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1-30 6:35pm Sports Talk: Super Bowl

Jan 30, 2014|

Deke and Bobby talk to NFL Running Back Dominic Rhodes to talk about winning a Super Bowl and his teammate Peyton Manning.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

And welcome MacKey is the -- to camp Bobby Hebert and Deke Bellavia 260187866. 8890 -- have -- teams the number to get involved Super Bowl Sunday. This week in and talk over it starts it's a name Kristi gave what have you with first take him out now will be out at twenty to clear view mall from noon to three. And when handout to the big network. For coverage of Super Bowl. 48 Westwood one's over Scott Graham. Kevin hall and the Boomer Esiason and grates on the sidelines James Lofton and mark Malone. For the game time at 530. Right here on WW radio. And they go look at an interest in story kind of funny you know you hear. That the players. Maybe how they come about and and get their nickname. -- night. And realized is that. His nickname is hot girls. And he came -- a big -- busted through the middle. They would -- Tom Brady and you know it's obviously immediately how did you get the name pot Rose. And he went on to say that at the time he's playing with the Jacksonville. -- Jaguars and he was on a six hour flight like a team flight probably going. Either way with the -- -- east to west is -- rejects those then you know. Line out and and he said that on a six hour flight big guys are tired and you know they got the lights out and play in his dark in. And and and he went on to say I'm like right here her right here. And in my teammate behind me. Was like you say in that like that's your name. As you probably sort of feeding them zoning in -- -- hot roast in. And this is steamy -- -- that you're saying that like that your name it's a step from now on I'm gonna call you -- road. And then it's Doug -- meaning fed. You know he likes the -- he he kind of -- that name pot -- said it was either that. Our shrimp Alfredo. So I'm glad I got that nickname pot -- Yeah and and now's the time he's playing with the Jaguars and I tell you -- the he's. A big time thumper in the middle of for the Broncos and it. Will be a big reason they could stop more -- because he laughed occupy blockers. So they're linebackers to flow downhill and on May be trying to contain Marshawn Lynch. Probably gained -- bottom line is Terry Jackson better known as -- -- has to have a big game but it defensive front for the Broncos. General a lot about a suitable cozy a 11 when they've defeated Chicago bands in this who bow down in South Florida Dominic Rhodes John does now. Dominique takes you so much for the time howry. Let them let not to be scared about you Charlotte. We do on whether you know Dominic I watch all these different NFL films that come this time he -- it brings back in oh. Our imagined this Tommy -- every year re kennels a lot of memories for a lot of great things and certainly it. One that you probably look down on medium left and your right hand and remind you that you were a Super Bowl team. Oh well definitely. This town here though is special you know as -- around this time you vote someone else think it's come into that. Then readers here and it's obvious to -- champion. It will be a couple of elected and that I was sixty got and he declined and this year. And and now I have an idea that it goes against our side -- again. -- It record it champion immensely. Now dominate -- all the football you've played what can you tell the fans. About Peyton Manning and I know what you witness you know quarterbacks leaders of hole below what is your overall take now can he got an outside look and and and would've paid management and been able to do to rod is. I'm just has persevered and -- it equally initiate. It is absolutely sure outspoken on in. And Tom wouldn't do it -- personally and I. -- player a warrior and a class almost or. You know -- you know me and taken note you know what go man there's just feel that -- He -- that nobody -- You talk about. He's got a lot to him over and over him in you know in other people on who. You know he does consummate professional and works is to allow. And that being but he right now he's -- after the whole injury and everything. You know. I'm new musical comeback because I know artwork and I know how much he has any -- -- -- on -- and -- let him. Is the local business that we play in him and passed away I mean we're almost I don't know because -- out of the game. And I cannot do as well. A great story acacia don't know dominate -- Super Bowl champion with the Indianapolis Colts when they defeated the Chicago Bears back in the 07 Super Bowl down in South Florida. -- grow to that point I'm not a history Domenik when we get into training camp and we talked on a season we always talk about like. You're one snap away your -- drafted gas. Out of Midwestern State edges changes in there once that. You become a starter at that point out. The most rushing yards and a vote in 2001 -- undrafted rookie when you look back on it and you hear people say would you just once -- You live vet who better to give Dei -- talk about being -- it sitting down make inning going on win a Super Bowl. Well -- talk about -- you know could well -- you were. In Indianapolis. As far as. And and how you know are at the word that we we were as players you know. Currently we knew from jump. One play away -- Marlins back injury kept the can't be ready he nature good book and make -- that opportunity. And you know a lot of that shot I mean I had no no I'd be allowed opponents. I spent as far as demands on my house run and -- to my dad and my life -- and you and I worked out in my. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And really got -- of course gone in and get me started in right Irish. Now Dominic obviously I they always like when I talk to running back that led them describe or. That their fellow their pairs. You know running backs that are playing today when you look at it now the game it seems like. A lot of teams are doing it you know running back by committee. Depending on the down and distance obvious he's still got. Adrian Peterson's. Of the world would if you look at most teams it is done by committee but who will what is your take when you look at. The featured running backs for the Broncos and the Seahawks looked in and know -- Marino I think he's taken it manages situation. Playing with Payton and and you -- Marshawn Lynch b.s hold them break -- down those two backs what you've seen. Oh man or rather just say most. This is right he's really build into that dol fans and started to play that game and he's going on the small things that really count them -- -- in the Obama to -- series pigment of the blocks and he's he's getting those. Posted -- yards Lannan now you know that -- -- that's what it takes the play and I'll as the pavement as we have Charlotte back probably around. And eventually do when he played -- -- and the opportunity to him. You know -- mental -- screen game and on the -- I mean I've been around it and it definitely. Happy for him what was going on his crew at this point. And -- on man -- -- He's that attitude that you. Pitching pitching he during that being your backfield wanna get on the and he elimination you have opportunities -- and the -- when he thought how can you know. -- if you have an opportunity that you have to have to win a lot of football games -- she's tall. You don't feel that deal on ninety -- -- -- You know -- when you look back on a Lotta soup bowls as the forty so nearly fifty -- both. Not media backs rush 400 yards you're one of minutes when he had seventeen victory. Over the Chicago Bears. And thank you and got it about me not cover a lot down here at LSU Joseph -- Really well 12 tandem -- Andrea was I was at all. You know you go to a game when a game plan but in the weather played a factor that you guys had to run the ball -- a little more you thought you -- to running game. Oh yeah I'm a bit player but you know laughter hopefully man. -- -- But in you know and again and I'll look and feel a bit of -- game and we could bog down you know something like three yards on and that. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- In a -- about it if that -- included circle above about. And game. Even start raining you know so. It could turn into one of -- yeah not the traditional redneck -- -- I'd love and where will come into the ground and now we European Gil come out the -- Now dominate look NN the pressure obviously. With the Saints we going to be looking at you who's the next Drew Brees are who didn't so to speak when you pass the charge. Boy you have to think that against these teams have hit the lottery when you look at the 49ers when I remember they went back up from Joseph Montana and Ron Amadon. You look from Brett Favre to Aaron Rodgers with the Packers but then you look at the Colts. In how fortunate I think obviously. You gotta think short term then you look at long term. Was it like it was a win win situation. -- mister -- and and the colds even though greens on there but to go from Peyton Manning Andrew Luck. All you know me and I. I didn't -- -- through the organization the culprit in my life and created there have been gotten burned me. He's definitely illegal and now PE everything yeah more and good part of business and you know. I don't think it was my again going away and you look. You never know -- -- -- do it then they'll play this guy so that it you know me I'll watch a lot to do those same case. And it brought it came back in saint should be done to him and -- spare them an additional comic. -- -- -- Coming -- but. You nominate your regular putrid or. Certain and that will be that -- would love to be back there weren't much on him and if you're on the bag -- I. Dominate -- NFL running American world champion with the Indianapolis colts' Dominic thank you so much it's great to visit with you good luck to you in the future. Well thank you very much to have me on and that you're in New Orleans primarily go go out there at Tulane University great city. A little of New Orleans -- Tulane in. -- -- -- I got -- down Madonna did it did can folks followed you on Twitter. Yeah. Take that -- Kuhn. And yeah I think back to an educator -- here period. Dominate thank you so much good to visit with the are you are right this -- Stockholm a Super Bowl 48 Sunday at 530 yard WW Texas Tech.