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1-30 4:10pm Sports Talk: Sergeant Slaughter

Jan 30, 2014|

Deke and Boby talk with the famous wrestler Sergeant Slaughter to talk about the upcoming WWE Wrestlemania in the Mercedes Benz Superdome.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

A lot of things happening in New Orleans in the sports scene and of course for the first time we will host the Super Bowl on wrestling and it's coming -- April. Our president welcoming and Sargent slaughter who's in town of course they're viewed to be hall of Famer -- and it was. In him diamonds in assuming here since -- on how are. Honesty and. And after Saturday's. I -- I can drive them out there don't play pulled over slowed his tee ball movement. Keep fumble with a sudden it's an audit you look like you're in tip top physical shape on the you have you have kept. Your your -- I've tried tried it's not easy after all was forty years and and even Barry and some of these superstars of the past and the present. It is great to -- of all the Indians in the W WP there ambassador in. And watch another Russell made you come on number thirty already just to. Pursued happy to two -- Speak in a day of what when you look at how big wrestle mania has gotten I mean that the -- venues the record crowds -- the you to be a hairline and one of the early ones in 7 am usually -- Talk about -- Well it was just they are great feel like him often flies GI Joseph contract so I missed the first six Russell radius. One number assembled non came along I was. Out of contractors side has Bruin tell formal name is Vince McMahon and so I urge to use her visions are the only -- and so while -- get an idea for you -- -- back to work it out right so. He told me to tell two's house the next day and you know an idea and he was already worked and -- to me at seven. Who is you know right after some instances that happen a -- wants it in. He I had this idea of does Iraqi sympathizers Sargent slaughter and he -- Paul called -- my point -- -- -- one of -- -- -- the -- by that time and -- -- -- -- He laid out a diagram of the coliseum in LA which we're all 104. Dollars 5000. Fans you like corporate director from some factories Detroit. And so I was all -- all -- Pogo on the gulf port and of course my wife. My mind. So we we went forward and now all hell broke loose is the robredo -- What you know you just do it's all entertainment. Tom cheek and -- did camera just to entertain people and you know here. From fans that era hall funding public funding had to to watch that. Sargent slaughter piece of a bad. Do you and other countries. Anti America you know it was just and he -- do my job well. The IBO and hand the idea yet exactly and now when you look at. All through the years ago what would you say. Just wrestlers in general the number one injury like. And noble what was maybe the worst injured idea that you that. Well most of mine were chiropractic to go work though luckily -- never broken if you have that in my fingers of mine knows several times model lacerations but. You know the neck injuries seems to be more pro. You know probably to these days because of all the media hype reached moves he's doing and and you know -- -- guys are much better shape than we were. You know Hart trained better they'd you know I it's better. And you look at him their all you know reach any of these. And they have a tough you know hall only these don't just use televisions you know right week it's it's every day and of course. Now and a -- man united doctors are on. On the on the site whoever they Nolan is chiropractors it is you know. People watching over manner -- her best. You know expecting it to be at our stage here right -- circle you have to have what you -- for and so. Addai had decision napkin and of course these are always tough tough thing is you never know when that -- might. He you know I'm sheep and you trajectories stranger. Major foot joy until direction. It's certainly not everybody's -- all trained as swamp when I first. With all. All the we. We were all learn from each other through different territories right now there third being trained and Orlando to terms of the facilities that are. The -- to monitored three months would be enemy event that the Madison Square Garden that he well he just never -- yet you know be real careful. Visiting with W Debbie hall of fame assault and slaughter a big one coming up an early April it is wrestle mania thirty it's the super bowl of wrestling it has become an iconic event. I -- he's gotten attention worldwide and have a hundred million dollar economic impact to city of New Orleans and Saunders thought it was on guesses -- that -- in our harassment of course I think back in the day it was it was scanned -- ball looked -- she thought you know the different guys as a and so many people that -- -- I'll -- -- one game accorsi gave you had your your front man U manager Bobby the brain he -- what was it like to work with him for all. You don't use your -- throughout you better -- right down the -- have a launcher. Just sitting around he was always trying to entertain you can make you laugh atlases. His Forte and he sure did you know and -- -- -- -- might perform on a two on you'll pass from ourselves and act like he did nose on. And I -- the chance alive but he was a very Smart Smart man now still lives. And you know he he do business in cyanide into the -- kids so. He do autumn community and the fans out there and irresistible one Greek guy opposite. Fortunately now he starts some throw problems would it -- He'll he'll probably be here -- and yet. When you look at the things in common with wrestle my NL right now what we're talking about promoting me things will get into this and his second but. The hall of fame banquet event that takes place right before wrestle mania -- mean who who the stars have dressed and I think what one thing that is down with talk about events and this is an event with the Super Bowl this week in and their all Star Magazine the all star game. What are wrestling does a great job is is putting the forefront that gas who helped build it what it is in this hall of fame ceremony takes place before you'll part of getting into the hall of -- it really is 00 what's it like down. It it really use its it's a great job and out only to be adopted but to to be at the Easter morning itself flaw. They'll be Russell mania has done it. Not just one day it's a two week long festival for not only the did you ever -- fans but for us. -- practicing. And for these superstars of today you know there's always something going on and you know being inducted into the hall of fame and it's very prestigious -- we don't really tall are. Russell mania are super ball we called our homecoming all the guys were everybody tells back to. And the titles were all -- and it's a -- huge night and the next -- a Medina hit frost goes on it's for the next wrestle mania 31. And know whoever came up with a term like caged. In you know Collison and again we always refer -- indicated there are different level and -- My first it's natural it's in non Japan. And over there -- only been in the business for but eight months and will report Japanese. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I'm better because there is no no way in -- out -- on top opportunity to. And you either want you you lost her you know when I was -- and it was it was pretty frightful. Solid slaughter. Who was in -- things progressed. Well I as growing up in the Minnesota area I I always like to to have my -- -- the -- He had a cousin named a bruiser and they were required for double team and it -- it talked I decided not to abuse from Milwaukee and Newton Newton you made a marquee famous of these payroll loss -- heralded football today. That's over we did that -- as soon as -- -- it was a lot of fun to me it's him my favorite. And of course all my family members all had their -- so we always have a -- on Saturday -- them. Who who's gonna win who's gonna lose. And -- the sergeant Carter was there a big rivalry between you talk about Minnesota north vs the south. You know wrestlers and then it gives it a saving it anytime in sports no matter what it is things like it is regional allies for as the favorite. You know while we leave you always so booked in to see what was wrong wrong wrong -- -- always -- that you attitude that he Major League which is New York. And of course. Louisiana and I were curator bill -- and Russell. To any -- his last match. U forward broke his neck in the car crash. It. It is -- Murdoch. Killer. Carl -- -- but roll. Bars in almost immunity payroll. In the business long before Iowa since I was an educational thing for -- He didn't have any problem open here in giving -- suggestions. -- -- -- -- And talked to me about my match in the future but I was just the great. Great time and when I had an opportunity to come down and work for the loss. Two up doctors used to be cute for my career. Did you get the hall of Famer Sargent slaughter is our special -- talking about wrestle mania is coming up at the first of April caused general comes up right after that. So there's a lot of as far as. Wrestling. What are you doing now days. Apart as I see you these classified as a promoting Debbie Debbie -- made it what what would you be involved with. Now I'm Jeremy ambassador for for Vinatieri did you guys do a lot of different things a -- -- stationed here for more Russell mania. I Jauron a -- visits to the children's hospitals of veterans' hospitals visiting troops here in over a season and brought up. Ball or baseball game drop off the clock and I hockey gamers tip off -- place among charity golf tournaments things like. I'd just promote. The Debbie Debbie Ian and its superstars in the -- events it's -- defense pay per view events. And television events and of course we're -- -- to promote. Not only -- me about Russell mania fan access. Which is interactive festival which allows. It's going to be video. France to meet him yet these superstars in. Past -- present as I said you know witnessed alive injuring matches. Mr. participating. In interactive question and answer sessions with them to be superstars and do a very it is incredible display which I have when it appeared in is radio display of memorabilia. By Goosen. Campaign coverage and things like that. Yours sometimes to camouflage Levine and takers for -- person. There's a man. Corporate that was filled up. So -- meant by stone cold Steve loss. And it's it's fun stuff through Tennessee and and that all happens in over then it starts on the the third of April when we go through the sixth and -- -- Of course the next night and the services lives. Monday night raw but. Reason I'm here today is to tell everybody that you're. You do. Going on the fan access because that's -- on sale Saturday February 1. And that's through Ticketmaster and just. Want anybody to miss on an opportunity to be yes. You know -- -- -- -- at citizens see some of my sergeant slaughter talked to Roddy Piper and after -- argument here comes Johnson you know our. Randy Orton. Each show coming over a -- you guys do on and and Estes. You know it's something you can help us with our careers where do you think you bought the match. And that can have a admiration society and it and they always thank you for paper in the Rose from them. It and and it's fun for me I even go there when I'm not to do it here just I don't one. Watched the green matches that are going on alive matches are on you a place were just like we're sitting there too and you can. You watching them match and -- on you can do commentary and you view the videos and dvds. Yeah it's all part of B yeah with Russel maybe we. It's great fan access to tickets go on sale Saturday folks it is -- basically aren't compared to what we have coming up in February had the MBA all star jam session it's an event that happens at the memorial convention center. We get to -- -- former greats in the NB same thing for rest of -- it is fan access to get school on sale. Said they saw this marte up to 10 AM 10 AM Saturday morning go to Ticketmaster Saunders all of the pleasure to have you -- and anything -- -- the only down I would be glad you know. You're right to doing pushups now. And yeah. As a unit that put you over clutch when you do that well known on article crime and if you got out of it clear -- that -- right quick the rest of that -- associated because I played with them. And that went Elena. Bill Goldberg. Nine bill Albert we always -- hardest time in the weight room as -- this team you know things that rotational that the it's like Heatley fifteen to twenty snaps a game a University of Georgia. You know real strong and a and we've kind of thing you know -- only -- well you know it is talking about you know -- the end -- -- said. Well what do they call you that your average June there so those that he's -- what his real name bill Goldberg is illegal bird in the play eat -- me. That it was unbelievable the pain. And the recognition that he got through wrestling that the football peavy and holik and that would mean in this league. At Whittier College address. Funny you know not only football players but in all sports and stars of stages -- wannabe professional wrestlers that. I noticed this year about 45 times -- -- rights off from Baltimore's saw. Like I from Charlotte. Davis Thomas Davis there -- linebacker and -- Ortiz for the Boston -- Holden Debbie Debbie titles and and they wanna be wrestlers and -- Sherman you're the Pro Bowl like a professional army and looked at the from a publicity that he guys displaced you know speaking his line averages says hey you think you're gonna pass the ball past me yeah definitely. A test and it's. I was a pro ball like that around here you probably want to. See him he's WW hall of -- solid Smart cited thank you so much -- don't do I know I know they'll be millions of people on here. In Tom listening and watching wrestle mania and be in part the axis of thank you all for. For having -- bit. Be aware that you know -- that's gonna be wrestlers that in these events you'll see if you know. Stars of sports and street past president I know a lot of the Saints will be either. And all the local love sports you know man you know there albeit Russell make it so don't don't miss out. Yes indeed Debbie does -- WW understand this for 33 time first -- over the Christmas.