can give. You mention that but yes. Thank you thank you so much for calling Mary very quickly Charlie in New Orleans. Yes there. I have a orange tree a small orange street and -- about a year you and a half ago. And the bleak record came along and elect them. The bar called couple places on the bottom and I was wondering the same could be effective and its growth. I want they currently get patched debt. And the early and it's a done deal or damage is done. Now what you can do is never bad to happen again that's the best. -- you can do at this point -- -- keep the grant. And everything away from the base of the tree of at least a foot -- more so there's no temptation for anybody to get around close to that front with a lawnmower. Or -- string Trimmer and and let the treatment. Trotted slowly -- if it doesn't begin to -- them look better. And doesn't seem to be growing vigorously may decide to go in place that. And that's why it's so important somewhere out there listening he can really been edgy country with those string tremors if you get into closely take -- a lot of the bar so. Once it's done has done shortly but do try to prevent from happening again. Okay outbreak impairment. -- -- -- The -- doctor is on call Dan and -- here to answer any of your questions about post ice plants. Lily in Jefferson. Questioned. And -- Marriott. Batter over six feet tall and today tactic yet. Very rare. And out one sure I'd cut him now should I wait. That happened or. It's a good idea and for everybody when your nightly cold damage after a major freeze it and which intended to go look at -- the very next day or the day after. In complex sometimes sometimes for all of the damage to actually manifests itself. So it's best to you know go -- and -- but don't evaluate until about five to seven days. After the freezing event is over to level the -- that might have occurred development in some instances plants in my vote count as simply app for freeze. -- to perk up look better. Now commanders are very very cold sensitive. And you -- protected them pretty will only to have some game which is the -- of the branches. Did you bring him inside and -- cover them. Back porch which is completely -- because of them and should be -- -- out of an. They onsite and happened. Actor. Thinks giving them cold night and we cat that thinks giving. Com. So so good that the game has been there for you know for months now and certainly means that all lead image from the referees has already manifested itself in anything that looks dead black and shriveled at this point. Is doing the plane in the good and feel free approach -- off. Back into the healthy green tissue -- now remember some areas of the bullied and don't be too long to all lights crap is gonna come out when I've been back. But that will heal over and the plants will be fine and if you've done a good job -- protecting from the subsequent -- is wonderful but not that much game to do with. Do feel physically didn't have that -- Okay I'm I'm I'm still gonna wait to see is even -- at them and an enclosed area. Did they get me. Damage from this tree was tackled -- -- they built -- Ability -- -- nobody could definitely be optimistic. Thank you thank you can't appreciate it. I love that Lilly has a relationship with the plants because they are like little children in the have feelings -- have a mother in -- them and talk about -- -- -- you know that plant. It loves to suffer. A I can remember -- -- yesterday. -- we -- do tend to you know give our plans personalities and I talked to plant all the time. This is meant for human tendency to do that and it is helped and it does help form a good relationship -- -- -- Well I was talking in our earlier hour to doctor strain and we were talking about sugar -- -- said they know when they have to pump up their sugar -- So how did they know. They know. We have in -- plants we don't give -- enough credit for being able to perceive and respond to their to their environment a lot of plans are able to know that would interest on its way. And that they need to begin to prepare themselves for that currently measuring the link of the night time hours and plants that are able and that can can can actually tell. But the -- to getting longer and that tells them that the winter is coming that's what the citrus trees drop their leaves. That's why a lot that's why on that is -- at Christmas time in months in the fall. Because build long nights the plans to measure those numbers of hours of darkness and respond -- that is -- -- remarkable thing the plant can actually tell what fees and it is. By measuring the number of hours of darkness and the 24 hour period. So that's every reason not to be mean to the plants would come back -- I like that. We had a caller she had to hang out it was Hillary and she wanted to know -- get rid of scales. Well Bob I want you to release toxic insecticide that will do the job and I think that the preference. For most -- these days and scale insects directly controlled the -- -- for oil. The court for oral sprays like full quarter or year round sport you'll all -- and spray oil. They called the infection killed the wife suffocated them. Rather than with toxic compounds into the very environment friendly and they are very safe for us to use to make two to three applications of particle for oral spray. On the plan to contest -- would scale following the label directions and that -- -- a good job the scalable he's -- state stuck on the planet once they're dead. So don't expect him to disappear but once you've done 23 applications you've done and in and that's a good thing to do at this scale can really -- a plan. Let me ask you all the beautiful. Colorful plants flowers that we have planted so that would be some color in the wintertime. Where they just ruined by this. There there -- pretty much OK things are cool fees and bedding plants that we could find out October November because you know they're pretty party that includes paying him these scientists spent dragons. Luckily ambulances in the C I mean this whole lot of wonderful -- implants. He overwhelming majority of those are on my program ban Roche today. But once appeared -- rouge are finally got down to seventeen degrees. Down on the New Orleans area and even on the north for you can expect your pain is an equivalent. Speak today but they're gonna come around looked much better and they'll continue to brought by color all the way into the spring. I keep hearing just don't do anything right now let them let him adjust. Before you start ripping things out. Well we have had freeze has previously and what we have -- a major freeze episode. Early this month around the sixth and the seventh we have them early freeze back in late November that was talked about with -- on the areas. So you know. The damage has been done earlier. And -- -- -- plants secure part of oatmeal brown did -- injures all grounded cam is if you had damage to elephant ears for bird of paradise is. All of the tropical. Well planned to have that book that affect human tissue that I'm would be to issue. They can be trimmed back -- -- control all of them -- to get all that dead broke out of there. You can -- your garden up and put down small click the base of the plants. And doing -- -- do that so. For those type -- in game for a while now -- you can go ahead and do something about them. Any new image that you see this just showing up right now again newly damaged plants slipped and go for about a week before you finally begin to decide what to do. Dan -- our special guest and were talking about everything from your plans to your grass do you trees. Finding out what we need to do now then let's go to -- in Metairie. British I was wondering about my proprietary. -- The previous street car from the the stricter is likely this is a little milk or something on the outside. And I don't know how much worse that when it head covered had he -- on. -- -- Trying to give up applies to the winters some time to challenge some years it's easy this year it's a challenge. The the -- rooting out of the fruit on the tree indicated it was cold damaged. And it's very hard to get -- cold. Up from hurting the -- the appliance so if you keep your papaya tree lines to the winter even though the -- may be damaged and lost. Then that papaya tree is gonna produce a nice crop for you this coming summer. Any appliances that are losing leaking sap like that that milky sap -- just going in and take those off and chop them up implement my compost pile. Because they've been ruined by the cold in the green fruit that -- decent if any are just leave them on and see what happens for the rest for the winner. But if you're protecting enough -- all the trappings of fruits -- -- -- but the trees and still be in shape. Then you're doing good job land. And Aaron thanks in calling for calling we have so many in this is great we engaging sleek. And Roy stay with -- let's go to gay who was questioned about orchids. About elected. A -- yes my day and it today Mary cam and I'm calling them elected. That probably had about fifty out of in my green have. And public forum. And I'm wondering what fighting man they would like black orchid. You know decades when it's done it's done. You can't you know I'm not so it what kind of -- did you have in your green house. Well it's pretty good sale but I didn't have a heater on an advocate so worried about science you know -- -- Ukraine in the air and the practically -- And I really agree to bring -- this inning greenhouses and got to be heated. When he gets this cold day. They do attract -- during the day but remember it was very overcast with this front we have a lot of overcast until the sun was not out to warm that greenhouse for you. So one of the ways that we use greenhouses. Is to make sure we provide heat inside of them war. We find out what happens what happened -- -- case so if they're black and bit looking. I would not be optimistic about those what you wanna do in the future if you can't I eat that greenhouse usually have to bring ample collection inside your home. Where they can be kept warm in the put them back on the greenhouse again monster year freezing temperatures are over. That's what I normally do to bring it up -- But it as a very in the green aspect and it turned around Thanksgiving time publisher -- -- I was wondering if I got there. There's rectangle there -- then. That Claire went inside just put a -- in man and put them onto itself -- the greenhouses can only be double insulated. If they weren't. The probably not today on the remembered greenhouses urgently needed. Green houses in the limited use would -- is called. If you cannot keep them so if that's the situation got -- other greenhouse which can't eat. Then you have. Have to bring those plants inside the invocation. And we have this much cold for this many hours so the -- behind the black believe -- and hope that round then little green you know. The eight. You know -- -- Campbell and sit there and my fingers crossed for -- but we once they get black like that it's it's pretty it's pretty desperate at that. I say a mass burial. You'll learn you'll learn your lesson and move on. With with the with the situation and a lot of money. I don't is saying thank you -- I -- an -- hit fifty points I have one in my house and I scream and in every day live live so she's doing a wonderful thing. Let's go to James on the North Shore with the Virginia but I mean I've never heard of that. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- All right now you're at any truce period because the button we it is dormant and there's nothing you can do about it right now. What you're doing -- lightning -- calling ahead of time to find out what do I need to do this morning and what do I need to do through this coming summer to deal with my by the wind effectively you need to begin this. -- applications at the early part of April. Spray your yard with a herbicide called weed free zone. We freeze zone has contentious zone and then men opted do a better job of controlling the Virginia but we'd please -- that we freeze on the early April. He -- again what do we free zone in early may a month later. And then you -- along like a halt to this summer went to get hot you can -- -- along with that -- week Hillary again. But what about watching it long carefully in -- little patch of button region see that shows up in early June or July. Or whenever it shows up walk out there doing spot treatment. One on top of that actual we'd. And he'll do that program. All the Ausprey enable the world spray may and then spot treat into the summer. You'll never have the real problems that you -- in the past. Almost to go so well what will also be effective with a dull. Don't we you can treat for right now because don't we as an actor -- in the winter time. -- herbicide and cruising HER a ZIE in the actors seen as the best besides for dollar -- -- can use that this week and if it's not to rein in the time the temperatures are above sixty during the day he can space with the actors -- and that's a great job controlling these cool season we'd like to India -- dollar we'd that you -- going along this time of the year. Thank you so much for calling James what are got a little Roy from Gretna who has a question about Java content trees. -- -- -- I had about section at a Colorado street broad plot. You -- -- individual parts of -- Tuesday chance these underground. They're hearing and to -- it was like a match went. You know boy I mean. We know that we plant to accomplish an advocate and to make up problems for even pots. So what you want those avocados to make from forty and they can we get avocados and trees in New Orleans all the time so this is certainly a possibility. Couple we do realize we plan avocados and it's a tropical fruit and severe cold can cause major issues. But we have enough mild winters that makes it -- plankton in the ground. So award remember you're taking a gamble when you -- up a composition as part of planting them wait until the weather warms up an April early may. And plant trees and trees out in the yard them while they're small enough the first year or so. You may be able cover those trees if we're gonna have severe temperatures in the mid to low twenties that -- OK if it stays in the -- when he. Are around thirty degrees but wanted and that low points you need to protect them. They can't be killed back to the ground -- temperatures in the teens and young trees can be killed outright. But again it's a gamble that lots of partners take -- regardless I'm avocados in the New Orleans area on the couch or on the go forward. I think it's really too big of a gamble but on the South -- it's a gamble that many starters will take and I don't see why you shouldn't. Le Roy thank you so much for calling let's go to Charles and Jackson Charles. Two questions here first is that and he hysteria that was. Rebel art but the about forty Buick road master that my wife for an down to about the size of -- Liken. It. -- -- And let me -- -- -- on the -- the greens are forty clearly yes. You cannot kill it was period. It will -- is it will -- back with a vengeance and there was such as it possibly can so listed as a -- Brazilians and putting it back won't have heard it. Pro blooming however is gonna suffer because he's proven that the plant part in the fall winter. Period. You -- Islamabad on the listeria so I'm approving won't kill it won't even heard it that much but don't expect flowers. -- back as quick questions that have but the contractor putting him in the when he built in the late eighties. Hey weeping upon in this but it is about fifteen feet tall -- it's quarter against wall. And today small table top area in the courtyard -- large brick over. I would like to move it and if possible. Can these things beat transplanted. And how big he's going to root ball made pretty. You know -- the big issue Beers in the older plants. At that theoretically could be moved. But it's one -- the inside -- -- you want me -- -- part of the blue route system as a result. So don't don't be overly optimistic how would you do move it. I dig it up with a -- all that you come out about nine inches from the trunk. For every inch and I hammered in the trunk is that the banks. And that would give an odd about the size to the root ball you would ideally take. From that taken a large -- -- and practically managed. And then get the tree planted in the ground state to behold look -- -- I'm having good Bruce system. -- and then cross your fingers and see. But at that age best sides in with -- being run up against the house not being able all the way around it you have some some some challenges. OK good deal IQ we listened to the weaker. How much -- I don't play into this area you want to thank you don't have to. Thank you so much Charles calling. Let's go to early bracelet who has Blackberry -- Yes -- -- -- -- got a question. I've got some mud newly grew maybe 12 year old tiger bond's team. Just call it free really put a curtain on and I got -- he didn't know bunkers perfectly party so if it should not have Bob had been in the least. Now you may be the only just changed color. Doesn't look the way it did before. Are you may even lose some of the foliage but I'd like -- -- lines or are perfectly party in our climate they never freeze back here are really no matter how cold again. So all don't forget the Al Blackberry -- that produced batteries for you last year. -- not make beer Asian print them all the way if there and he's still laughed. It's been -- came -- came out last summer that will in the produce the series for you but those came to our fine even though that it looked funky. At this point now the -- just doesn't bother blackberries. You know adjusted to all new growth and optical impact. But would this free to outlaw a lot of Aldridge and how just ordered you know -- -- compact solid because they would -- in the country all got it. Well we just had a mild winter but the -- of -- in the fold which may have frozen. But the came to -- last summer which is when the major growth should have occurred are hardened often find. Our match. You're so now very very much. I'll go to lead in Kenner and you got a bold and be a problem. Yes -- do. Unfortunately it looks horrible and it was gorgeous and I had the most beautiful beautiful red blue. You know all last may and it just lovely but now drowning and horrible what it looks like -- -- at a -- -- you know. But the limitations that she needed to accept when you -- into the Bougainville. Hello this -- a tropical fine then he should have been aware it would freeze back if you got cold. So it's only it's only you know something you should have expected -- something -- expected and I would still plan to the -- at the top of the the -- she did anything wrong. It just that in the future -- you should understand and expect it when it gets -- cold. You've been in the is going to be damaged idiot not to put it down the teens to book and he may even be killed. But at this point it's only been damaged. It looked terrible leave it alone it's hard to know how far back attacked had been frozen. I think that -- until spring league at that point where it is still alive it will sprout up and begin to grow again hopefully that's not. Not going to be too far down but to know when it's bout them against them that's going to be around about like march April may be an end of may. Give OK time. And then just going to count when using the Walt amount. Prune it back to the point where he's human growth coming now. Let him a little problem -- there's always the equipment cold. Think he's allegedly we're gonna quickly go to Robert in Picayune with a lemon -- problem. Hey -- and a question about voluntary. Rather large entry. Probably 1015 -- talks that produces hundreds of the year that all the colleges around in the corner and go forward. Every time somebody -- me now we say yes. -- everybody out that that -- if there's any hope. You all there is always hope now the limits are among the least party of the sectors that we -- so they're particularly sensitive to the cold. -- Robert again you're gonna be doing lightly with Serb entity it. You can just sit back and be patient and wait until spring he -- or if that -- -- and a new growth. Now I'm like leave it in the curb payback right away then you need to wait until July. You need to wait until July it was game which interest wait until July the cut off whatever it seemed to be dead and has reached out in the spring the other thing to be. Be careful of property is look for growth from the base of the trunk. That's what the press skiing in that the -- stocks Browning -- all you have left sprouting out in the spring Robert is -- growth from the base of the trunk. Dig -- your rhythm and -- -- live entry of the root stock will respond going after severe cold but that's archer limb and you've lost your ligaments. But if you see new growth coming up from the opera uncle from the major branches here -- has survived prune it back in July and that should be okay in the long run. Once again that is hope.