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1-30 7:10pm Sports Talk: Sports Betting

Jan 30, 2014|

Deke and Bobby talk to Professional Sports Better of vegasrunner.com Vegas Runner to talk about the Super Bowl.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Welcome back to sports talk now Bobby -- KG channel the big chief. Deke Bellavia on the line we have biggest run of BR. VR. He's seen things he got a pretty hard to close the closer we get -- -- suitable. Yeah that's usually get beat -- We get the path of the action calm until Friday through kick off. I mean most. I'm back here in Vegas and offshore and -- throughout the country will tell you on the property and even 10% there handle. Com capital Friday night and again Friday through Sunday is when -- not a 90%. The betting action will come in -- usually. Comes in Carolina. Is I did it nineteen. What's gonna commonly simple idea of where the money's -- ago. But so far again it doesn't come until much later. Now -- VR it seems like and greatly from -- I'm wrong but I think I'm going in the right direction that the general public. That they all on that Broncos bandwagon -- by the professional better might be leaning more towards the Seahawks. Yeah the thing you've got to realize that most. -- know that you're gonna. -- he's very calm especially in the game where it's going to be. Actually it was a lot of tackle better money can't remember two things -- will batting lines money and respect. And even though the capitals batter doesn't get a lot of respect for the sports books. They definitely have the money to move lines and that's what it would be Denver number it has been. With Seattle minus one at some shops. And a pick and elders and immediately money came in on Denver's side now triple off to a round at times to winning hand. -- the -- the number of free -- even. You're now reports -- panel once cited the talks with branch and I think. Because of the bank that was better at all while waiting for the best number. Think baseball immediately the line which climate in Denver -- rest assured when McCain kicks off. The -- are going to probably be happier on the Denver but it. It's not going to be overwhelming. At -- here now with -- saying you know 90% of the betting action is on the Denver signed. And you don't particularly needs Seattle remember the accompanist suitable really don't need anything the only thing they need is -- medal. It is in the middle they get -- spotlight every single here. Well the -- didn't turn a profit on the Super Bowl. Because of all the prop bet all the partly all the cheaters and the group that collectible line. Now -- VR when you look at all those who rubles and it seems like you know you look at number one seeds that. And the NFL got it right that you we are looking at a two best teams -- -- is Seattle Seahawks and the Broncos and explain that audience or even myself. When you look at and I kind of thing and I don't know you could -- -- -- I think he can go either way but I was the difference in -- city. Pick dominant two and a half point is that a lot. -- that the difference between tech and salute to hit it very significant but the difference between pick in -- The park calm because -- the most important number one dead Indian now. Amen that's why -- -- them if you're gonna. Come to -- -- it but he looked at tomorrow. It's green wanted to get his three. Bookstores that now because there's no that -- -- probability that the game and being where one team wins by -- concept. Cute now again there's teen numbers such as -- -- have been the most important numbers one and -- and it's like. And -- you know there's numbers such is five that really don't matter -- -- -- -- pick one to. It's significant but it -- that the play that. Huge and professional bettors may not be in the touch this game because again it's only one game. And professional -- know that for action and I think next. And the rest assured that the only. Most professional batters he'd get -- no intentions of Ahmadabad on this year's Super Bowl. That pop regret the play because they help keep that is. DR Vegas trying to regain that common man that. VR Vegas -- dot com VR what are what are some of two or three of the big prop bets that people are betting on remote. I hit it at the thing at the top -- in -- has talent put up the top. Back in 1989. Hole anyways with the Chicago Bears New England Patriots in the top -- put -- Where William Perry the refrigerator scored a touchdown if you remember when he went to Portland he put it in the -- field. And they put that prop up at Heinz 51 and money coming in on the refrigerator and it went it was -- 1521. Point -- The frequent in for a touchdown every once celebrate that's when props really got -- -- just stand there and every year there's kind of like competition who could come up with the most creative pops who put put up. And the leader and a most sports -- she talked to tell you that the. There's probably 50% of all the betting action has been done. And the ball on the puppets of the game probably attract 50%. And the top at the track bit deeper then and because there's not really don't keep profit debt that. The direction that we needed to split because most can't batters again pop in prop -- -- Other reason -- impounded because they -- -- kick off. For the final whistle. And -- able to split the action throughout the 34 hours -- the ball and make sport out there on in because -- the ordered cleanup. But there are some topic -- the -- guys again in popping in and done that but the one that the books are going to be exposed. Now VRs speaking at a prop bet. And I don't know LaDainian investigation. Would you look at. Now who's been using the National Anthem and I was reading where. She's opera singer. So you look how long opera singer Renee Fleming her rendition national land them. I was reading having let over on there's like two minutes and thirty seconds or the president of the opera -- that they've pretty disciplined. Aren't any stretch and I'll the 2000030 seconds how does that look. Yeah you know it's the same because he's an awkward thing -- probably done it we should be. I am and lastly I think it was the security people probably last year was only to keep that thing. And every one did its homework on YouTube. Freebie this time she sang the national leaned down and people. Cahill headed down and -- included state that beyond their and she wanted a. Apparently. It's the Super Bowl and because it's that simple she wants to be onstage as long as possible. So she date they. Stretching out a little longer than usual on properly again now that sports books wiped out that's probably factored into the batting -- And probably not get down you would be over. -- they here. I think that's the week it looked like that. The all Vegas Toronto pregame that common Vegas trying to come on in the odd feeling to play. -- -- -- Kept it and it championships Sunday but we're gonna switch gears in the Super Bowl game for me it's simple. If you remember when into NFC championship and I championship. Fourteen that were expected to be here if he delegates were fortunate to be in the championship game and looked up on the board. Is. Fortunate that were in the championship game where was that from what. Has that look at. He needs at least amount of return on your money to get to the Super Bowl penal the lowest on. And in the NC championship game when they odds makers from all. And they don't they only one match ups. What would do to prepare and come out and beat most bet Seattle Denver. Would be gone. Most that -- would be yet hopefully I have Denver -- same plane with a bit of tampering impersonal England's -- in Killeen now. Seattle should actually be a kick off against Denver now public money it's common in all. Denver -- side and you're able to do. If the penalty at -- winning and there -- Police out there are probably out of bounds you better try to get my money went -- the best and winner -- -- have been fine like up at the bit and because I -- and I trust what the oddsmakers say that is going to be tickled. If I could get plus three -- Seattle that aside I'm taking it I can't get operated under an opportune when I think Seattle when it's game eight. Via our Vegas front of regain that kind VR is the end of -- that would obligate and noble cause we got to see what will don't know don't know player known as the football cities. Mom and now. Everyday. All right DR thank you so months and rightly or how Wright being on our view from Vegas is brought to you by. Acme oyster house -- the French Quarter Brady's all -- was -- and instrument for over. 100.