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1-30 7:30pm Sports Talk: Super Bowl

Jan 30, 2014|

Deke and Bobby talk to President of Galaxy Sports Advisors Pat Lawlor about the Super Bowl.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

And welcome back -- -- Manning loses the Super Bowl would have heard his legacy it's operated jaguar opinion -- at WWI dot com. The president of Galaxy sports advisors Patten knowledge on just now he represents him and like -- Matthew Patrick Peterson. And of course I thought about the civil business side of the game anything NFL can't thank you so much first of all what is Galaxy sports advised that. Well that my. Sport practiced on your book Raton Florida. I do that dialogue in the sport agency which is again out sports. What you're you're you're a guy it's in the law background will pay may weaken as -- is little question ahead of time by but I don't talk about it next week. What do you make of this in new emotion all -- staying with the northwestern football players trying to become make a union this seems like physical BA big story moving forward. I think it's interesting but I don't think achievable. I don't think because the union deal was kind of uniformity I've played and the -- for me the fact that there are college football player. But I think because of the relationship between the student athlete. And beat the and that traffic out the Caribbean cruises to go to the proper Travel Channel to decertify the union. But I still think it did bring a lot of points about these players getting -- -- compensated well I'm concerned with. -- medical care after they leave college were ongoing injuries that would put happy to. One night and well. Now -- when you look at the top talk as far as cover guys and obviously declining or as a Patrick Peterson. And and then you look at Richard Sherman. When I break it down I think that separates Patrick Peterson in. Vs Richard Sherman I think you just overall better athlete mean. This and UC -- Chara returning kickoffs or punts more if we had the ability of a Patrick Peterson on his ball skills. And he was a receiver. It's all of the chart and it speaks for itself what he's done. A leading the NFL the last two years in interceptions but what is your take. I mean I know -- -- what did you take along those two players. Well it it hit it out unfortunately Patrick. Really inspired you about a month ago so. Yeah yet though but in terms of that question. I think -- two different types of corners. I think they're both incredibly good press. Ryan Patrick impressing people took the achieve in the numbers there after comical. I think Richard -- long in terms of you could see that played at the end of the game. Nowadays and I think you'll agree gathered in the corner and press coverage a little more leeway. It's it is using the body to body here they can't they now feel. So I think that that really is benefit which should be to those guys out but yet he saw that in the Pro Bowl. I mean they were really hands. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- But in terms of the coverage skills. -- thing I think Patrick better at it the ball -- I think it is good. At when the ball thrown downfield to make adjustments done as it all the great record. Right I agree point type when you look at the greatness and I guess it is not over. In look at the legacy in the right ceremonies. In his thirties -- have a legacy but truly what Peyton Manning has accomplish in the consistency. In the regular season now have an opportunity get a second to a bowl win we'll what is your take where -- rank him when you look at the greats. And I've played there what Joseph Montana. And and I take the approach and I think Ambien objective about this that. I -- harder it is to play at the highest level when Peyton Manning is done. By a number of years where he's considered the top breakfast is a quarterback ever. But I think if he wins on Sunday. That he's -- in the conversation. As greatest of all time and if he decides to come back and I think he well. If he's healthy. And then if you went back to back like. His boss John Elway. And then I mean who would argue that he's had the greatest of all time but over adversity he's faced and what he's accomplished. I gave you -- the -- and I think the only. You know mark against them this playoff record on the when you're playing Tom Brady consistently. It Tom Brady had better teams I thought like this year dug a pit Manning had a better team -- one. Yeah yeah now the thing -- when we get the the big game. I mean out right up where we get there and Mario put up incredible and Thomas couldn't get that they win. In I think it you're right that they Manny will look down one of that I think what people don't understand -- -- the players you know round. Is that my visit I feel like quieted that mixers. That's not -- you can bat well and obviously that was the reason why. Indianapolis let ago because -- in the -- recover from. But you know going with that type of surgery I don't know what it was that it usually whether it is that. Something political that -- in the year some purple and -- neck surgery to clean it out. The fact if they keep playing at this level having multiple neck surgery in the -- Yeah pat that to me and look at it and I look at it now Maddon operated about every joint -- -- connect. On my body and an I'll look at Drew Brees and that was remarkable. Considering the level he played at a at the shoulder surgery. You know he's -- viewed as damaged goods back in 2006. And will always done and the Saints uniform. But Timmy Peyton Manning what does make what you back are you in next you'll be gauges be a productive citizen. That it. No less than you normally professional football. The play at the plate at what he did this year which. I mean -- it's just hit it fat thing that it was I think it best ever in all the years I've watched people -- but this year. Which is phenomenal I mean -- get that game last week and the two weeks ago he was just on fire and that one. That's I think the big reason -- I think that brought what they're gonna win. I distinctive experience you can go to get the ball out of those receivers and beat a very exceptional -- sent to Seattle. Now pat. Look at it. Marshawn Lynch and we've all seen great running backs talk Michael -- for graduate Adrian Peterson did season before last what was unbelievable. But when -- look at Marshawn Lynch maybe you've seen it have you ever seen him get the ball like -- he got jacked up -- he's done. Are he's the one -- -- -- -- -- Audio running over running around them but it is -- like I never really seen him where he got tattooed or he got hit. And he's been like affected the way it doesn't show put it that we have these using those timely hits on him. Are you able in my if you want fame player Campbell they -- Campbell is going down hill and Randall Gay and Marcia just never stopped moving the leg. I mean his play is just amazing we -- it keeps turning -- and. And you're right though it's -- what -- levels to -- by the into the game you don't put that and down and admit dictionary. That's gonna Wear a lot so I agree Egypt and then run a phenomenal all the years I mean it's even without that one on one of the greatest in NFL history. And it was against the Saints who are. Yeah now this. It's great that the but they're gonna do it this year you know they had a rough go with some injuries there. President of Galaxy sports -- had a lot of pat thank you so much for the time we appreciate. -- I thank you so much.

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