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1-30 5:40pm Sports Talk: Steve Korte

Jan 30, 2014|

Deke and Bobby talk to WWL First Take Co-Host and former Saints Offensive Lineman Steve Korte about the Super Bowl.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

-- Saints offense and I'm -- Colts -- Panthers takes the court as he would just nasty Eva. You like as -- match of the oddsmakers say it's close you think gonna beat nick -- Yeah I'd do they -- going to be close I think it. You know this is more you know I -- times hasn't been that way and the championship game is that the AFC champ -- game but the championship game sort that want that. You know they and -- and bubbles does so anticlimactic. That this went here to me is is really to -- the other two teams sort -- -- -- so. When you look at. Denver in the number one offense and our power they are you look at Seattle. Because it think it -- and go down to -- You know sort Peyton Manning is wide -- against that secondary Seattle I think it's those kind of cancel each other out. And I think it that's when you get it on the office or. At Denver's beat their -- got Marshall ledge. And they limit his potential scores his ability touched a -- be a Denver could be in for a longer but -- still feel like Denver Michael. What is the event that's the question I have you know via failing -- -- -- -- Denver with a real to contain him before waters. Would be surprised in the game ago even in their first have that they can contain him McCain who do it for four quarters but -- as the game with the Seattle. Noble and NFL average -- 174 yards in the Broncos bubble under the -- Said 64 and a half when you talk about like in the trenches. It's a line and let's say your goal line. Against a top. Run at the top rush defense to me now that gets harder on all of that sublime and indeed that sublime and you have the best of both worlds and I can. Well you know it's sort depends on if you didn't. If you had any success at all lottery in you know this if you could be can run year and then what you sort of go off between drives. And your offensive line coach and recorders get together. You know we're slowly start where these guys down. Below -- Seattle's offensive line that's physical they are. If -- and kind of continue to beat on on Denver's defense and they begin to sort Wear out candidate -- I don't think I don't think Denver's secondary or do it out to give you course. A lot of those guys those safeties back there start Munich and make tackles. And I start to think that your going to be in for all think that -- could pull out but it's gonna at -- Almost a war of attrition at that point who's aware for. He had does Steve I K -- approach that there's an obviously first things first I want stuff more shamans. But ago will Seattle may be open it up a little bit with Russell Wilson. And obviously beacon on the ball utilize play action there and maybe instead of you know having a game -- -- he's throwing 20/20 to 25 may be more at thirty to 35 depending obviously how many possessions. And all of the snaps but the bill the one thing well I look at. I would Russell Wilson now we've seen at times how he can extend plays and make plays with his feet. Then I'll watch -- they don't have a few plays. Where -- -- goal as designed for him to get out the pocket run pass option because so whatever gets you have got to play next week. Well right now that's a great point I mean there is no tomorrow -- the fact that you know if you sort of forcing him into using your legs. To sort of extend the play like you were talking about that really should be used out exit question that that they want to do. And not take it away from Russell Wilson these prevention quarterback a great -- certainly. You know as -- -- criticism that that quarterbacks don't but you know the same point. You know that's going to be record there I think they want to make Russell Wilson. Pete I don't I don't know he has the ability to do that but I right. It's going to be choosing to find out because this this should be a great and you know like we we are -- It is come down crucial penalty are crucial turnover at some point and that will be the turning point game. He is former Saints offensive lineman calls the fans first takes the court steep thank you so much enjoy the game Sunday mom ran. Mine. -- the thank you grandma to sports talk on WW.