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1-30 4:40pm Sports Talk: Sports Betting

Jan 30, 2014|

Deke and Bobby talk to General Manager of predictionmachine.com to talk about Super Bowl prop bets.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

And welcome back he's been -- -- all season off in the pre season now to the Super Bowl kolbe chg in the prediction machine that comments it would is now. To talk about this week in Super Bowl action our view from Vegas that brought you back acme oyster house do grown into and over 100 years and Paul. Or maybe the top two or three prop bets for those who vote this weekend. -- yet we've analyzed only got them on one that you did in the entertainment but they had them video will predate let me Wear gloves. Colonel bars that. -- start there I think that they are strong to be in is actually. Players you'll kicker for a Denver Broncos line at nine point for him over under. In the ten games in which Denver scored thirty fighter pure point Matt -- we went over points twice under on -- Greater. At nine point looks very strong really had to work by point nine points over the course game is which two field goals or 1033. Extra points. It looked like -- expectations there Peyton may mean under two and touchdown the greatness -- game. That Denver Broncos scored two or fewer points Payton and threw for more than two touchdowns point really like being there and it isn't lately. The prop -- which is about 60% of the actual outcomes too global. They played injured receiving yards are old receivers for the Denver Broncos including Julius starts talking about. Poor guys they're -- him well. Probably go over -- it is in theory which the orient lines -- going to -- in receiving yards he could go for water into a lot into your proper. Under for all errors -- -- Now well what about the profit. About how many times Pete Manning Yale's all law. I think I that was like 27 and have. Why is it seems like get into the way it is is like UNC LaMont you wager -- how does that work within all markets. Anke gave influence and I'm sure Peyton Manning -- aware that in the hot. Yeah. And very low. Maximum wagers made him so. It too much. Your heart you're telling people he's gonna be at the daily going to be lined. That that is going to be. Funny -- that you're now and recent title that would ought -- Stevenson told me that. O line. Is teams use -- Whether you pick it over under to get it right here Ukraine won -- -- to -- -- it means you got to be about -- 4% to. Competent or who witnessed player more than we actually like the over it now is the chip that. Grade she was about we standing ball on -- -- -- yet so there. Of the snaps at some point. And yet with a bit chisel the -- ought to -- -- the -- you ever had 63. While on sports net -- at old boy at that time about it and it came up with two doubles -- -- -- that word in our projections but the current line like he. I've populous than mine and that total on Sunday in the Super Bowl. Exactly about Denny got an -- and coming you know and our minds two and a half. I mean that most of public being to Natalie -- and -- but it went by feel or more we lose two and a point gain but it Seattle weed -- simulation 404021. -- around the court projection. Look at -- lean toward under the 60% -- him -- he had a cup respect really like that there. I'm personally professionally I didn't want to get the number going into this weekend in the Super Bowl and -- you guys and noble. Are taught to do it all post season. Were. -- CA GM a prediction machine dot com talk always a pleasure thank you so -- Our way this is sports talk on WW.

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